More smoking gun evidence on Bidens
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Started by metmike - Oct. 14, 2020, 7:39 p.m.

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Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

metmike: The fact that the computer had all those pictures(displayed) of the Biden family and Hunter on it, tells us that this is 100% legit.

The interesting thing is that Facebook and Twitter are censoring information about this...........covering it up.

By metmike - Oct. 14, 2020, 7:55 p.m.
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But this is no surprise to anybody that has actually been looking at the crystal clear facts.

What's interesting is that President Trump was impeached for trying to investigate this REAL corruption.

No longer any question.. Biden cover-up in the Ukraine.                        

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                Started by GunterK - May 24, 2020, 4:48 p.m.    

Biden Busted

                Joe Biden            

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                Started by wglassfo - Dec. 9, 2019, 10:41 a.m.   

Joe Biden, second right, and his son, Hunter, right, pictured golfing in the Hamptons with Devon Archer

Joe Biden (second from right) and his son Hunter (right) golfing in the Hamptons with Devon Archer

metmike: He flew all the way over to this country, just to play golf with Joe Biden.....and they never talked business.

Joe/Hunter Biden were blatantly corrupt, has been busted repeatedly in his lies and with the circumstances and the MSM continues to totally cover it up.

In fact, they used Bidens impeach Trump. 

What a world that we live in..............up is down and down is up. 

By metmike - Oct. 14, 2020, 8:04 p.m.
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Trump brands Facebook and Twitter 'terrible' as Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's account is locked for sharing article about Joe Biden's son that was blocked until it is vetted by its third party of so-called 'fact-checkers'

  • Twitter locked the personal account of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday evening
  • She had shared  the NY Post story which claims Joe Biden met with Ukrainian businessman Vadym Pozharskyi
  • Facebook and Twitter said on Wednesday it is 'reducing circulation' of the NY Post story  
  • Months after the alleged meeting, Biden - who was VP at the time- pressured Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Pozharskyi
  • Trump hit out at the social media giants actions in a tweet
  • If true, it represents a huge conflict of interest and possible law break, given Biden's son Hunter was being paid $50,000-a-month by Pozharskyi's firm
  • The Post published its story on Wednesday with screenshots of the emails
  • Biden's campaign afterwards said the meeting never took place and that he has never been

By Jennifer Smith For

By metmike - Oct. 14, 2020, 8:09 p.m.
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Twitter, Facebook censor Post over Hunter Biden exposé

By Noah Manskar


October 14, 2020 | 4:14pm| Updated

"Both Twitter and Facebook took extraordinary censorship measures against The Post on Wednesday over its exposés about Hunter Biden’s emails — with Twitter baselessly charging that “hacked materials” were used.

The suppression effort came despite presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign merely denying that he had anything on his “official schedules” about meeting a Ukrainian energy executive in 2015 — along with zero claims that his son’s computer had been hacked.

The Post’s primary Twitter account was locked as of 2:20 p.m. Wednesday because its articles about the messages obtained from Biden’s laptop broke the social network’s rules against “distribution of hacked material,” according to an email The Post received from"



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hunter biden

Inside Hunter Biden's murky history of business dealings in China

WH press secretary locked out of Twitter for sharing Post's Hunter Biden story

Trump slams censorship of The Post in first comment on Hunter Biden exposé

House Republicans evade Twitter censors to share Post's Hunter Biden story

By metmike - Oct. 14, 2020, 8:16 p.m.
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"Users who clicked the link on Twitter were shown an alert warning them that the webpage may be “unsafe” and could contain content that would break Twitter’s rules if it were shared directly on the platform.

The extraordinary move came after Facebook said it would limit the spread of The Post’s story on its own platform. The social network added that the story would be eligible for review by independent fact-checkers.

US Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) fired off a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday demanding answers about why the platform “censored” The Post’s reporting.

“The seemingly selective nature of this public intervention suggests partiality on the part of Facebook,” Hawley wrote. “And your efforts to suppress the distribution of content revealing potentially unethical activity by a candidate for president raises a number of additional questions, to which I expect responses immediately.”





"Hawley later sent a similar letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, blasting the company for what he said was “an unusual intervention that is not universally applied to all content.”

The senator demanded to know how Twitter had determined that The Post’s story was violating its policy on hacked materials and why the company had taken the “unprecedented action” to lock the news org’s account.

“I ask that you immediately answer these questions and provide the necessary justifications so that your users can feel confident that you are not seeking to influence the outcome of the presidential election with your content removal decisions,” Hawley wrote."

By metmike - Oct. 15, 2020, 11:07 a.m.
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Tucker: Emails show Hunter Biden sold access to his father's office

metmike: This is no hoax or conspiracy theory. It happened.

