Chart reading and the Election line chart for Wisconsin/Michigan
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Started by rockitck - Dec. 27, 2020, 11:23 p.m.

I sometimes trade stocks and commodities and watch live/delayed charts quite often, been watching/trading for over 20 years. The night after the Wisconsin and Michigan election at around 4 a.m. the voter line chart of the votes counted went straight up for Biden. I was awake and watching the chart. Imho, this is a physical impossibility as in trading during a straight up move there are always buyers and sellers which make the line have a slight angle. I tested it on my live trading platform w/a Cross-Hair on different instruments and not a one of them could line up exactly 90 degrees straight up. Biden got around 150,000-400,000 votes in each state at that time. And Trump didn't even get one?

By wglassfo - Dec. 28, 2020, 12:55 a.m.
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Sort of makes a lot of folks question the election

But we are told Biden won

Why must we believe what we are told??

This very forum has believers that insist they can prove Biden won or debunk every thing  

Why do they insist they know and the rest of us have some sort of desire to believe what we want to believe

I won't believe Biden won until a complete investigation with a professional forensic audit with access to all records

Is an investigation too much to ask??

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 1:47 a.m.
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" Biden got around 150,000-400,000 votes in each state at that time. And Trump didn't even get one?"

Hi rockitck!

You missed the entire imaginary massive vote swiping party last month and earlier this month.

Let's show you some of  what you missed.


   is this where we have come to as a country?            

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                Wisconsin case: Trump side didn't think it was worth calling even a single witness.            

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                Election Fraud in Ga            

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                Sedition Defined            

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  latest on the election            

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                supremes turn back Texas challenge            

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                Dominion spokesperson says....            

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                Hi Mike            

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                Election Fraud in Ga            

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                Started by TimNew - Dec. 5, 2020, 5:14 a.m.    

                Is there a there there            

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                the election.... "death by a thousand cuts"            

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                more anomolies explained            

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                Started by mcfarm - Dec. 6, 2020, 5:18 p.m.    

                Votes manipulated            

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                Started by wglassfo - Dec. 1, 2020, 5:40 p.m.    

                send all others home and then count the fake ballots?            

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                Started by mcfarm - Dec. 3, 2020, 10:35 p.m.    

                Greetings from Dominion.... all is well            

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                Started by GunterK - Dec. 3, 2020, 11:16 a.m.    

                Lin Wood Sidney Powell            

                                   Started by wglassfo - Dec. 2, 2020, 11:17 p.m.    

                Fraud or perjury            

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                Started by wglassfo - Dec. 2, 2020, 6:58 p.m.    


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                Georgia GOP Election Official Speaks Out            

                           Started by joj - Dec. 2, 2020, 5:13 p.m.    

                Chris Krebs Speaks Out            

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                Votes manipulated            

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                reasons to wonder about the fruad            

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                Why this election was a fraud            

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                                            Started by wglassfo - Nov. 26, 2020, 10:21 a.m.    

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 2:20 a.m.
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Over 300 posts, just going back the past month on the election fraud with many hundreds of Trump people working hard to find(make up) evidence for 7 weeks and so far, most of the evidence shows the fraud has come from those claiming widespread major fraud caused the election to be won by Biden.

If you read those posts, you will see your point and a dozen+ others like it being obliterated by facts that show it never happened.

Too bad you missed the party though. Actually, describing it as a party is a mischaracterization of what it's really is being pretty kind.

Seems like one side wants it to go on forever though, so maybe they think it's a party (-:

By cutworm - Dec. 28, 2020, 7:49 a.m.
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Hello rockitck can you post your chart?

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 11:28 a.m.
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Great request cutworm, thanks!

metmike: To help everybody out more:

Five myths about voting machines

President Trump is still pretending that he won last month’s election, insisting falsely that only massive fraud made it appear that President-elect Joe Biden won. Many of his claims, and the even more baroque allegations of his supporters, have focused on voting machines — part of the electoral system that most people don’t spend much time thinking about. Here are some of the biggest myths circulating about them now.

