Cape Cod revisted... finally addressed by the CDC
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Started by GunterK - July 31, 2021, 1:25 p.m.

Documents from the CDC finally confirmed that the Delta outbreak in Cape Cod affected mostly vaccinated people, 75% to be exact.

So, it was reported by the NYT and the WaPo, no less.

Wakana, a Deputy Director at the White House, issued a furious response, ripping these newspapers, for providing this information without context…. referring to the reduced hospitalizations and deaths.

While these latter numbers are important, he failed to address the original issue… infections

(BTW, there were only 5 people hospitalized, with 4 of them being vaccinated.)

Wakana later tweeted…

'Let's be clear. If 10 vaccinated people walk into a room full of COVID, about 9 of them would walk out of the room WITH NO COVID. Nine of them.”

Yeah… nice try.   But Massachusetts is not a “room full of Covid”.  If I remember correctly, at that time, Mass. was 59% vaccinated.  Do the math… if 59% of the people are vaccinated, which protects 90% of these 59% section of the population.…(leaving only 59*0.1=5.9 unprotected), how in the world can you come up with such a vast majority of the infected being  vaccinated ???

In the meantime, other heavily vaccinated countries are reporting similar data.

Very early this year, long before the Delta existed, I heard a virologist predict the situation we are in right now.  Looking for the link… will post it when I find it


By metmike - July 31, 2021, 2:24 p.m.
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Thanks Gunter!

I realize that you are making another point here, however, just to be clear:

I will emphasize once again and extremely, emphatically so,  that getting vaccinated stimulates your immune system to more effectively  produce COVID antibodies, so that if/when you get the more contagious Delta version of COVID  the already vaccinated people will not have nearly as a severe case as those not vaccinated.

The vaccine does NOT stop you from getting COVID of any kind..............that is not expected.....its not even designed to do that.

It arms your immune system to fight COVID(Delta variety too) and defeat it. Your chances of dying from Delta COVID go down by as much as 90% if you are vaccinated. 

Get it?

Here's our recent discussion related to this case.

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                Started by GunterK - July 21, 2021, 9:22 p.m.    

By GunterK - July 31, 2021, 4:01 p.m.
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With all due respect , it looks like we are not addressing the issue of the linked article.

You just wrote

“…The vaccine does NOT stop you from getting COVID of any kind..............that is not expected.....its not even designed to do that.”

Yes, of course. However, we are being told, over and over again,  that it will stop you from catching the Covid with a 90-96% probability..

The just released (authentic) data from the CDC clearly proves this claim wrong. The claim of a 90-96% protection is simply not true anymore.

And this was the whole point of the discussion.

You also wrote…

“Your chances of dying from Delta COVID go down by as much as 90% if you are vaccinated. “

The Cape Cod data sample is small. However, out of 469 cases, 5 of them died…. That’s 1%.

And 4 of those 5 were vaccinated!!!

I sincerely hope that this fatality rate is meaningless, considering the small data sample size.

Times have changed… it’s theDelta now. The old “authentic data” have been replaced by another set of data.  Other countries report similar changes. 

According to these recent reports,  for some strange reason, the Delta seems to bother vaccinated people more than unvaccinated people.

(and there is a very scientific explanation... still looking for the link)

By metmike - July 31, 2021, 4:42 p.m.
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Gunter says: With all due respect , it looks like we are not addressing the issue of the linked article.

You just wrote

“…The vaccine does NOT stop you from getting COVID of any kind..............that is not expected.....its not even designed to do that.”

"Yes, of course. However, we are being told, over and over again,  that it will stop you from catching the Covid with a 90-96% probability.."

Read my post again...................I said the complete opposite..........and I said it to YOU Gunter and BECAUSE OF YOU.

"The Cape Cod data sample is small. However, out of 469 cases, 5 of them died…. That’s 1%.

And 4 of those 5 were vaccinated!!!"

Gunter, I've seen some cherry picking in my life but will have to say that this last statement, using Gunter science to cherry pick a whopping total of 4 people dying breaks every record for extreme cherry picking that I remember in my life.....................and I'm 65 years old and have seen hundreds of thousands of pieces of data.

