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Started by GunterK - July 21, 2021, 9:22 p.m.

I read something at one of those sites we are not supposed to visit…. don't worry.. I learned my lesson… I don’t want to post something that is defined as B.S. or cr*p.

However, I found the exact same story at ABC… and ABC is part of our beloved MSM… so, it can’t be B.S.

It says in the link below that the small town of Cape Cod had a large outbreak of Covid19.

What is puzzling to me is this paragraph “…..ABC News on Monday that the "vast majority" of the COVID-19 cases associated with the town's outbreak are among vaccinated individuals.”

It does not explain what “vast majority’ means. However, I assume, they are not talking about 51%... “vast majority” it says.   This means “almost all” vaccinated people, and only a few unvaccinated ones.

And I don’t quite understand this…

Our Talking Heads continuously tell us the get vaccinated, to save our lives, and that the vaxx gives us 96% protection.

And here, in Cape Cod, it almost looks like the virus was looking for vaccinated people to infect and ignoring unvaccinated people.

How can this be explained?

Any reasonable explanation would be welcomed.

The town is responding to this outbreak by re-establishing mask and distancing rules…with harsher rules aimed at unvaccinated people. (in view of the comments above, this doesn’t make sense)

By metmike - July 21, 2021, 11:57 p.m.
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I'm so glad that you brought the continued confusion and lack of understanding about COVID and the vaccine here again so that it can be explained with facts.

From your article:

"At the height of its tourist season in the summer months, Provincetown’s population swells from 3,000 year-round residents, to over 60,000 people"

metmike: 132 reported COVID cases out of 60,000 people is 0.002  or .2% of the residents in the Summer months, although we can assume that there will be much more than 132 over the course of the entire Summer. 

"Town Manager Alex Morse told ABC News on Monday that the "vast majority" of the COVID-19 cases associated with the town's outbreak are among vaccinated individuals"

metmike: This is not only at least as good as expected, it's powerful evidence of how effective the vaccine really is. 

"Morse reported most individuals are experiencing "mild symptoms." According to medical experts, fully vaccinated individuals are far less likely to become severely ill, and hospitalized, if infected with COVID-19."

“It really felt like a pre-COVID Fourth of July in Provincetown,” Hargus said. “Restaurants and bars were packed. The streets were filled with pedestrians, we saw very few masks, and no social distancing.”

metmike: Can you imagine how many thousands of people would have come down with bad cases of COVID in an environment like this  if not for the vaccinations? Likely hundreds of deaths!

There don't even appear to be hospitalizations or deaths reported either(though there must be some)............this is wonderful. The very expected cases for those getting the vaccine, like we see here........cause it to be as  weak or weaker than the flu for most and the vast majority don't even have symptoms, while the vast, vast majority don't even get COVID.

There are many hundreds of good, scientific links explaining this and much more to offset the anti vax, conspiracy theory sites that target millions who don't understand the science and want to believe the crap out there for various reasons.

The story that you linked here Gunter, also included a great link embedded in the story:

Statistics show the stark risks of not getting vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19 has become a "pandemic of the unvaccinated."


Here at Marketforum, we've passed on dozens of those links based on the REAl science...... here's another one for good measure:

Why COVID-19 Vaccines Offer Better Protection Than Infection

Vaccination offers longer, stronger immunity, says virologist Sabra Klein.

Thanks for helping us to pass along more authentic science on COVID Gunter!

By metmike - July 22, 2021, 12:06 a.m.
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More authentic science on expected COVID cases in the vaccinated:

Worried About Breakthrough COVID Cases? Here's What To Know



You can get COVID-19 even if you're vaccinated, but it's rare and likely to be mild

Bottom line: Don't panic. So far, research shows the current vaccines are holding up well against the delta variant. For instance, a June study from the U.K. found that the Pfizer vaccine is 96% effective against hospitalization from the delta variant after two doses.


If you do get infected (which is not likely but possible), the vaccine should help you keep from getting seriously sick. "Breakthrough infections, they tend to be mild — they tend to be more like a cold," said Dr. Carlos del Rio, professor of medicine and infectious disease epidemiology at Emory University.


"Those mild breakthroughs, according to a New England Journal study three weeks ago, are accompanied by lower viral loads and less — much less — symptoms," added Dr. Monica Gandhi, infectious disease physician at the University of California, San Francisco. In particular, the study "showed that if you get a mild breakthrough with any variant, you have a 40% lower viral load in your nose after vaccination than you do if you had a natural infection," she said."