Voting machines were hacked

Trump has complained of “voting machine ‘glitches’ all over the place (meaning they got caught cheating!).” His former lawyer Sidney Powell has said computer algorithms shifted votes from Trump to Biden. Democrats made similar allegations about voting machines in Ohio in 2004, suggesting that tampering helped reelect President George W. Bush.

Voting machines are easy to hack: In the hands of a skilled person, individual machines are shockingly vulnerable, as experts demonstrated at Def Con, a hacker convention, in 2019. That’s why a growing movement over the past 20 years has pushed to replace paperless voting machines with devices that record votes on paper ballots.

That transition is still in progress, but paperless machines have been eliminated in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — the states Trump supporters have focused on since November. Wherever paper ballots are used, officials can check behind the machines with recounts and audits to find out whether the software was honest. The hand audits done in Georgia, plus recounts in Dane and Milwaukee counties in Wisconsin and in Antrim County, Mich., found no evidence of hacking, and confirmed Biden wins (in Georgia and the Wisconsin counties) as well as a Trump one (in Antrim County).

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 11:37 a.m.
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Washington Post identifies Powell's secret witness as pro-Trump podcaster

The Washington Post has identified a secret witness in filings protesting the presidential election —who was presented by pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell as a former intelligence contractor — as a pro-Trump podcaster. 

The Post identified the witness as pro-Trump podcaster Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman.

In the affidavit, the witness identifies herself as a former “private contractor with experience gathering and analyzing foreign intelligence.” She claimed that from 1999 to 2014 she delegated tasks to contractors in the U.S. and in foreign countries. 

The Post said it identified the witness as Maras-Lindeman by matching parts of her affidavit with a 2019 blog post.

Powell in legal filings had claimed that the witness’s identity had to be kept secret to protect her “reputation, professional career and personal safety.”

Maras-Lindeman confirmed to the outlet that she authored the affidavit, telling the Post that “this is everybody’s duty” and that the results of the election are “just not fair.”

Federal judges have rejected the complaints that Powell has filed in Wisconsin and Arizona targeting the election results that include Maras-Lindeman’s affidavit. 

Maras-Lindeman told the Post that she has never spoken to Powell and that she distributed the affidavit to several individuals. She was not immediately made aware that the claims had reached Powell.  

The Trump campaign in recent weeks has sought to distance itself from Powell, with Trump's lead attorney Rudy Giuliani and senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis releasing a statement last month saying that she “is not a member of the Trump Legal Team.” 

However, the president has reportedly discussed the idea of naming Powell to the position of special counsel for an investigation into alleged voter fraud.

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 11:50 a.m.
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Trump attorneys risk disciplinary action over wave of election suits

"The attorneys behind President Trump’s failing effort to overturn the election are facing mounting ethics complaints for advancing what critics say is a frivolous legal campaign designed to delegitimize President-elect Joe Biden’s win and bolster Trump’s post-election fundraising.

Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, as well as allies Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, have been accused of pressing lawsuits larded up with unreliable assertions, flimsy claims and even outright lies, in violation of their obligations as officers of the court.

As a result, judges and bar associations may soon face the task of sorting out whether these legal efforts amount to hard-fought advocacy, or if they’ve crossed a line.

According to experts in legal ethics, disciplinary sanctions could include fines, private or public censure, law-license suspension or even disbarment.

The possibility of Trump-allied attorneys facing disciplinary action was in many ways sparked by their woeful win-loss record in court. By some estimates, the campaign and its allies have prevailed in only a minor case affecting a sliver of Pennsylvania mail ballots, while at the same time losing or withdrawing in more than 50 rounds in state and federal court.

“Essentially, the rules require lawyers to screen out junk from the court in order to protect judicial resources, which are limited. Lawyers have a gatekeeper function,” said Stephen Gillers, a law professor at New York University. “The abysmal failure rate of the campaign's claims, and the fact that claims were filed even after many losses, reveal almost certain violations of these rules.”

On Tuesday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) became the latest public official to press for the punishment of pro-Trump attorneys. In a court filing, Nessel asked Michigan-based U.S. District Judge Linda Parker to consider sanctions against Powell, Wood and their co-counsel for what Nessel called a “baseless lawsuit.”