By metmike - Oct. 15, 2020, 11:11 a.m.
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CNN offers no airtime to New York Post's Hunter Biden report while also skipping Amy Coney Barrett hearing

The Biden campaign said that the former vice president 'engaged in no wrongdoing'

Fox News and MSNBC aired the confirmation hearing of President Trump's Supreme Court nominee virtually uninterrupted. Meanwhile, CNN aired its regularly-scheduled programming....)bashing Trump)

In fact, the only time CNN cut into the hearing was to hear Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris' questions and remarks towards Barrett and quickly resumed with its programming after the California senator finished. 

By wglassfo - Oct. 15, 2020, noon
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Is there any way the gov't could not engage in a platform that is not biased to one party, thus offering a way to access social media with out blatant censorship

One would think there has to be a way to break the present monopoly of social media thus offering all people access to social media with some obvious limits to contents, such a pornography etc.

We need discussion not censorship

By TimNew - Oct. 15, 2020, 2:52 p.m.
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I think the question here is..  Have these platforms been objectively applying their standards.  If so,  then no problem.  But, a few weeks ago we were bombarded from all sides with Trumps tax returns,  which had to have been illegally obtained.

So,  I guess the answer is no.

By metmike - Oct. 15, 2020, 5:34 p.m.
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Many of these media sources and platforms are in the business of pushing their belief systems and pretending that it's objective and honest.

There's nothing wrong when entities come out for one side and make it clear what there objective is. 

For instance, when Biden or Trump or other politicians run ads promoting one side or bashing the other side, we know exactly where they are coming from. The content may be misleading or even dishonest but at least we know what the motivation is and who is behind it.

CNN, the NYT, FOX and others are in the business of reporting the news. It's obvious that their interpretations have become more and more slanted to one side. When they present misleading content and fake news or biased stuff, while pretending to be objective, it's very the wolf in sheeps clothing. And it's intentional. 

When Trump or Biden run an ad bashing the other one, we understand its a wolf being a wolf.............attacking their opponent.

When CNN does the same thing with all interpretations of everything that Trump does as being bad, sometimes with with extreme distortions and always with bias and animosity, while pretending to be giving viewers objective/honest reporting..........they are dressing up and presenting themselves connivingly as sheep, even though they are actually vicious  wolves..... very dishonest.

Here is a suggestion for their new logo (-:

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing-Matthew 7:15-20 |'s  collection of 100+ wolf ideas

File:CNN.svg - Wikimedia Commons

By mcfarm - Oct. 15, 2020, 5:58 p.m.
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don't know if you guys have heard but if confirmed it seems our swamp deep do nothings at the FBI have had the e-mails for months....months....that used to be long enough to investigate, charge and convict but if you are a lib its not even enough time for the public to know about it. Seems more and more just like 2016 when  the swamp did everything it could to screw Trump and protect hil they are protecting another lifetime loser in Biden. How else should be sitting on these e-mails for months be taken?

By metmike - Oct. 16, 2020, 1:18 a.m.
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What we know – and don't know – about Hunter Biden's alleged laptop

"Wilmington, Delaware — President Trump and his allies have launched a late effort to again tarnish Joe Biden by tying him to his son Hunter Biden's overseas business interests, publicizing emails and photos supposedly from a laptop alleged to have been abandoned by the younger Biden and timing their release in a manner reminiscent of Russia's efforts to dump damaging material about Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Giuliani apparently held the information for months and released it less than three weeks before the election. Giuliani has long been involved in efforts by the president and his allies to highlight Hunter Biden's work overseas to damage Joe Biden and boost Mr. Trump's reelection campaign, and in 2019 met with a Ukrainian lawmaker who has been deemed an "active Russian agent" by the U.S. government.  "

metmike: Do you really think that if Giuliani had the information a year ago, it would not have been released as evidence to support Trump during the impeachment hearings?


"The owner of the repair store's political motivations came to light in the interview with CBS News and a few other reporters, raising even more questions about the veracity of how this supposed laptop became public."

metmike: So this information is only valid/authentic if the stores owner is a Democrat? Facts, data, letters/emails, pictures and crimes are what matter, not what the party affiliation is of the person that provided the information.


"Standing in his shop on Wednesday, MacIsaac admitted he was unable to confirm it was actually Hunter Biden who dropped off the laptop"

metmike: Somehow,  all these personal letters and pictures of the Biden family, and personal pictures of Hunter on the laptop are not indisputable evidence that the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden. Who else could have had all those pictures?


