Science in the covid/vaccine world… are you kidding me???
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Started by GunterK - Sept. 26, 2021, 4:19 p.m.

I worked in the AeroSpace industry for many years. This work revolves around physics and science…. exact science. We use equations, such as… “acceleration = (change of speed) / time”.   These equations never change… they are always the same.  Without exact science, we could have never sent a spacecraft to Mars.

But look at the mess and craziness in this pandemic....the words “science” and “authentic” are used almost daily.. Yet, what I see so often anything but “science”.  Let me give you just give a few samples


When the virus first appeared, in Feb. 2020, we expected our health agencies to keep proper records and give us advice. This was not done. They ordered their hospital doctors to count every death as a “Covid death’.

Science was replaced by fraud.

We read daily Covid-death numbers, but we don’t really know how many of these deaths are really Covid deaths.


Recently an investigation was started into “Covid Hospitalizations” in the UK. The charge was that more than half of those Covid Hospitalizations were people who came to the ER for other ailments, and were listed as “Covid patients” when the flakey PCR test showed a positive. (I don’t know how this investigation turned out)

Insiders reveal that the same is being done in the US. When you come to the ER with a broken arm, and the ?maybe-you-have-it-maybe-you-don’t"  PCR test shows a “positive”, they take you to the Covid unit.

How many real Covid hospitalizations are there? We don’t really know.


A recently leaked Zoom-conference of health officials and hospital executives:  “we need to manipulate case numbers and deaths, to make the public panic

And another member of the zoom-call  “shouldn’t we discuss this in private?”

yes, you should have!


Dr. Fauci, clearly the #1 virologist in the USA:masks on!... masks off!... masks on!... double masks!

And then he said “Anyone who opposes me is against science”

Science that goes whichever way the wind blows.


In the USA: a pandemic of the unvaccinated

In heavily vaccinated Israel:   a pandemic of the vaccinated

How can this be???  


The USA is supposedly the country with the most advanced medical science.  

Covid deaths: 0.21% of population.

The rest of the world: 0.06%.

Do our scientists know what they are doing?

There were incidents where patients with non-covid related breathing problems were put in the Covid ICU and put on a ventilator.  If they were lucky to survive this device (80% supposedly don’t survive this brutal machine), their lungs were messed up for life.

Did you know that the hospital gets paid more when they put a patient on a ventilator?


Our hospitals give their severely ill Covid patients a medication that has caused acute kidney failure. Maybe, that’s why so many die in the ICU and then get counted as “Covid deaths”

On the bright side, the hospital receives a bonus for using this medication


Dr Fauci:, “the vaccines are safe”.

Dr. Steve Kirsch (at the FDA conference) “the vaccines kill more people than they save”


As of early July, some 11,000 people died shortly after being vaccinated (I don’t know what the numbers are today… probably much higher)

Our “scientists” have never bothered to check into this problem


Let’s assume you take your 15 year-old son to the vaxx facility and have him vaccinated….. and he dies of a heart attack a day after being vaccinated.  You go to the CDC and complain. The CDC will say ‘”your son was not vaccinated”. They consider him to be an “unvaccinated person, until 14 days have passed.

The CDC counts the above mentioned 11,000 vaccine-related deaths as “unvaccinated deaths”

Neat!!! This makes the 11,000 vaxx fatalities totally disappear from their records.

Science???  OMG

Next time you hear stats about unvaccinated people, ask yourself a) are there some vaccinated “unvaccinated” people among them… and more importantly  b) how many of these people are in the hospital with other issues, other than Covid, but are counted as unvaxxed Covid patients anyway


Most people have no idea how much damage these vaccines have done, because such information is censored and suppressed by our social media

In the meantime, hospital insiders have revealed that they see a lot of people coming to the ER with horrible reactions to the vaccine. However, they are not reporting these cases to the VAERS data base, because it takes ½ hour to type a report, and they simply don’t have the time for it.

In other words, a) severe side effects to the vaxx are much more common than we know…b)the CDC does not have accurate data.

So much for “authentic science”


The MSM and our social media are in lockstep, when it comes to censoring negative vaccine news. You write a post about how the vaccine made you horribly sick, and your post will be deleted. Some had their accounts cancelled. Even the POTUS admonished FB to delete vaxx-negative posts.

Yet, when you talk about information censorship, you will be accused of being a ridiculous conspiracy theorist.   A good portion of the public has no idea of what is really going on.