The district judge, an Obama appointee, earlier this month dismissed the far-fetched bid, which sought to award Michigan’s electoral votes to Trump despite his losing to Biden by 154,000 votes. Since then, however, the Trump-allied legal team has only doubled down, petitioning the Supreme Court last week for an appeal and asking the justices to fast-track consideration of the case.

“These are flagrant lies that Ms. Powell is submitting to, of all places, the United States Supreme Court,” Nessel told CNN in an interview Tuesday. “It's disturbing and I think that it undermines our entire profession, and she has to be held accountable.”

Separately, a Delaware judge presiding over a case unrelated to the election warned Wood that conduct he’s displayed while carrying out pro-Trump litigation could land him in hot water. Wood is representing Carter Page, a former adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign, who is suing a media company in Delaware state court for defamation.

Delaware Superior Court Judge Craig Karsnitz took Wood to task on Tuesday for alleged unprofessional behavior in lawsuits aimed at overturning election results in Wisconsin and Georgia. The judge identified various alleged ethical breaches, including Wood having filed a suit in a plaintiff’s name without permission, and submitting a false affidavit.

“It appears to the Court that, since the granting of Mr. Wood’s motion, he has engaged in conduct in other jurisdictions, which, had it occurred in Delaware, would violate the Delaware Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct,” Karsnitz wrote in an order to show cause, which was first reported by the outlet Law and Crime.

When reached for comment by The Hill, Wood said he has “not seen a request for sanctions so I am unable to comment.”

Powell did not respond to a request for comment; neither Powell nor Wood are officially part of the Trump legal team, according to campaign officials.

Giuliani, Trump’s lead attorney, has also been subject to ethics complaints for his role in trying to overturn Biden’s win.

In November, Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) filed complaints against Giuliani and more than 20 other lawyers behind lawsuits seeking to reverse Trump’s lost reelection bid, asking for investigators to consider revoking the former New York mayor’s license.

“I’ve just filed legal complaints with the AZ, MI, NV, NY, and PA bars against Rudy Giuliani and 22 other lawyers seeking their disbarments for filing frivolous lawsuits and trying to help Trump steal the election and dismantle democracy,” Pascrell wrote in a Nov. 20 tweet.

When reached for a comment, Giuliani said he was unaware of the complaint lodged against him by Pascrell.

“Haven’t heard any such thing???” Giuliani said in an emailed response to The Hill. “Who is he?”

Earlier this month, more than 1,500 attorneys signed an open letter condemning the Trump legal team's efforts, identifying Giuliani, Powell and several other Trump allies by name.

"President Trump’s barrage of litigation is a pretext for a campaign to undermine public confidence in the outcome of the 2020 election, which inevitably will subvert constitutional democracy,” read the open letter compiled by the group Lawyers Defending American Democracy. “Sadly, the President’s primary agents and enablers in this effort are lawyers, obligated by their oath and ethical rules to uphold the rule of law."

Steven Lubet, a law professor at Northwestern University, said he’s generally opposed to what he called the “weaponization” of legal ethics. In 2017 he penned an essay for Slate pushing back against disciplinary charges filed by law professors against former Trump adviser and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

But Lubet said he views the election-related lawsuits differently to the extent that it can be shown that the lawyers submitted untrue claims in court filings.

“I would not make a similar argument in defense of an attorney’s false claims in federal court litigation,” he said.

Legal ethics rules generally prohibit lawyers from filing frivolous claims, which are those lacking in legal or factual support. Yet even if a legal argument is not considered frivolous, experts said, they can still violate ethics rules if made for an invalid reason.

“The federal rule forbids lawyers from invoking the judicial power for an 'improper purpose,'" said Gillers of New York University Law School, citing efforts to raise funds or cast doubt on an election as examples of unethical purposes.

As the languishing Trump legal campaign has dragged on, election law experts for weeks have said the litigation morphed from an attempt to flip the election to a campaign for fueling Trump's fundraising effort — which has raked in more than $200 million since Nov. 3. To some scholars, it became clear shortly after Election Day that the kinds of claims and evidence needed to persuade the courts were clearly absent.