By metmike - July 22, 2021, 12:14 a.m.
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Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to continue to educate people on the effectiveness of the vaccine.

We really need all the help we can get because 10's of MILLIONS of people refusing to get vaccinated because of junk/anti science reasoning is throwing COVID a life line, while the rest of us are trying to obliterate this killer disease. 

By metmike - July 22, 2021, 1:14 a.m.
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Some of the authentic statistics from the link/story embedded in Gunter's story. This is astounding!

If you are reading this and have not been vaccinated..........please trust the irrefutable science and get vaccinated.

Over 2 billion people on the planet who have received the shots and there is no evidence of any long term side affects in the vast, vast, vast majority of people.

The side affect most prevalent for some people is feeling like you have the flu for a day, after the 2nd shot........then totally recovering.

That did not happen to me but I would take feeling like I had the flu for 2 weeks several times if it meant acquiring the amount of  protection that vaccine gives all of us after the 2nd shot.

You are 10,000 times more likely to die from COVID than from the vaccination!!!!

Statistics show the stark risks of not getting vaccinated against COVID-19

COVID-19 has become a "pandemic of the unvaccinated."

By GunterK - July 22, 2021, 10:47 a.m.
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Thank you for your big effort to answer my question. There is so much B.S. floating around the internet, it is difficult to figure out what is “authentic”, and what is “propaganda”.

Within a brief reading session, I read here “the vast majority of infections are among vaccinated people”… countered by “the pandemic of the unvaccinated”

This does not answer my question, or explain the data in Cape Cod.

The thought that many more people could have been infected, does not answer the question


You told us that the odds of being killed by the virus is 100,000 times that of being killed by the vaxx.

This report would make it more like 60:1

This link is updated at the end, reducing the number to 6k.Still….

I know, the immediate response will be “there is no proof that the vaxx killed all these people… they may have died of natural causes”.

True…. the same can be said about that 600k Covid-deaths number. Dr. Yeadon, exVP of Pfizer, certainly believes so.


In one of your links, one doctor tells us that the vaxx is making your immune system stronger.

At the very beginning of the mRNA efforts, 2 mRNA experts (forgot their names) said this is not so.

The mRNA vaxx does not strengthen your natural immune system… it overpowers it and takes its place. The problem with this is, that the natural immune system is designed to handle any incoming virus, while the mRNA vaxx is “target-specific”. It will fight only the Covid19, and nothing else. It will not fight a flu virus, or pneumonia virus, etc etc (think about the consequences of that)

Dr David Bauer has a remotely similar explanation of the vaxx’s ineffectiveness against the Delta.

By metmike - July 22, 2021, 11:23 a.m.
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Thanks again for bringing more junk science/distorted interpretations that can be easily busted Gunter, so that we can educate people here with authentic science.

Gunter says: "This report would make it more like 60:1

This link is updated at the end, reducing the number to 6k.Still….

I know, the immediate response will be “there is no proof that the vaxx killed all these people… they may have died of natural causes”.

True…. the same can be said about that 600k Covid-deaths number. Dr. Yeadon, exVP of Pfizer, certainly believes so."

metmike: No real scientist would assume that after people get vaccinated........they should stop dying and if they die, it was from the vaccine and in fact, your link clarifies that. Thanks for ignoring your sources statement and pretending to be anti vax again so that we can provide REAL science.

Gunters source: 

"The CDC’s website says, ‘Reports of adverse events to VAERS following vaccination, including deaths, do not necessarily mean that a vaccine caused a health problem. This is because the U.S. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after a COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause.

Furthermore, a review of available clinical information, including death certificates, autopsy, and medical records, has not established a causal link to COVID-19 vaccines, says the CDC."

How many people have died from the vaccine in the U.S.?

Between December 2020 and June 7th, 2021, VAERS received 5,208 reports of death (0.0017%) among people who got a vaccine. Doctors and safety monitors carefully review the details of each case to see if it might be linked to the vaccine. There are three deaths that appear to be linked to blood clots that occurred after people got the J&J vaccine. Since we now know how to correctly treat people who develop these blood clots, future deaths related to this very rare side effect can be prevented. By way of comparison, getting COVID-19 while unvaccinated poses a grave risk; as of June 14, 2021 more than 599,000 deaths have been attributed to the virus in the US alone.

After careful review of the additional data, doctors have decided that there is no evidence at all that the vaccines contributed to the other patient deaths. Nonetheless, the CDC and FDA will continue to investigate every single report of death (and other adverse events) reported to VAERS.

metmike: 3 deaths from the vaccine...........599,000 deaths from non vaccinated people........that would be 200,000 times more.