This is certainly not a scientific environment. It’s an environment of fraud and deceit


India had a very severe outbreak of the Delta that killed a very large number of people. They were criticized by the Western world for not having their people vaccinated.

Now, large portions of India are finally Covid-free., without mass-vaccination. Today, India is only 14% vaccinated,.

On the other hand, Israel is highly vaccinated, and they are suffering from a “Pandemic of the Vaccinated”

What have our scientists to say about this?  Not much


At the beginning: “We have to get everybody vaccinated, to stop the spread of this virus.”

And now: “the vaccine does not stop the spread of this virus, but it makes your suffering less painful.”…

Well, thank you very much!

and “you may need booster shots every few weeks”.


Did I mention India?


India is only 14% vaccinated. Now since they seemingly have beaten the virus without vaccines, they are now starting to vaccinate their people more aggressively.

Why?  Do they want to wind up like Israel?   What are their scientists thinking?


Israel was the first country to admit that the efficacy of vaxx has dropped from 96% to 39% [as of 2 months ago], after the Delta showed up. Yet their “talking heads” are still recommending booster shots.(same in the US)

“Sir, the vaxx we gave you is not working on the Delta. We are now giving you a booster shot, made of the same stuff that’s not working. That should take care of it”.

Yeap… that’s very scientific


“The vaccines are working well, the only danger to us is the unvaccinated people… and we are losing patience with them” (Pres. Biden)   The idea that unvaxxed people are a “threat” to vaxxed people is being pushed by the media, and now by the administration.

If you are protected by the vaccine, why are you worried about unvaxxed people???

On the other hand, if you accept reality and admit that the vaxx efficacy is only 39% (or even less) since the Delta arrived, then sit down and do the math!  61% of the vaxxed people are just as “dangerous” to you as the unvaxxed ones. The more people are vacxxed, the more you have to be afraid of vaxxed people.


“Oh my gosh, there is an unvaccinated person in this store. Let’s kick him out”

Remember, you have been vaxxed for only a few weeks. This unvaxxed person has been unvaxxed since the virus arrived in February 2020, and he is still walking around. Relax, the odds of this guy being a threat to you is very low.


And a funny one…

A local radio station in Detroit invited people to post stories of loved-ones who had lost their lives to Covid, after refusing to be vaccinated.

To their surprise, they received 1000s of posts from people who had been seriously hurt by the vaccine, including many cases of vaccine-related deaths.

Coming to think of it… this is not funny!


Would Dr Fauci’s team, and everybody else, please stop using the term “science”, when it comes to Covid/vaccination matters!!! There is no exact science… there are only various opinions and guesses… and the so called “authentic data” are frequently manipulated data.

We have to ask ourselves…. what is the motive of those who push for total vaccination and total control of our lives?

By metmike - Sept. 26, 2021, 5:04 p.m.
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You keep bringing up Dr. Fauci in many of your posts. I bring him up, mostly as an observation of you bringing him up.

Of the hundreds of posts by metmike on this, find me one that tells people they should follow what Fauci says because he's the authority? It could never happen because I NEVER follow one person or group. I ALWAYS follow the science and data.

Clearly, you are obsessed with Fauci and the CDC and the government, constantly ranting about how horrible he is and use it as a reason to convince people to not believe in anything that he says..........including authentic science because it came from him.

Wouldn't it just be so much easier if you uust opened your mind and accepted the data and authentic  science instead of letting your FDS(Fauci Derangement Syndrome) and anti government bias obliterate your open mindedness.

Note the example of what's going on in the real world in Alaska(any many other states):

These are all honest people in Alaska and the other 49 states reporting this data. This is all real data about real people that are really filling up hospitals and really dying. They are not trying to trick you into getting vaccinated to take control of your life or make money for some self serving motive. They are ALL trying to save lives and most of them are getting pretty frustrated for dedicating their lives for that cause which is being sabotages by very confused people being misled by junk science and DISinformation.


I encourage you to open your mind and Jump ships from the team of bad guys and join the good guys trying to save lives by encouraging vaccinations! Yeah, I know that it includes Fauci which is like Satan to you but pretend that Fauci never existed and that you didn't have to knee jerk, reject all of his advice. 

I am with you on the Ivermectin and other supplements. You don't have to discard the science that's authentic like that........just the science that's clearly bad science needs to go because you will never win with it in any environment like this which puts all the weighting on how legit the objective  science is.