      Still, it's relatively rare for public sanctions to be applied. According to Deborah Rhode, a law professor at Stanford Law School, fewer than 10 percent of all disciplinary complaints end with public sanctions.

But Rhode said it's possible that courts or disciplinary bodies could view Trump's post-election litigation in an especially harsh light given the weighty concerns at hand.

"The conduct of these lawyers was so egregious and the stakes were so high, given the way that suits fed doubts about the legitimacy of the election and the reputation of lawyers, that perhaps some disciplinary authorities will be moved to act," she said."

metmike: There have been way too many false claims made for this to be given a free pass. The intentional damage that this has done to the confidence that we have in elections is massive. Ethics violations should be filed against several individuals, including Gulliani. Powell and Wood. My conservative friends here would completely disagree with that..............which is a big part of why they should be charged with ethics violations..............not for legit investigations which should ALWAYS be allowed but for the mudslinging, using false information.

This is no better than the tactics used against Trump for 4 years that conservatives despised. If you did not like those tactics, than you can't be for this. 

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 12:26 p.m.
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Today's political playbook considers it acceptable to obliterate credibility of the opponent or opposing political realm by manufacturing narratives and mud slinging with false accusations. Each side, only recognizes when the other side is doing it. They vehemently object to the other side doing it, then vehemently defend when their side is using the exact same tactic. 

What's happened is that the method by which our news is delivered has changed drastically. 40 years ago, we all got our news from the same sources. They were objective, professional journalists that reported facts without spinning the news. 

In today's world, there are 100 times more sources available, with methods of delivery 1,000 times more timely and effective. No need to conform to previous limitations and standards in this environment.

The objective is no longer to just deliver the news/facts but to deliver the news the way that people like to read/hear it and to use that to effectively promote the political agenda of the news delivery entity.

People gravitate to the sources that tell them the news the way that they like to hear it. This gives those sources a license to spin the news to one side............for ratings and for political agenda. With time this continually reinforces the dynamic and amplifies the divisiveness of people from 2 opposing views.

One side goes only to places that tell them what they want to hear.

The other side, goes only to places that tell them what they want to hear.............the opposite of side one. 

With time, they have become less and less able to see anything that the other side professes/believes in because they have been indoctrinated in cult like thinking from going to the same sites every day that tell them the same one sided things. 

The other side gets the exact opposite spin on everything but the same effective brainwashing principle is being applied. 

Most people would disagree with this analysis. How many people would say "yes, it's true that I'm brainwashed?" They would agree with "The other side is brainwashed and wrong". If you know that you are brainwashed, then its not really being brainwashed. 

It's truly only a brainwash when you don't realize most of it. Your side is always right, the other side is always wrong but of course you have all the reasons to justify believing that...............just like the other side has all their good reasons to justify the exact opposite. Both sides can't be right in most instances, although one side is in some cases and  the truth is sometimes in the middle and both sides are sometimes wrong. 

But the position of both sides, is that they are completely  right almost all the time..............which just can't be true in the real world.

If something is can't be white and vice versa. It can be gray, like it used to be 40 years ago in many realms because professional journalists and news sources allowed our minds to contemplate both sides.

Today, we have 2 opposite  sides with very little overlapping views. 

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 1:12 p.m.
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It's not that hard to prove this bias for only believing our own biased sources:

Earlier this month, I posted a news story about a PEER REVIEWED scientific study on a politically controversial drug, hydroxycloroquinn. 

The story came from the Washington Times. This is the response that came from somebody who doesn't like that source..\

Never mind that its peer reviewed science, they will only read interpretations about it that come from their favorite sources............because for them, the political interpretation/spin matters. 

                By joj - Dec. 18, 2020, 7:50 a.m.            

            I immediately skip any article published by Newsmax.  They go beyond the left bias of the NYT or the right bias of the WSJ.  The lie all the time.