MacIsaac contradicted himself repeatedly about why he wanted to share the alleged contents of the hard drive.  MacIsaac responded to most questions about Giuliani with "no comment," saying he "didn't feel comfortable" discussing it.

metmike: Let's make it look like the guy who turned in the laptop is actually the one that did something wrong, not the Biden's.


Experts warn about potential foreign interference

"The U.S. intelligence community has warned for months that Russia is actively working to "denigrate" Biden by amplifying allegations of corruption, and experts have issued dire warnings that Russia could orchestrate a "hack and dump" operation similar to its effort to steal and release stolen Democratic emails in the runup to the 2016 election. 


Moreover, Russian hackers are believed to have breached Burisma's systems earlier this year, and Giuliani himself has been tied to Ukrainian lawmaker acting as a Russian agent who has publicized private recordings of Biden speaking to Ukrainian officials in the past."

metmike: They can't be serious!!! Do they actually want us to believe that Russia is behind this to help Trump?


"In January, the cybersecurity firm Area 1 revealed Russian military operatives had launched a phishing attack against Burisma and accessed its systems. The extent of the breach was unclear, but the report said the attack "raises the spectre that this is an early warning of what we have anticipated since the successful cyberattacks undertaken during the 2016 U.S. elections."

metmike: Yep, they are actually serious. It's Russia again. Anytime a democrat gets busted with violating ethics or loses an's Russia's fault.

Funny thing about Russia and corruption. Turns out that all the corruption was between Hillary and Russia, and the Bidens and Russia with the 2.5 year Mueller investigation finding NO corruption between Trump and Russia. 

By TimNew - Oct. 16, 2020, 2:56 a.m.
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What amazes me most of all.   You hear from a guy who used to know a guy who sometimes had a beer with Trump's driver who told him Trump rented suites to RUSSIANS!!!   and the media and the left are all "OFF WITH HIS HEAD". 

Something like this comes along and the response is "Nothing to see here folks,  move along".

It's a tragic comedy.

By metmike - Oct. 16, 2020, 11:40 a.m.
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ABC Gives Biden a Pass on Hunter-Burisma Emails during Townhall

"Hunter Biden also had entered into a contract with a Chinese private energy firm that offered him $10 million for “introductions alone,” according to leaked emails from 2017.

The trove of documents turned over to the Post by Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, also reportedly contained sexually explicit photos and depictions of drug use."

metmike: None of Hunters personal life has anything to do with Joe but the explicit photo's are almost irrefutable evidence of the laptop belonging to Hunter.

What amazes me the most(possibly) is not the MSM pretending that this is just Trump and his people making stuff up ahead of the election but how could Hunter be so ignorant as to leave his laptop with all this stuff on it with a company that he knew nothing about?

It was during a time when these allegations were peaking late last year, in the midst of the impeachment.

He didn't just leave it there to be fixed and returned, he literally left it there forever and, as the contract he signed indicated, it become property of that business.

Compare that to what Hillary Clinton did. She was being investigated and destroyed troves of incriminating evidence on her computer/laptops.

Hunter was not even being investigated and he handed over the incriminating evidence without being asked for it!

I can see why some people might be skeptical based on just this fact. 

Maybe the drug use affected his judgment?

If they didn't actually have the many personal pictures from the laptop, I would be skeptical too. There doesn't seem to be any way possible some other source got those. And they have a laptop in their possession with all this info on it. 

To believe that Russia is behind it is absurd. 

By metmike - Oct. 16, 2020, 5:45 p.m.
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The MSM, in response to this legit news about Hunter Biden, has created a new fake news narrative to blame it all on Russia again.

Washington Post: White House was warned that Giuliani was being used by Russians to 'feed misinformation' to Trump

"The paper said the warnings were "based on multiple sources, including intercepted communications, that showed Giuliani was interacting with people tied to Russian intelligence during a December 2019 trip to Ukraine, where he was gathering information that he thought would expose corrupt acts by former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter."

"Giuliani, while trying to dig up dirt on Hunter Biden, was so determined to gather information "that everybody [in the intelligence community who knew about it] was talking about how hard it was going to be to try to get him to stop, to take seriously the idea that he was being used as a conduit for misinformation," one former official told the paper."

metmike: What country are we living in? That our major news information sources can twist crimes/unethical behavior of people they favor into it being wrong doing by the people that uncover it?

Our politicians impeach them for trying to uncover corruption?

And all being driven by hatred for President Trump.

Hate is the most destructive emotion of all.

"It will cause you to lower and violate the  previous standards that you set for yourself for ethical behavior and honestly because this emotion drives you to hurt the person that you hate more than those  previous standards cause you to follow the truth and be objective...............and act professionally, with integrity.