That number is not exact but by an astronomical wide margin, deaths from COVID are MUCH greater than deaths from the vaccine. ....when using authentic science. It could be as low as 10,000 times more, which was what I have been siting recently but this recent data resulted in me using 100,000...........but we can use 10,000 to make you feel better (-:

By metmike - July 22, 2021, 11:27 a.m.
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On your second link.............this is possible and a booster for this or the other vaccine's seems like a very reasonable idea.

In fact, I don't think anybody thinks these very effective vaccines give life time protection and even the very science smart, responsible people getting vaccinated now, will need boosters at some point. 

By GunterK - July 22, 2021, 1:35 p.m.
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3 people were killed by the vaxx???????

OMG, metmike, do you really believe this???????

Perfectly healthy teenagers getting the jab, killed by a heart attack the next day?

Perfectly healthy woman getting the jab, and the liver shuts down the next day (not a liver disease… no.. total shut-down.. she died before they could find a transplant.

Half of the residents of a retirement home die after being vaccinated. Natural causes?

On July 19, a few doctors filed a lawsuit, claiming the 9,000 vaxx deaths listed by the CDC are not a full representation. They claim to have proof of 45k vaxx deaths. I don’t have any details on this…. so, let’s forget that one.

Yes, technically, the CDC can take each one of those vaxx deaths and say “there is no proof of any connection with the vaxx”.

I am not a doctor, but I assume, there is no way to scientifically prove that a perfectly healthy 15-old boy’s heart attack would be connected to yesterday’s vaccination.

And the same can be said about the 600k covid deaths. How many of these people died of other causes, but because they had a tiny amount of Covid in their blood, they were counted as Covid fatalities?

Dr Yeadon, a scientist who worked for Pfizer, said the same thing. He said, if the people knew the real numbers, “they would be out on the streets with pitchforks”

Looking at all these circumstances, and all these so-called “scientific” explanations, a logically thinking person has to come to a point, where he says “who do you think you are kidding?”


You wrote:

“On your second link.............this is possible and a booster for this or the other vaccine's seems like a very reasonable idea.In fact, I don't think anybody thinks these very effective vaccines give life time protect…”

I don’t believe time-decay has anything to do with it. It’s only been a short period of time that people are vaxxed (my recent Tetanus shot is supposed to protect me for 10 years)

The simple truth, evidenced by the Cape Cod story is this:

96% protection against Covid? It’s a lie!!!

If it was not a lie, you wouldn’t need a booster shot so soon.

And you wouldn’t  find out that the “vast majority” of infected people were vaccinated.

“96%” is a lie…. It’s propaganda.

(the government of Israel, at least, has admitted it)

The more such things come out in the open, the more it becomes obvious that we have to be careful what we believe.  We are being deceived... big time!


and just last night, Pres Biden said "you are not gonna get Covid if you get vaccinated " (or something like that)

This is getting to be absurd.  Like the old saying goes "they are p*ssing on you, and tell you it's raining"

I am getting sick and tired of all this.

By metmike - July 22, 2021, 3:20 p.m.
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“96%” is a lie…. It’s propaganda."


The stat is 96% protection from a hospitalization type reaction. Numbers  with millions vaccinated confirm that. You just won't believe them. 

I adjusted my number back to 10,000 times more likely to die from COVID than from the vaccination based on the uncertainty of deaths in the vaccinated and being open minded. Your statement that COVID deaths have been inflated was proven dead wrong numerous times here by me previously..........I'm NOT going to cover that horse manure again.

With regards to this now being a pandemic of the unvaccinated.........the 100% verifiable, indisputable authentic science,  totally measured and confirmed by almost every credible source in the country is proving it.

"This is getting to be absurd.  Like the old saying goes "they are p*ssing on you, and tell you it's raining"

I am getting sick and tired of all this."

I have been mega respectful of you and given you dozens of hours of my time, addressing your concerns Gunter, always using authentic science and verified data with linked sources.

I sure hope that you're not suggesting that I'm pissing on you. I can't think of a moderator or forum that stands for verifiable science that would have had given you 10% as much time and not long ago banned you..........but again, I don't censor stuff here..........I confront it with authentic science. 

 You have convinced yourself to believe in things that always.............every time, involve twisting facts and using the anti science method. I am more than willing to adjust my vaccine death toll back to the previous one based on the uncertainty in that realm and not believing one source.