By metmike - Sept. 26, 2021, 5:19 p.m.
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There are 195 countries in the world and you have cherry picked 2 of them because they show data that you claim is proof that vaccines don't work.

And ignore 99.9% of the much more compelling data is the US and in the world that proves they do work.

Then, you just keep repeating the same thing over and over and over, even after I clearly explain why this is bad science.

Show you the huge difference in old people between the countries. The difference between Ivermectin and no Ivermectin. The difference in climates. Other differences. The rest of the similar countries NOT showing this and instead showing how well the vaccine works. The US data that is jaw dropping convincing from every state showing the difference between vaccinated and not vaccinated.

And you just keep ignoring 99.9% of the data to believe your cherry pick.

This is the 100% opposite of practicing the scientific method. 

But you use it to support your case for the other side not practicing science.

I'm thinking at times that you can't really believe this and are just using it to troll us/me.

A person with your credentials below that sincerely practiced and was applying the scientific method would never take this approach. NEVER. Unless their comprehension was being compromised for some politics. 

"I worked in the AeroSpace industry for many years. This work revolves around physics and science…. exact science. We use equations, such as… “acceleration = (change of speed) / time”.   These equations never change… they are always the same.  Without exact science, we could have never sent a spacecraft to Mars."

As I've stated many times. I'm your friend. I am just trying to help you as I try to help others. I seriously don't come here to have arguments or disputes.

By metmike - Sept. 26, 2021, 5:35 p.m.
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You must remember earlier this year, for months and months you insisted that the COVID vaccine changed your DNA and that it was "gene therapy".

That the inventor of the vaccine even claimed it. You were totally convinced and this was your biggest objection because it would have long term effects on us. 

I kept challenging you on that and asked for the evidence. You claimed you remembered seeing it but it had been taken off the internet/no longer available( insinuating it was from sources that didn't want us to know the truth).

You continued to defend that position for months after I showed you that it was impossible for the vaccine to change your DNA. 

But you did finally realize that was junk science and have discarded the term "gene therapy".

Good for you!

So I'm not giving up on you now with regards to this misinterpretation and under appreciation of the benefits of being vaccinated!!!

However, I'm most concerned that you are totally rejecting objective data from honest people, doctors, nurses, health care workers in 50 states because you are convinced they are all colluding with each other to mislead everybody in order to take control of you and others.

This is some major CLINICAL paranoia and there is just no way to get thru to a person like this with data and science if they are convinced in an extreme conspiracy theory that there really is no science and authentic data...........thats its all just being concocted by one side to trick you and  that only your side, has the real truth, so you should trust only them.

This actually gives power and appeal to cult leaders like Alex Jones who want you to believe  that only THEY know the truth and you can only get it from them. 

Sounds nuts but INFOWARS has millions of followers that belief almost all the junk science and made up stuff he manufactures.......including you, Gunter.

I can't beat that with facts/data and authentic science...........if YOUR mind is captured like that. 

But we have plenty of non captured minds that are not paranoid that will understand.

By GunterK - Sept. 28, 2021, 6:45 a.m.
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Hi metmike

With all due respect, it seems to me your replies skirt the main issues brought up in my post.

You accused me of having some kind of derangement syndrome about Dr Fauci.  He has to be mentioned, because he is the advisor to the president.... he is the front-man for all information given to the public. (in my post, I briefly mentioned him twice)

My post was aimed at the frivolous use of the term “science” in this pandemic.. This word has been used over and over again during arguments… with a motive, of course. When person A and person B have opposing opinions, and person A then declares that he represents “science”, he indirectly calls person B an idiot. . 

I tried to point out that people who work in other branches of science, see “science” in the Covid/vaccine world as being rather murky.   Covid scientists are “learning on the job”, so to speak.

I also tried to point out that so called “authentic data” have to be questioned.  Let me just briefly focus on the 3 main data sets of this pandemic…

How many real Covid deaths are there?   We don’t know. 

We have already seen documented proof that the fatality rates were being artificially inflated, here in the US, early last year. I remember, late last year, an investigation in the UK revealed that only 10% of their Covid-deaths were people whose sole cause of death was the virus. 

And here in the US....

How many real Covid hospitalization are there?    We don’t know.