It will cause you to do and say things that are harmful to you and your reputation when the hate becomes neurotic because you become so obsessed with harming the hated person that rational thinking no longer applies.

Your interpretation of circumstances involving the hated person becomes so blatantly skewed  that the hoped for endpoint in every realm is always for them to be hurt.

Hate blackens the heart and soul of the hater. It can ruin personal relationships and ironically, more often than not destroys the hater, not the target of their hatred.


This emotion drives the thoughts of many people when it comes to any issue involving President Trump with a great number of them controlling the news and internet/social media."

By metmike - Oct. 16, 2020, 10:52 p.m.
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Twitter still holding The Post’s account hostage over Hunter Biden links


By Bruce Golding


October 16, 2020 | 6:53pm| Updated

Twitter changes guidelines following Post censorship controversy


Twitter has refused to unlock The Post’s account unless the news organization deletes six tweets about its own reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails — despite a policy change sparked by outrage over that very same social-media suppression of the stories.

In a Friday afternoon email, a Twitter representative told The Post, “While we’ve updated the policy, we don’t change enforcement retroactively. You will still need to delete the Tweets to regain access to your account.”

The demand that The Post remove links to its own stories came even though a new policy announced Thursday night allows other users to tweet the very same links.

“Over the last 24 hours, we’ve received significant feedback (from critical to supportive) about how we enforced our Hacked Materials Policy yesterday,” wrote Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s “Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead.”

“After reflecting on this feedback, we have decided to make changes to the policy and how we enforce it.”

The company will no longer remove hacked content “unless it is directly shared by hackers or those acting in concert with them” and will instead “label Tweets to provide context instead of blocking links from being shared on Twitter.”

Meanwhile, anyone who looks at The Post’s Twitter feed can’t even see the tweets about the Biden stories, which have been replaced by messages saying, “This Tweet is no longer available.”

Twitter hasn’t responded to an inquiry from The Post asking how it determined that the stories in question were allegedly based on “hacked materials.”


Information in the reports came from data extracted from a MacBook Pro laptop that a Delaware repair shop owner has said was dropped off in April 2019 but never picked up.

The response to Twitter’s actions includes a complaint filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission by the Republican National Committee, which claims the company made an “illegal corporate in-kind political contribution” to Joe Biden’s campaign.

Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have also said that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would be subpoenaed to testify Tuesday on Capitol Hill.


By metmike - Oct. 16, 2020, 10:58 p.m.
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RNC files FEC complaint against Twitter over censoring of Post’s Biden exposé

The Republican National Committee lodged a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Friday, claiming that Twitter’s unprecedented censoring of The Post’s Hunter Biden exposé amounted to a “illegal corporate in-kind political contribution” to Joe Biden’s campaign.

The complaint accuses the Silicon Valley giant of being “a partisan actor, run by partisan Democrats” after it blocked users from sharing a link to The Post’s reporting — even locking of users who shared the article, including The Post, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, and the Trump campaign.

“Respondent is engaged in arguably the most brazen and unprecedented act of media suppression in this country’s history, and it is doing so for the clear purpose of supporting the Biden campaign,” the complaint read.

The RNC claimed the social media giant, run by Jack Dorsey, was “using its corporate resources to provide active support for Joe Biden’s campaign in violation of federal law.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans on Thursday said they will hold a hearing Tuesday to compel Dorsey to testify about the troubling censorship of The Post’s uncovering of Ukraine- and China-related documents tied to Hunter Biden and his dad.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R. Mo) has also sent a letter to the Federal Electoral Commission asking for an investigation into whether the censorship was an in-kind contribution — calling the gagging of The Post “really alarming.”

“This is not some random blog. This is the newspaper founded by Alexander Hamilton, for heaven’s sake,” Hawley told reporters.

The RNC on Friday charged Twitter with restricting the reporting “before independent fact checkers had even weighed in on the accuracy of the story” and asked the FEC to investigate.

On Wednesday and Thursday, The Post published Hunter Biden emails recovered from a hard drive that indicated the former vice president’s oft-troubled son tried to sell access to the elder Biden in exchange for lucrative, million-dollar contracts.


“Democrat media consultants can only dream of such abilities. Through its ad hoc, partisan suppression of media critical of Biden, Respondent is making illegal, corporate in-kind contributions as it provides unheard-of media services for Joe Biden’s campaign,” the complaint read.

Federal campaign finance law strictly prohibits corporations from making contributions to federal candidates, with “contributions” defined as “anything of value made by any person for the purpose of influencing an election.”

Listed among the committee’s complaints is what they described as a “revolving door between the Biden campaign and the company,” noting that Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris’ former press secretary now serves as Twitter’s senior communications manager.