Congrats Gunter!

You just took 4 dead people in a country of 329,000,000 people and used it to prove Gunter science............using the symbols !!!'s after it to emphasize how significant that Gunter science considers it......while ignoring all the other data.

I told you in the private email that I'm very concerned about you Gunter. I showed you the evidence from  contact moderator messages from 2 previous banned posters that are laughing about this and asking why they were banned and you get to keep posting.

I know whats in your heart...............that's the reason why and you have always been a wonderful, positive contributor thats why.

And I can easily show/bust your silly statements over and over here Gunter.

But I don't want to keep making you look foolish Gunter. I really don't like doing this but you give me no choice, if I am to continue to let everybody post with no censorship.

We are possibly entering the start of a massive outbreak of the Delta COVID in the US and people/sources sending out your anti COVID vaccine message will be responsible for thousands of deaths in the unvaccinated here in the US.

Gunter science is obviously totally oblivious to that but I will continue to expose and embarrass anti COVID vaccine Gunter science here and be increasingly concerned at your obtuse, closed minded frame of mind because your brain has been captured by people/sources with an agenda..............while you insist, like a person in a cult,  that they are actually the ones telling the truth and those censoring the lies, are the enemy.

You probably think that all those people hypnotized and staring at their electronic devises are tuned into the MSM and social media site that are censoring your Gunter science. Not one of them realizes it, how sad you probably think.

You are one of those people Gunter. If you would you know it?

This is why I'm increasing concerned about your whacko (MIS) interpretations of data here.

   Captured brains            

                            Started by metmike - April 10, 2021, 12:32 a.m.    

By metmike - July 31, 2021, 4:54 p.m.
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Not to intentionally make you look bad Gunter(you are doing that to yourself) but to respond with a statistical analysis of what YOU think is significant.

4 deaths out of 613,000 deaths is .00000652% of the overall deaths caused by COVID.

Who in tarnation would use that, even if it was just 4 total cases, in which 4 vaccinated people died, no less 4 out of 469?

Gunter science..........that's the only realm where it's significant!!!


Sorry man, you are just doing this to yourself. It really pains me to do this but we have to save lives here with authentic  science, not make it worse for people. 

Please get vaccinated ASAP if you are not vaccinated....... wear an N95 mask when in public, indoors for additional protection.

By GunterK - July 31, 2021, 6:56 p.m.
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metmike, I don’t get it…. maybe my English is not good enough to clearly make my case (English is my second language). If so, I am sorry.

The main point of the presented link is this:

The Delta variant attacks more vaccinated people than unvaccinated people. Period.

And this has been pointed out by other countries as well, and was finally admitted by the CDC here in the US. In this small sample of 469 infected people, 74% were vaccinated people… meaning only 26% of the infected were unvaccinated. That’s the “authentic” data presented by our CDC.

The 5 fatalities in Cape Cod is a side issue.

You compared these 5 deaths with the 600,000 deaths in the US.   Why???

When you discuss statistics, the numbers should all come from the same set of data. Yet you referred to the 35mill infection cases in the US (since the beginning), which resulted in 600k deaths.

The 5 Cape Cod fatalities came from a very recent small sample of only 469 infection cases..
And from that small sample of 469 infections, there were 5 deaths.Which is more than 1%

And as it turned out… 80% of these deaths were vaccinated people.

However, I would be the first one leave the fatality issue alone… after all… it’s a tiny sample and may be meaningless.

However, the main message of this situation is this:

We are now dealing with the Delta. It’s a different animal!

The vaxxes may have protected you against the old Covid, but they no longer work the way they did before.

Ant that's not ""Gunter science".... that's what the data are telling us.

By metmike - July 31, 2021, 8:11 p.m.
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I've already given you over a dozen threads and 100 personal posts to spoon feed you, personally with authentic science but have to now focus on providing life saving information for those that need authentic science about the massive benefits from being vaccinated and wearing an N95 mask. 