Again, it’s not just here and in the UK, but also in various countries in Europe. You crash your motorcycle and wind up in the hospital, you will be counted as a Covid hospitalization, after the PCR test comes up with a “positive”

And the PCR test… the test that gives us the “Covid Cases” numbers?  OMG

I believe, if Dr Muillis, the inventor of the PCR test was alive, he would object to what is being done with this test. The test is notoriously unreliable , and at many test stations they are running the “cycle threshold” too high, in an attempt to inflate case numbers, resulting in large numbers of people being called “positive”, when they shouldn’t be.

And they have the nerve to call this the “gold standard of testing”


All this looks rather unscientific to me…. (and that’s a polite way to describe it).

By metmike - Sept. 28, 2021, 12:08 p.m.
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"How many real Covid hospitalization are there?    We don’t know."

Wow all these nurses and doctors and hospitals are totally lying about every bed being filled up in there ICU and are just making up that the patients have COVID and were not vaccinated so they can TURN AWAY really sick people because they are dishonest health care people that are just lazy and don't want to help extremely sick people. They are all pretending that they have to ration healthcare to TRICK YOU....even if it kills lots of very sick people who are being denied ICU beds that are filled up with non vaccinated, very sick people. 

This actually happened to the father of one of my wifes employees yesterday. I guess metmike is part of the conspiracy in making it up to trick you. 

                By metmike - Sept. 27, 2021, 4:39 p.m.            


It's not just made up stats from the government or Fauci or the CDC or nafarious sources all colluding to try to trick you to get vaccinated. This is the most paranoid completely made up thing that I've witnessed in my a wide margin. .........and now, even metmike is part of it.

I watched Tucker Carlson on FOX last night. No wonder people believe this bunk. He spent half the show telling viewers that people who get vaccinated and believe in Anthony Fauci are part of the Fauci religion and the vaccination cult.

He made up all these Fauci paraphernalia and called them worship objects for people in the vaccination religion/cult. and pretended that it was anti science. He totally concocted all this nutso stuff about a made up Fauci religion/cult and said that anybody who believes anything that Fauci says is part of it.............Seriously, he said that because I watched. 

This was so ironic and hilarious..........but then, not really because its KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE FROM IGNORANCE AND LIES.

 It's the 100% opposite. Tucker has the anti Fauci cult/religion following.......totally and your comments here Gunter tell us that you are a member.

When I show data.........its the real, authentic data based on very reliable sources of people in the medical community to save lives. 

For the authentic science/data, see here:

                By metmike - Sept. 23, 2021, 5:23 a.m.    

By metmike - Sept. 28, 2021, 12:25 p.m.
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"All this looks rather unscientific to me…. (and that’s a polite way to describe it)."


I am extremely concerned for you. It would be one thing if you were dedicated to a cause that helped people to get better in some way but you are pushing lies and really bad information that is killing many thousands of people and has affected 10 times more of them because of the health care system now having to ration treatment in many places as well as all the families being hurt.  I now know one personally here in Evansville that doesn't even have COVID but is very sick and could not get an ICU bed at Deaconess hospital because they are all filled up with unvaccinated COVID cases.

What would you say to this 77 year old mans daughter that works for my wife if he dies?

How do you think she and her family feel right now about Dad not being able to get an ICU bed when he's critically sick because most of the beds are taken from non vaccinated people with COVID?

I'm not making all this stuff up Gunter. This has NEVER happened before in Evansville IN since I've lived here.

FOX/Tucker was calling people like me part of the Fauci vaccination religion/cult and spent half their show vilifying us last FOX directly causes  tremendous harm to many thousands more than the family that my wife and I know.......all for political agenda(reject the government/Fauci/Biden/CDC/authentic data/science.....they are all just trying to control your lives and the vaccinations are just a trick to accomplish it).

These are more than just outlier stats that you can cherry pick off the internet from anomalies or from sources with political agenda's..........these are REAL people who's lives are being ruined, some dying.

I feel that you are smart enough that eventually you will realize what they are doing to you and then YOU will have to live with the guilt of knowing what you did/how you acted/behaved and wishing it didn't happen that way. THEY will just go on with the self serving politics. 

It takes alot of courage to see this BEFORE it's too late.

I pray that you'll be able to find that courage.

By metmike - Sept. 28, 2021, 12:34 p.m.
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There were other ridiculously insane statements in that last post that I'm not going to address and correct for the umpteenth time. 

I think that much of this is only encouraging you. After any response that I give you, with accurate/authentic data,  it causes you to try to find an exception somewhere or just tell us the reasons why we can't believe it.


You are truly under appreciating the tremendous  amount of very justified anger that tens of millions of REAL people being harmed by this feel towards people like you. Many of them in the medical profession.