Because of this, I actually consider joj to be very honest in this post.  At least he's honest/smart enough to admit his bias and sees the news world somewhat similar to how I described it earlier and knows where he lines up in that world. 

What if we told mcfarm that he would have to watch CNN all week instead of FOX or whatever he watches/listens to? Or to read the NYT, like joj does every morning?

Guantanamo Bay might have had interrogation techniques less painful that this would be for him (-:

So we have tens of millions of people on one side,  that can't stand and even refuse to read or hear the news told to them the way the other side likes to hear it and vice versa. 

How wouldn't this be the recipe for increased divisiveness? 

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 2:08 p.m.
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Trump Urges Supporters to Gather in DC on Jan. 6

President Donald Trump on Sunday urged supporters to join the planned protests in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021.

“See you in Washington, DC, on January 6th. Don’t miss it,” Trump wrote in a tweet, promising more information later.

A number of groups are planning to gather in the nation’s capital next month as members of Congress convene in a joint session to count electoral votes.

At least 11 members or members-elect in the House of Representatives plan to object to electoral votes. They have not yet received a commitment from a senator; challenges require both a representative and a member of the upper congressional chamber. The objection wouldn’t be upheld unless a majority of each chamber vote in favor of it.

Trump has repeatedly called on Republican senators to object to the votes, alleging widespread election fraud in swing states.

About two dozen GOP senators have already said they will not object to the votes, according to an Epoch Times tally. Others have indicated they would not join in an objection.

Five senators have said they’re open to objecting to the votes, as is Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.), while the rest haven’t ruled it out.

metmike: Let's have more COVID spreading protests, why don't we )-:

By metmike - Dec. 28, 2020, 2:53 p.m.
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Detroit Is Trying To Punish Sidney Powell For ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit—Legal Experts Say It Could Work

The city of Detroit is asking a federal judge to impose sanctions against attorney Sidney Powell and other lawyers involved in filing the infamous “Kraken” lawsuit, which the city argues was “frivolous” and was filed for the “improper” purpose of “undermining people’s faith in the democratic process.”


  RNC Trump Presser with Giuliani  

 Sidney Powell, attorney for President Donald Trump, conducts a news conference at the Republican ... [+]

      CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images  


Key Facts


Powell, who the Trump campaign cut ties with in late November, has been involved in filing dozens of the over 50 failed legal attempts to overturn the election’s results—most notably lawsuits she dubbed the “Kraken,” because she believed they were based on overwhelming evidence of fraud, that have been embraced by the QAnon conspiracy theory community. 


Filed in states including Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia, the lawsuits hinge on debunked claims and crackpot witness testimony that the election’s voting machine system was manipulated in favor of President-elect Joe Biden, claims that Michigan’s U.S. District Judge Linda Parker batted away earlier this month, saying: “The will of the people have spoken.” 

Now, a lawyer for the city of Detroit is asking Judge Parker to sanction the “Kraken” team with fines, a sweeping ban from practicing in the Eastern District of Michigan and a referral to the state’s bar for grievance proceedings. 


In the motion—which will be filed after a three-week window during which Powell can opt to withdraw her offending litigation (Powell told Forbes over email that she will not do so)—Detroit lawyer David Fink argues that the pro-Trump team violated standards of legal professional conduct under federal Rule 11, which requires that lawyers must not make cases in court “for any improper purpose, such as to harass, cause unnecessary delay, or needlessly increase the cost of litigation.” 


“These are not run-of-the-mill lawsuits and these are not minor factual and legal errors,” said Fink in a phone interview with Forbes, “I don’t think lawyers who practice with such disregard for the law and the facts should be allowed to practice.” 


If the sanctions motion moves forward, Powell could be forced to post a $100,000 bond before filing any more appeals of the “Kraken” lawsuit in addition to the sanctions mentioned in the motion, but may also be exposed to other potential avenues of discipline which could include a review by the state bar even if the motion is denied, said University of Miami School of Law professor Jan Jacobowitz. 