But I can't adjust things that have 10,000 times enough data to know with certainty what is going on in.

It's totally understandable that you are getting tired.

I like you Gunter and am your friend and am also a practicing scientist for 4 decades that always uses the scientific method with everything in their life..........which assumes I might be wrong, so that I am also sincerely  trying to learn new things.

You have been holding me to that for months here............but the authentic data keeps coming up showing the same things, over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Dang, no wonder you are getting tired!

You are totally convinced to NOT believe any government sources and data, including anything Fauci says. You WILL believe things from sources that tell you what you want to hear. You claim that you are not an anti vax person but you are their number one cheerleader here.

As a scientist, I don't care who the source is............the objective data is the data. If a source is representing the accurate, authentic empirical data............I use it.

Maybe you are not appreciating why I'm constantly welcoming all of your posts on here Gunter and not censoring any of them about this.

It's only because I have the time and as a scientist the education to correct junk science about COVID, the vaccine and other things like the fake election steal.

I really care about freedom of speech and am allowing you to maximize yours but not confronting it with authentic science at other places is absolutely killing people. 

You are amazing really,  in playing the poor victim, who is getting pissed on, while they try to pass on junk science that's killing people. Not theoretically killing people. Your message IS with 100% certainty killing people. MUCH of the country is refusing to get vaccinated right now because they think like you............up to thousands of them WILL die, not might die but WILL die.

You will NEVER beat authentic science Gunter. Not here at least.

Which one of these people are you Gunter?

Millions Are Saying No to the Vaccines. What Are They Thinking?

By GunterK - July 22, 2021, 4:41 p.m.
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metmike, you know I was not speaking of you, when I made that comment about “p*ssing on us”.It was directed at the “system’, the “establishment”, Dr Fauci, the CDC, etc etc (including our President)

The conflict of facts vs. propaganda is right in the open… it cannot be overlooked…do they think we are stupid???

I am looking at the facts of today…

“The jab is 96% effective…”…. Then why do we need booster shots so quickly… we got our jabs just recently… is something not working properly with those jabs?

“You will not get the Covid, if you are vaccinated”…. check the news, Mr.President… read about Cape Cod! (or read the more honest commentaries coming out of Israel)

“A vast majority of the infected are vaccinated”. if so, then it cannot possibly be a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.   Period!!!

metmike, I have seen all the MSM posters about how bad things are in various states, and I have heard all the comments about how safe the jabs are.

I however, I have also seen the numerous cases of very serious suffering, including death, the jabs have caused.. The MSM does not mention much of it.

 And then we see the CDC messing around with their own data… first it’s 12k vaxx deaths, then it’s 6k vaxx deaths, then it’s 9k vaxx deaths, and an insider claims it’s more like 45k (this one is not verified…, but then, is any data on the CDC website really correct?? or "scientific"???   Obviously not.

All I wanted was an explanation about how “the vast majority of infected cases” could possibly be vaccinated people, while we have a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

So far, I have not seen an explanation.

By metmike - July 22, 2021, 5:05 p.m.
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"So far, I have not seen an explanation."

You won't get any better ones responding to your continual concerns than the scientific, data packed ones that I've provided here. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns because I've learned most of what I know on many topics here by researching them to provide reliable information to those that bring up numerous different topics.

That's all I can my best.

You Can Lead a Horse To Water, But... - Meaning, Origin

You just continue to repeat things over and over that I show you indisputably with rock solid facts are not even close to the truth.............even in posts immediately after I prove they are not so.

By GunterK - July 22, 2021, 6:14 p.m.
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Metmike, I know you have done a lot of studying on this subject, and I know you mean well.

However, with all due respect, your numerous links and graphs have not provided an explanation for the Cape Cod data.

Could it be possible that the “science” and ‘authentic” data you are quoting, are for the old Covid, not the new Delta?

Israel, as well as other European countries, have already admitted in June that the vaxxes don’t work on the Delta. The Delta doesn’t care whether a person is vaccinated or not.

And then you have a MSM rag, like ABC, telling us that this is the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, while at the same time telling us that the vaccinated got infected, and hardly any of the unvaccinated were infected.

Are they insane?  Or do they simply think we are stupid?

I think we have to call the Cape Cod data “factual data”, and, at this point, it looks like unvaccinated people in Cape Cod did better than vaccinated ones. it seems to me, somebody better come up with an explanation..

So far, I haven’t seen one.

By metmike - July 22, 2021, 6:50 p.m.
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