The doctors, nurses and healthcare workers that are being pushed to the brink picking up the pieces trying to save the lives of all these people and watching many of them die because of total political bull. 

Instead of being angry at you, I would prefer to help and especially show others that have been misled like you, that also come here............the truth. 

By metmike - Sept. 28, 2021, 2:27 p.m.
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I was sitting here, pondering what the best way would be for me to help you to see the truth related to this conspiracy theory and was thinking back about you and.........suddenly remembered these facts.

1. You argued for the case that showed George Floyd really  died from a drug overdose, not from the cop suffocating him.

2. The explosion and big fire in downtown  Nashville last December was done to destroy the records of Dominion so there would be no evidence to prove that they changed the results of the 2020 presidential election to cause Biden to win.

3. Some of the wildfires in the West last year may have been caused by energy beams that came from Chinese satellites.

4. Jet contrails are really chemtrails that the government is using to drug us with mind controlling chemicals.

I remember this because some cases, you were pretty convinced and we spent numerous posts discussing it (with me providing massive data/science) with you never acknowledging the truth in any of those cases, the way that I remember it. 

Do you still believe in those things above Gunter?

Here is the evidence below:

 #4 was actually 3+ years ago before I was even the moderator. The link to this one is not available. If you put just the title below in the search engine, the post will come up.

Re: Transparent stratosphere warms earth

Jan. 24, 2018, 1:14 p.m.


"That the sun shine warms the earth on a clear day makes sense. However, at the same day, the heat radiates out into space better during  a clear night.

But then, I am not a climate scientist. Metmike can discuss this subject better. 

However, since we are talking about "transparent days", I just remembered looking at the sky 2 days ago. Out here in Northern Los Angeles, the whole sky was covered with chemtrails.

Misquoting a movie comment....."I love the smell of Strontium and Barium in the morning"

I am still wondering.... who is doing this? And why are they trying to harm us? And why is nobody saying anything about it?"


Here is #3: Energy beams from Chinese satellites causing US wildfires

a sinister view of the wildfires            

                            7 responses |         

                Started by GunterK - Sept. 16, 2020, 3:45 p.m.            


Here is #2:

ATT and Dominion and the Nashville bombing:

                Re: Re: Re: could all or any othis be true.....election coincidences            

                       By GunterK - Dec. 28, 2020, 5:11 p.m.         


Here is #1:

                Latest on the George Floyd legal case            

                            Started by GunterK - March 19, 2021, 9:01 p.m.            


The article liked below discusses some interesting legal issues in the George Floyd case.

When the infamous video was shown all over the world, most people were sickened by what they saw. I myself considered this a clear-cut case of murder.

The MSM did not discuss much later info, coming from the coroner's office  The coroner’s examination revealed that George Floyd did NOT die from asphyxiation. Rather, the examination revealed that George Floyd’s blood contained the often fatal drug Fentanyl, at a level four times the level that can lead to death.

Before his death, George Floyd had admitted that he had taken drugs, and his exclamation “I can’t breathe” is consistent with people suffering from an overdose of Fentanyl… and he even complained about not being able to breathe, before his arrest.

However, the link below contains a piece of info that shocked me…. he was Covid19-positive!!!



I appreciate very much the many things that you have brought to our attention that I did NOT know, like ventilators actually killing people because of the pressure in their already damaged lungs. But I'd like to know if you still believe in those 4 things above?

I'd like to know this to ascertain if you will ever see the light on the benefits of  COVID vaccinations.

By metmike - Sept. 28, 2021, 2:34 p.m.
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You may wonder how I came up with that stuff in the last post. 

You'd be surprised how I can remember almost every conversation at the forum and what was stated by both sides and when it was stated. And thanks to the search engine......I can just put that in and presto, chango we have the documentation to show it. 

You can use the same search engine in the right upper corner to find everything that I can. I don't have any magical mystery moderator powers that allow me to see anything more than you can get yourself about past posts/threads.

So if you remember the conversations differently.........use the search engine to show the posts that support that.

This is just more authentic data that everybody has access to.