While it’s typically uncommon for lawyers to be sanctioned under what Bruce Green, who directs Fordham Law School’s Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics, describes as a “vague standard,” multiple legal ethics experts told Forbes that Detroit could succeed in punishing the “Kraken” team, though it depends entirely on the judge’s determination. 


“There seems to be a pretty compelling argument for punishing the lawyers for filing a frivolous lawsuit for improper purposes,” said Green, emphasizing, however, that “there are countervailing considerations” like limited precedent, the politicization of the legal battle and the fear of discouraging future election-law challenges that may have merit. 


Crucial Quote


“It is true that discipline or Rule 11-type sanctions for filing frivolous complaints are unusual but they do happen. The rule is not toothless. There is a bar. These lawyers appear to have crossed it,” said leading ethics expert Stephen Gillers, a professor at New York University Law School, who added that the “notoriety” of Powell and the campaign lawyers’ litigation efforts could make it “especially likely” that a court or disciplinary authority will impose sanctions because of the “obvious harm these lawyers have done to the administration of justice and the rule of law.” 


Chief Critic


Harvard Law School Professor Mark Tushnet was less convinced, arguing that the notoriety of the defendants may prevent the court from wanting to get involved. “I think it extremely unlikely that this motion will lead the judge to consider seriously the issue of sanctions,” said Tushnet, echoing reservations expressed by Green. “Partly that's because I believe that the judge, like most of us, will just want to put this whole episode behind us, rather than prolonging it. And this motion in particular has the feel of just a follow-up act in the ‘political theater.’” 




University of Richmond Williams Chair in Law Carl Tobias said that Judge Parker’s harsh dismissal of the “Kraken” case may be an indicator that she believes it to be “so weak, frivolous, lacking in legal support or abusive of the litigation process that it violated Rule 11 or other similar rules or US Code provisions,” but noted the potentially “chilling effect” of approving sanctions request like this. 


Key Background


Though Detroit appears to be the first jurisdiction to pursue sanctions against the lawyers, their trail of failed lawsuits across the country has drawn criticism and calls for punishment from other parties. On Nov. 20, Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) filed complaints with ethics boards in five states, calling for the investigation and disbarment of Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and other members of the legal team. A group of over 1,500 attorneys buoyed these complaints earlier this month in a letter urging the American Bar Association to investigate the team’s conduct. These disciplinary complaints filed by bystanders are “likely to go nowhere,” said Green, explaining that disciplinary authorities will look to trial courts to address the problem: “Here, it's a party asking the court to address the problem under the civil procedure rules that call on the court to sanction lawyers who make frivolous legal and factual arguments ... It will be harder for the court to avoid deciding the sanctions motion.

metmike: It appears as if the fake Kraken may have consequences.

By rockitck - Dec. 29, 2020, 9:41 p.m.
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I just used the free charting software from u can pull up any chart, stock, commodity, crypto, etc, use a crosshair and try to get it to line up vertically on a line chart. The voter count line chart was just showing up randomly on FB the night of the election. I wouldn't know where to get it at the moment. The Silver line chart you can obviously see w/out even moving the cross hair!

By rockitck - Dec. 29, 2020, 9:44 p.m.
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In case u didn't get it cutworm.. I just used the free charting software from u can pull up any chart, stock, commodity, crypto, etc, use a crosshair and try to get it to line up vertically on a line chart. The voter count line chart was just showing up randomly on FB the night of the election. I wouldn't know where to get it at the moment. The Silver line chart you can obviously see w/out even moving the cross hair!

By metmike - Dec. 29, 2020, 9:59 p.m.
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"The voter count line chart was just showing up randomly on FB the night of the election. I wouldn't know where to get it at the moment."

Which has been the rule for every allegation, speculative theory and false narrative for 2 months now.

Bigon words but eency weency on legit evidence.

Have you guys even contemplated the possibility, no less the extreme likelihood that Trump actually lost based on the legal votes?