The social media company’s public policy director also recently joined Biden’s campaign as its transition manager, while 98.7 percent of the company’s total political contributions have gone to the Democratic Party, the complaint charged.

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel described Twitter’s decision to limit sharing of the damaging news articles as “so transparently biased it would make even the governments of China or North Korea blush.”

“Twitter’s flagrant bias and direct support for one presidential candidate over the other should result in the proper financial ramifications under our campaign finance laws,” she said.

Dorsey apologized for his company’s ham-fisted handling of the reporting, admitting their behavior was “unacceptable.’

By wglassfo - Oct. 17, 2020, 4 p.m.
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It seems that a ticket or ticket's were attached to the three lap tops dropped off for liquid damage had some body sign Hunter Biden name on the ticket. This would be a normal practice in any shop to identify various electronic devices for repair and billing information.. One would think it would be Hunter Biden who signed the tickets but the shop owner may not have known Hunter Binden by facial recognition at the time the lap tops were left at the shop

However, the shop owner did the repair work as best he could and while repairing down loaded the hard drive, as the best procedure to save the material for the customer on the hard drive., due to damage by liquid. That is when he realized he had some very radioactive material . With the name etc on the sticker, the shop owner invoiced Hunter Biden for work done and also advised the lap tops could be picked up. For some reason Hunter did not respond. Knowing the sticker had Hunter's name on the lap tops and the material was disturbing to say the least, the shop owner did what he thought was right and approached the FBI. He was effectively told to get lost and the FBI was not interested in anything the shop owner had to offer

Some time later, he knew the Trump team had no knowledge of the lap top material during the Trump impeachment

Then the shop owner approached Rudy Gulliani

Some time later the FBI came with a supeana and requested the lap tops which they received

Then the NY post ran the lap top story and we all know were things are today

To think the shop owner could be a russian agent or any thing else, connected with russia is pure damage control by the Dems

By metmike - Oct. 17, 2020, 5:52 p.m.
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The most amazing thing is that the MSM is not just covering for the Bidens in ignoring the evidence, it's attacking the sources of the evidence as being the guilty ones. 

The AP claims in this latest story, similar to the WOP, CNN and others that this is a Russian operation using Giuliani using manufactured stuff to frame the Bidens.

This is insane. Where did the Russians dig up hundreds of personal pictures and documents that could only have been on Hunter Biden's laptop. Why aren't the Biden's especially Biden coming out screaming blood murder that this was not Hunters laptop and all this stuff is bogus?

The Biden camp's only response is that the meeting on the laptop did not match with Joe Biden's official schedule.

Dugh. Do you think a meeting like this, if it's not official business but is  more personal enriching business is going to show up there. 

If a guy, who keeps a meticulous calendar/schedule, robs a bank and its not on his calendar, does his defense attorney, in court show the judge that it's not on his schedule/calendar, so he's innocent?

This was clearly Hunter's laptop. Everything about the story makes complete sense based on the evidence.

With the exception of how Hunter could have been so dumb to abandon all this evidence. His addictions and long history of bad behavior with not just no consequences but actually being enabled and rewarded by his powerful dad explains his not acting responsible with this compelling, incriminating evidence.

When Joe found out about this story, he was probably thinking, "dang it Hunter, not again!!!"

Biden email episode illustrates risk to Trump from Giuliani

metmike: I never liked Giuliani and always considered him a negative for Trump but in this case, the MSM is trying to use that to smear/blame him and his credibility, along with the ITS RUSSIA AGAIN to mislead us. They will do anything........ANYTHING to try to minimize any damage to Biden from this because Trump MUST LOSE.

The Russia and Trump hoax worked on the people for 2.5 years, then after Trump was still worked.

The phrase to best describe the MSM and social media giants behavior regarding this event is "The enemy of the people"

Somebody stated that years ago and we thought they were crazy.

By metmike - Oct. 17, 2020, 6:29 p.m.
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Adriana Cohen: Facebook, Twitter's thuggish censorship and election interference mean no citizen is safe

Twitter and Facebook acted no different than Communist state-run media organizations that corruptly block the distribution of information and news

"Not only did Facebookand Twitter block users from posting the bombshell report calling Joe Biden's statements denying knowledge of his son's business dealings into question, amongst other valid concerns, but also Twitter locked the New York Post's account and that of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany."

By TimNew - Oct. 18, 2020, 7:45 a.m.
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Got into a debate on Facebook about just how "Honest" Joe B is.  Started posting links to videos of Joe actually caught in the act.  One video that I know for a fact was true was rejected for "Community Standards".   No profanity, nothing but Joe plagiarizing a speech back in his earlier presidential run in the 80's.  Back then, the dems considered this disqualifying.   They've come a long way since then, and apparently, FaceBook has made the journey right along with them. 