By mcfarm - Sept. 28, 2021, 9:11 p.m.
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are you kidding me? most crazy talk of the covid day hands down the gov of NY. If you missed the most idiotic comments on covid get a tape and listen close. She is beyond crazy and makes appoint of stating all the religious leaders are wanting full vaccination.  She says the vax has been around a really long time and we all know that. States that Biden's 97 to 98 % vax hope is realistic....What???...Does not seem to even notice her state has fired nurses and now lacks in health care because they are so radical and yet says out of the other side of her mouth that she will use the national guard to fill positions in health care. I could go on with this craziness but you get the idea. Big gov, big politicians, they know best and the be lowly working man better take head and follow these great leaders. Maybe like in Australia yesterday some 9 police will arrest a New Yorker for taking his lunch in the park but wearing no mask he was arrested

By metmike - Sept. 29, 2021, 12:38 a.m.
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By GunterK - Sept. 29, 2021, 11:55 p.m.
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Oh my, now you want me to talk about chemtrails and George Floyd.  I posted about “science” in the Covid business…. not about George Floyd

Sorry to hear about your wife’s employee’s father.. I hope he will be alright. A personal story like this always has more impact than reading about statistics.

I just read about an old couple who died in the hospital, infected with Covid. They died 1 minute apart, holding hands.  Sad story.  Both were “break-through cases”,.

I also have seen numerous videos of people in horrible condition, cursing the vaxx. (you wont find those on CNN), Just recently, a video about a healthy college athlete went viral. He was vaccinated and wound up in the hospital, his body damaged so much that his hopes for a career in pro-sports were over. From his hospital bed, he was trying to warn everybody about the vaxx. The video has now been removed.

I never tried to disrespect medical staff. The comments about not reporting adverse vaxx side effects were not made by me… they were made by these nurses themselves… on video.

And this does not mean that they (the nurses) try to inflate numbers maliciously… no… they don’t write the report, because they don’t want to waste 30 min, on a report, when their hospitals are overwhelmed with patients (isn’t this what we are being told all the time?)

The “intentional” deceit is not done by frontline doctors and nurses…. that’s done much higher up.

Of course, it’s terrible when hospitals are too overwhelmed to help everybody, as seems to be the case in your state.This keeps a lot of other sick people from getting help.

In your state, the hospitals are flooded with unvaxxed patients.  In Israel, the whole country is faced with the same problem, except, there it’s the vaccinated filling up the hospitals.  I have no idea why this is so. Sorry…. I shouldn’t have mentioned Israel… I am “cherry picking” again.  I wonder though, why our scientists are not talking about it.

Overwhelmed hospitals are a common story nowadays, and much of it has to do with the mandates that force staff into being vaccinated.

Out here, in Orange County, I read about a childrens hospital not being able to handle their normal business, because too many of their staff have quit, after a vaxx mandate was enforced.

As mcfarm already pointed out, New York hospitals are facing such a severe staff shortage that the new governor is considering declaring an emergency. Many of their doctors and nurses have quit to avoid mandatory vaccination.. Governor Hochul has threatened to fire the remaining unvaxxed staff and replace them with National Guard members.

In one hospital chain in Long Beach, CA, 5% of nurses and doctors refuse the jab and may be fired.

The Lewis County Hospital in NY stopped delivering babies, after 1/3 of their small maternity ward resigned, to avoid mandatory vaccination

As I tried to point out a few weeks ago…. These doctors and nurses are around Covid patients all day long. They expose themselves to being infected… they are true heroes.

I asked this question before.... what do they know, that they rather lose their job, than get vaccinated. Somebody on this forum called them “ignorant and uneducated”.   I certainly don’t believe this… they see more of the misery than we folks out here can imagine.  They have seen the Covid patients and their misery, and they have seen the misery the  vaxx has caused.... and somethow, they rather lose their jobs than get vaxxed.

Unfortunately, our MSM shows us none of this… only those “outlier” sites dare show us the videos)


Other headlines in the news…

Harvard Business School is shutting down classes and is going online, after they had a Covid outbreak. The school’s staff is 96% vaccinated, and the students are 95% vaccinated. (wow)  Maybe Biden’s plan for having the country 98% vaccinated would make things better…

Yeah, that should do it.98 is better than 96. When we hit 98, all our problems will be over


After the Global Covid Summit in Rome, Italy,  an international coalition of 4,600 doctors and scientists signed an open letter that condemned governments and Covid policy-makers for their authoritarian handling of the pandemic,


Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, a Brigade Surgeon at Ft. Rucker,  urged the Pentagon to ground all pilots who have been vaccinated, citing numerous severe cases of vaccine side-effects that made pilots unsafe to perform their duties safely.


Again, best wishes for the father of your wife’s employee