Your anti government, anti Biden, anti Fauci, anti CDC, anti WHO,  anti COVID vaccine sources have brainwashed you way beyond what I can undo on this topic. 

So for anybody that cares to understand the seriousness of the current situation, I've elevated this up to a Trading Forum discussion too and want to spend more time focusing on posting on this critical topic on  both forums, while also continuing with other posts:

                Beware of potential COVID market crashes                                                    

                Started by metmike - July 31, 2021, 5:53 p.m.    

By metmike - July 31, 2021, 8:12 p.m.
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   By metmike - July 31, 2021, 2:10 p.m.            


Wear an N95 mask!!!

This is the benefit of being vaccinated:


By metmike - July 31, 2021, 8:13 p.m.
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This is the NYT number from yesterday.  122K.

This would be the highest since early February of this year and over 10 times higher than the average from mid June, just over a month ago.

The huge concern is the steepness of the curve going up....possibly a parabolic trajectory but not enough

data points yet to know.

It took many months last Fall to  get to our peak, even with an increasing rate near then end. This current rate of increase

is multiple times faster.........we could exceed the previous record easily next week if this continues.

There is a concern with the possible ramifications for them tightening up everything again.

After following it since the start of 2020, I can say that there will be a lag in time of the tightening AFTER we see the alarming numbers.

For instance, the reactions that we are seeing now by the Federal Government were not from Friday's much higher COVID numbers.

They were based on numbers from at least several days earlier.

The right is outraged already at the previous restrictions and increasing mask requirements again.

They will be going bonkers when things tighten up again........if they do.

Biden is going to be in the line of fire for it from the right.

Alot of commodity markets took an unexplained nose dive on Friday based on no fundamental reason.

The rising COVID numbers might be the reason.

I think most people believe strongly that the economy will NOT shut down again and it will never get as bad as it was.

However, if the daily numbers suddenly spike to 300,000+, which would break the old daily record with no signs of a slow down,

we could see some short term market crashes..........and next week is the most vulnerable for that.




By metmike - July 31, 2021, 8:13 p.m.
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ABC news just reported 86,000 new cases yesterday.

But look at this story below. Holy crap, that's just for 1 state!

This clinches it for me.

Get ready for the sheet to hit the fan!

Florida sets a record with 21,683 new COVID-19 cases reported Saturday, the CDC says
By metmike - July 31, 2021, 8:15 p.m.
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I just want to reiterate that 90% of vaccinated people and those that had COVID already will avoid the most severe symptoms that unvaccinated people will see, including the most severe reaction of all DEATH.

With 164 million people being fully vaccinated, just over 50%  and 35 million had COVID, just over 10%,  this is over 60% of the population with solid protection to lessen the severe reactions in those people. Some have had 1 shot with decent but not the best protection.

Many of those fully vaccinated are older and immune compromised people, those that are the most vulnerable, so the % of the population for the much more contagious Delta COVID to cause severe reactions in is going to be greatly reduced with this new surge that is coming on like gang busters compared to the previous peak.

I just found a stat that is extremely reassuring with regards to that. 65 and up have around 90% that received at least 1 shot.  

That means that those 90% will have very roughly a 90% reduced number of extreme symptoms and deaths compared to the same people in the absence of being vaccinated. Some of that population also had COVID already too.

Thank God we got so many smart enough to get vaccinated in the last 7+ months or this would have potentially been apocalyptic!!!

However, it may get pretty bad in August!

Thank God so many smart older people are vaccinated!!! This is going to help a great deal to lessen the loss of life and severe sicknesses.




By metmike - July 31, 2021, 8:33 p.m.
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Statistics show the stark risks of not getting vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19 has become a "pandemic of the unvaccinated."

metmike: Since 90% of people 65 and older are vaccinated, of course those will be the majority of new infections at that age..........of course they will. The vaccine is not designed to make a person impervious to COVID. The protection especially comes after they are infected. Their immune systems are armed with antibodies to beat COVID AFTER they are infected. This is what keeps them from getting severe infections and the much, much higher rate of the ones who are not vaccinated get severe infections and die.