By metmike - Oct. 19, 2020, 11:32 a.m.
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Ratcliffe says Hunter Biden laptop, emails 'not part of some Russian disinformation campaign'

"Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Monday said that Hunter Biden’s laptop “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign,” amid claims from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff suggesting otherwise."

“It’s funny that some of the people who complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence,” Ratcliffe said. “Unfortunately, it is Adam Schiff who said the intelligence community believes the Hunter Biden laptop and emails on it are part of a Russian disinformation campaign.”


“Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign,” Ratcliffe said, adding again that “this is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign.”

Ratcliffe’s comments come after Schiff over the weekend described the emails as being part of a smear coming “from the Kremlin,” amid claims the revelations are part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

He added: “Let me be clear: the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff, or any member of Congress.”

By metmike - Oct. 19, 2020, 11:50 a.m.
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The anatomy of the New York Post's dubious Hunter Biden story

"CNN hasn't been able to authenticate emails and the New York Post declined to comment.

"This is a classic example of the right-wing media machine," Stelter said. "Fox and Trump have this in common: They want you to stay mad and stay tuned."

The story is a "manufactured scandal," Stelter said, meant to feed "whataboutism" -- an opportunity for the right-wing media to shift the conversation from Trump's record to Biden's.

"The strategy is to deflect attention, to attack the opponent, and the same propaganda pipeline is there all the time," said Yochai Benkler, a professor at Harvard Law School told Stelter on "Reliable Sources" Sunday. 

Benkler noted that when Hillary Clinton's emails, and the FBI investigation into her handling of classified information that ultimately recommended no charges, and the Clinton foundation became the subject of right-wing media talking points, serious journalists dug into her emails. 

"I think, this time, unlike what we saw with Clinton, where serious journalists fell for the Bannon-produced Clinton Foundation nonsense trivially, where serious journalists dug into the e-mails, and Gallup shows us, the only thing people thought about when they thought about Clinton was e-mails and foundation," Benkler said.

Right-wing media is trying for the same strategy again as Election Day grows closer.

But unlike previous "closing argument" stories, the media world has largely ignored the Post's Hunter Biden story. 

"They're so confident that the story's just going to be too much fun for serious journalists not to pick up," Benkler said. "They're trying to produce it now, but the media at the moment -- major professional media -- doesn't seem to be falling for it."

That might be because the details of the story have been denied by a credible former Joe Biden staffer and the Biden campaign, and US authorities are investigating whether the emails are part of an ongoing Russian disinformation effort."

metmike: Earlier, I asked "what country are we living in?" but the last few days of stories like this make me wonder "what planet are the Dems and MSM living on?"  (-:

By metmike - Oct. 19, 2020, 12:03 p.m.
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Instead of comprehending the blatantly obvious facts, they smear the sources to discredit them using disinformation and flip everything to meaning the complete opposite of what the reality is. 

New York Post Published Hunter Biden Report Amid Newsroom Doubts

Some reporters withheld their bylines and questioned the credibility of an article that made the tabloid’s front page on Wednesday.

Can you imagine if we changed the last name in the story from Biden to Trump?

By metmike - Oct. 20, 2020, 12:26 p.m.
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OK, what SOLAR SYSTEM are we living in (-:

Enough about Hunter Biden. What about Ivanka Trump?

Trump’s strategy of focusing on Hunter Biden becomes a way to turn the corruption spotlight away from the Trumps and onto the Bidens.

By metmike - Oct. 20, 2020, 7:02 p.m.
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Trump campaign sends letter to debate commission asking for more focus on foreign policy

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller said on Monday that in this week's debate the president will bring up allegations surrounding the former vice president's son.

Other topics could include Trump's decision to exit the Paris Climate Agreement, which Democrats have pointed to as evidence that the president has not taken the issue of climate change seriously. Trump might highlight his administration's work in the Middle East, which has served as a point of argument for the administration's attacks on the Obama administration's Iran deal.

metmike: Trump exiting the fraudulent climate accord was one of the smartest decisions ever by a president.

The climate accord is not designed to have much affect on the climate.........even if all the countries did everything they are supposed to. It's designed to get people to think that it will affect the climate and save the planet.

It's actually designed and written to provide a transfer of wealth(redistribution) from rich to poor country's. It designed to push global socialism with the United Nations as our Mommy and Daddy. 

There are actually some good/altruistic motives but they are not about climate and they are going about accomplishing them in a deceitful tricking people to be part of their belief system, using the "save the planet" narrative/guise.