By metmike - Dec. 29, 2020, 10:10 p.m.
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metmike: Note that this comes from a conservative source, Forbes:

Dominion Going After Right-Wing Media Stars Over Voting Fraud Conspiracy Theory, CEO Won’t Rule Out Suing Trump

"Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos said on CNN Thursday the company will “definitely” be taking legal action for defamation against those who have spread a false conspiracy theory claiming the company’s voting machines were used to perpetrate election fraud, even suggesting the company’s litigation could extend to President Donald Trump, as the company’s attorneys issue a blitz of letters warning of “imminent” litigation to Trump allies including major conservative media figures like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

Poulos confirmed reports the voting company’s attorneys sent letters to Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and White House counsel Pat Cipollone this week, which directed them to preserve relevant documents and informed Giuliani legal action was “imminent,” after sending a letter to attorney Sidney Powell last week calling on her to retract her claims about Dominion.


According to copies of the letters published by Law & Crime, Dominion’s attorneys have also sent letters warning of impending litigation to conservative news outlets Newsmax, One America News, Fox News and the Epoch Times; conservative news figures Hannity, Limbaugh, Maria Bartiromo and Newsmax’s Greg Kelly; conservative attorney Lin Wood and Melissa Carone, who Giuliani has promoted as a witness to supposed voter fraud efforts, among others."

metmike: I hope they nail them for millions as, everyday here,  I see the evidence of their efforts to poison minds and brainwash Trump supporters into believing their propaganda. 

By metmike - Dec. 29, 2020, 10:24 p.m.
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Forget the conspiracy theories — here are the real election security lessons of 2020

The foreign cyberattacks that so many intelligence officials feared didn’t upend the 2020 elections — but this year’s contests nonetheless showed how much the nation still needs to do to fix its security weaknesses.

Paper trails protected the integrity of the votes in closely watched states, thanks to hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid, but many counties still lack that protection. States mostly rejected the riskiest voting technology — internet balloting — but a few embraced it. And a pandemic-ravaged nation managed to vote safely and reliably, but election offices are still woefully short of money and staff.

Perhaps most of all, this year also exposed the United States’ vulnerability to election threats from within, as President Donald Trump and other leading Republicans promoted discredited conspiracy theories to try to nullify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.


“The big picture lesson from 2020 is that ensuring an accurate result isn't enough,” said J. Alex Halderman, a University of Michigan computer science professor and leading election security expert. “Elections also have to be able to prove to a skeptical public that the result really was accurate.”

Restoring that trust starts — but doesn’t end — with improving the election technology, policy specialists say.

Joe Kiniry, the chief scientist at the election technology firm Free & Fair, said the U.S. “simply cannot continue” using election systems that “an enormous fraction of the electorate” considers “broken.” Without urgent reforms, he said, “2024 will be a disaster.”

Here are the biggest election security priorities that 2020 revealed:

Replacing paperless voting machines

Trump and his supporters have stirred up distrust about Biden’s wins in Georgia and Pennsylvania, but their failed efforts to scrap those results would have been more effective if the two battleground states hadn’t replaced their paperless voting machines in 2019.

Armed with paper records of every vote, officials in Georgia, Pennsylvania and other closely contested states have been able to doublecheck their results and rule out the possibility of widespread fraud. Paper ballots have been essential in discrediting right-wing conspiracy theories about corrupted voting machines and vote-switching supercomputers.


“That’s why it’s so important to have paper ballots,” Chris Krebs, the former director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, told senators during a hearing Dec. 16. “So even if there was foreign interference of a malicious algorithm nature, you can always go back to the receipts. You can check your math.”

He noted that “Georgia did that three times and the outcomes were consistent over and over and over again.”

But nine states still use paperless voting machines to varying degrees, according to an ongoing POLITICO survey of election offices. In Texas, which is gradually becoming a presidential battleground state, some counties have even purchased new paperless machines in recent years, despite getting $23.3 million from Congress for election security grades in 2018.

Without a paper record of every vote, it is impossible to reliably recount or audit a jurisdiction’s results, because there is no way to rule out the possibility that malfunctioning or compromised voting machines miscounted the electronic vote records.

That could be a serious problem in Texas if, as many Democrats hope, it becomes the next Georgia. And once states or counties have plunked down millions of dollars on new voting machines, they’re typically reluctant to replace them again in the short term.