Be smart, get vaccinated ASAP if you're not vaccinated. Wear an N95 mask, the mask that actually protects you!

By GunterK - Aug. 1, 2021, 12:02 a.m.
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metmike, with all due respect…. you are bringing up a lot of statistics…. 160 mill vaccinated,. separated by age group, etc. etc

These all apply to the old Covid.

The recent outbreaks, here in the US, and in several other countries, are all about the Delta.

I posted earlier about Gibraltar. They had a most shocking increase of 2500% …. And this country is for all practical purposes 100% vaccinated. Can’t blame the unvaccinated ones for the current outbreak, because there are no unvaccinated people in this country.

And just a few minutes ago, I read on CNN that a few people here are still blaming the unvaccinated people for the current outbreaks. How long does it take for them to comprehend that things have changed. The old vaxx does not protect you much against the Delta.Not only that…. according to the authentic data now admitted by the CDC, the Delta hits vaccinated people harder than unvaccinated ones.

Things have changed.

Their battel cry "pandemic of the unvaccinated" sounds a bit silly, in view of the new data.

By metmike - Aug. 1, 2021, 2:21 a.m.
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"Not only that…. according to the authentic data now admitted by the CDC, the Delta hits vaccinated people harder than unvaccinated ones."


You totally made that up.......again.  Here's the authentic data which is the polar opposite of that statement and what you keep making up. 

"In the United States, which has experienced more COVID-19 cases and deaths than any other country, the Delta variant represents about 83% of new infections. So far, unvaccinated people represent nearly 97% of severe cases."

How the Delta variant upends assumptions about the coronavirus


metmike: You hang your hat on data from one place in one state where 4 vaccinated people were hospitalized from COVID  but ignore all the rest of the data for that state and all the other states. If that situation was prevalent and vaccinated people were the ones getting the most sick....... you would be able to show us tons and tons of similar situations..............but ALL the other situations prove you wrong, very wrong so you keep coming back to this one.

I have an idea, let's use real/authentic data from the state of Massachusetts. If you are right, then this would really be showing least in that 1 state, the one that you sight your example which resulted in a whopping 4 people who were vaccinated being hospitalized..............again, the vaccination does not stop COVID, it only reduces the severity of COVID in around 90% of people. So those 4 very sick people in your extreme cherry picking example would likely have been 40 very sick people if they had not been vaccinated.

Get it?

But let's get away from the extreme Gunter science cherry pick and look at the entire state of Massachusetts.

79 fully vaccinated Massachusetts residents have died, 303 hospitalized in very rare COVID ‘breakthrough’ cases, officials say

metmike: Wow, that's alot of people...............much more than 4 people. Let's look closer.

"The Department of Public Health says 0.1 percent of people in Massachusetts who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus have contracted COVID-19, a finding that highlights how important it is for people to get their shots.

As of Saturday, the DPH said, there were 4,450 “breakthrough” cases of COVID among 4,195,844 vaccinated people.

“Breakthrough case numbers are incredibly low and cases in which the person was hospitalized or died are even lower,” the department said in a statement.

The cases included 303 people who were hospitalized and 79 who died, either in or out of the hospital, according to DPH data. That’s 0.0072 and 0.0019 percent, respectively, of the total vaccinated.

“All available data continue to support that all 3 vaccines used in the US are highly protective against severe disease and death from all known variants of COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to get vaccinated,” the DPH said.

The statement noted that, given the state’s high vaccination rates, “we expect to have some vaccine breakthrough cases.” The state is a national leader in vaccinations. As of Monday, 4,273,587 people had been fully vaccinated."

metmike: 79 died and 303 in the hospital that were vaccinated sound like  big numbers.........but it's for an entire state.........where 4,273,587 people were vaccinated. It shows the vaccine's working to greatly reduce hospitalizations and deaths in those that get COVID. All the other states show the exact same thing.

Gunter science doesn't want you to know that. 

Statistics show the stark risks of not getting vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19 has become a "pandemic of the unvaccinated."