In doing so, they are stealing peoples intelligence by making them dumber about climate science and the current response to it from life on our planet. 

Stealing peoples money with carbon taxes on gas and energy is bad enough but when you steal their intelligence by brainwashing them with propaganda,  junk science and distorted facts to support a fake cause, which is nothing but a front for their real cause it's very wrong........even if the real cause has altruistic objectives.

By mcfarm - Oct. 20, 2020, 7:09 p.m.
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question foriegn policy was supposed to be the focus for the 3rd debate why in hell would the rnc have to ask for that to be on the agenda? Because of the corrupt, biased, debate commissision you say? This broken system with tired old libs and rinos being appointed from on high has to end. Trum p has been gored every step of the way and we know it, so just finally admit and fix this mess.

By metmike - Oct. 20, 2020, 9:59 p.m.
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You and I agree pretty strongly that this is very wrong/unethical.

The ones doing it, are just operating using the principle of "the end, justifies the means".

They sincerely believe that their belief system and the end of Donald Trump is absolutely necessary for our country to move in the direction that they have decided is best for us.

Many of them are driven by the cultural revolution movement...........President Trump is in the way of almost every change they would like to see. 

 Many are especially  driven by their hatred for Donald Trump. He is loaded with character flaws, acts mean/is a bully and lies alot........the polar opposite personality that any of us would like to see in our president. The easiest to hate politician in our life time. 

Those define the more extreme, never Trumpers, which sadly is a huge number. There are some that don't hate Trump but can't take his personality and  clear thinking liberals that want our broken health care system fixed and his plan isn't cutting it(I'm very strongly for socialized medicine).

What is really bad right now, is that the gatekeepers(MSM, social media giants, DOJ don't just have their thumbs on the scale, they are dialing up whatever number they want to show up on the scale to control the information that we get in order to fix the election. Actually for some time now(with things like the bogus Meuller investigation) to brainwash us with fake news and false narratives which are repeated constantly from so many colluding sources, that people just believe it must be true.

It worked extremely well, using the same playbook for the fake climate crisis. Turning the best weather/climate in the last 1,000 years into an emergency that will destroy the (ironically greening up) planet in 10 years.

However, even if we are against these things happening, we should all dial in the reality of it happening, so when it does, we accept it without it getting us too upset. 

We can only control our own actions and those are the ones we should be held accountable ourselves and the world. 

There are bad people and lots of dishonesty out there that never face true justice or get held accountable for their actions. In fact, in some realms they are rewarded handsomely for it.

In those cases, the good guys sometimes finish those races. 

But the race that really counts the most is the one measuring each human beings integrity, honestly and how you/I/they treated fellow human beings.

Did you make efforts to make the world a better, more honest place? Were you a good husband/wife, father/mother, grandfather/mother, brother/sister?  Did you treat everybody with respect, especially those much different than you?  Maybe you can't help but judge others that are doing things you are against but that doesn't mean you have to hate them.

Avoiding that emotion...........hate in our lives is something to be proud of. 

It's the most destructive emotion of all.

Hatred of President Trump is the biggest element destroying our country right now. 

By mcfarm - Oct. 21, 2020, 6:55 p.m.
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great post MM...sometimes we need to focus on being better near out homes and families and worry less about the nation as a whole.

By metmike - Oct. 22, 2020, 8:22 p.m.
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Forget this being just smoking gun evidence, now the mounting, indisputable evidence is more like an atomic bomb going off.

If the MSM continues to ignore the latest and manufacture stories about Russia to try to create misinformation or claim that this is just Trump and his pals behind a bogus smear campaign, then................our country is not any better than completely corrupt 3rd world countries and places like China, where they control the news. 

Maybe worse if people here are not smart enough to see what's going on right in front of them.

Bombshell Statement: Biden Insider Claims He Was ‘Recipient of the Email’, Says He Witnessed Joe, Hunter Discussing Deals

"A whistleblower CEO and Biden insider, Tony Bobulinski, released a public statement on Wednesday evening backing up the reporting of the New York Post from last week and claiming that he personally witnessed Democrat presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden discussing business deals with his son, Hunter Biden.

Sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart News that Bobulinski is the person whose allegations and inside information are the centerpiece of a forthcoming investigation by the Wall Street Journal."

Bobulinski said in a press statement he released Wednesday night:

My name is Tony Bobulinski. The facts set forth below are true and accurate; they are not any form of domestic or foreign disinformation. Any suggestion to the contrary is false and offensive. I am the recipient of the email published seven days ago by the New York Post which showed a copy to Hunter Biden and Rob Walker. That email is genuine.

According to Bobulinski, the use of the term “the Big Guy” in one such email was a direct reference to Joe Biden himself.

In that email, originally published by the New York Post and subsequently by several other outlets, there was a discussion of “remuneration packages” for six people involved in a business deal with the now-bankrupt CEFC China Energy Co. Fox News described the email in a report citing an anonymous source confirming that the “Big Guy” was Joe Biden:

The email includes a note that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.” A proposed equity split references “20” for “H” and “10 held by H for the big guy?” with no further details.

Bobulinski’s statement would be the first on-record confirmation of this from a source in the Biden universe. Bobulinski said:

What I am outlining is fact. I know it is fact because I lived it. I am the CEO of Sinohawk Holdings which was a partnership between the Chinese operating through CEFC/Chairman Ye and the Biden family. I was brought into the company to be the CEO by James Gilliar and Hunter Biden. The reference to ‘the Big Guy’ in the much publicized May 13, 2017 email is in fact a reference to Joe Biden. The other ‘JB’ referenced in that email is Jim Biden, Joe’s brother.

Screenshots published by the New York Post indicate that Bobulinski was one of the recipients of the email in question. The email was authored by James Gilliar of the consulting firm J2cR. Now that Bobulinski is publicly confirming the authenticity of this email, which, again, he was the recipient of, that furthers the story significantly, and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign does not deny their authenticity"

metmike: This guy IS A DEMOCRAT!

By metmike - Oct. 22, 2020, 8:56 p.m.
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Now, with Biden detractors touting fresh developments on a daily basis and promising that there are more to come, mainstream media outlets are left to grapple with how to handle what has become an explosive topic heading in to the November election. 


Here’s what NPR had to say about the matter on Thursday:


metmike: Defund NPR!!!

By metmike - Oct. 22, 2020, 9:04 p.m.
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Does Joe Biden deserve to be promoted from VP to President for using our country and people to enrich him and his family with corruption?

If the justice system was fair, he should be investigated for what looks like criminal behavior and if the current evidence holds up, should receive time in prison. 

By metmike - Oct. 22, 2020, 11:59 p.m.
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    Now Corruption Story Is About Joe, Not Hunter  


How long can the media blackout continue?

"At this hour many news consumers remain trapped behind the Silicon Curtain. Nevertheless word continues to spread about the Biden family business, thanks to an underground publication founded by Alexander  Hamilton in 1801"


 The Biden ‘Family Legacy’  


What we learned from the text messages of Hunter’s partner Tony Bobulinski.

Joe Biden has a problem, and his name is Hunter. Because the former vice president hasn’t had to answer any questions on this topic—and continued to refuse to do so in Thursday’s debate—that problem could soon become America’s.


That’s the reality now that a former business partner of Hunter Biden’s has come forward to provide the ugly details of the “family brand.” Tony Bobulinski, a Navy veteran and institutional investor, has provided the Journal emails and text messages associated with his time as CEO of Sinohawk Holdings, a venture between the Bidens and CEFC China Energy, a Shanghai-based conglomerate. That correspondence corroborates and expands on emails recently published by the New York Post, which says they come from a Hunter laptop.


In a statement, Mr. Bobulinski said he went public because he wants to clear his name, which was contained in those published emails, and because accusations that the information is fake or “Russian disinformation” are “offensive.” He attests that all the correspondence he provided is genuine, including documents that suggest Hunter was cashing in on the Biden name and that Joe Biden was involved. Mr. Bobulinski says he was also alarmed by a September report from Sen. Ron Johnson that “connected some dots” on the CEFC deal, causing him now to believe the Bidens sold out their U.S. partners.

By TimNew - Oct. 23, 2020, 3:16 a.m.
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The left appears to remain in denial over all this, which is interesting when you consider that with a fraction of the evidence,  largely, if not completely disproven. the left continues to convict Trump "beyond a shadow of a doubt".

By metmike - Oct. 23, 2020, 12:09 p.m.
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I racked my brain trying to see this from the other it could be completely innocent/ethical by Hunter and or somehow Russia and Trump are behind it and came up empty over and over............then suddenly, the explanation became crystal clear.

We have heard a zillion times that Hunter was hired for a job in the natural gas industry and Ukraine with absolutely no experience in those fields previously. 

What were Hunters job skills/previous to this?

Hunter was a skilled, professional LOBBYIST. 

All these transactions were just him applying those skills creatively in another venue. Absolutely they were. 

What do lobbyists do?

They take money from entities and use it to influence the politics/politicians so that the giving entity receives favorable considerations in the future(In the US, that usually means members of Congress voting for or creating legislation which helps that entity).

Hunter did this professionally for a number of years.

These transactions in question now, are just Hunter applying the same strategy on a global scale but not ethically and likely illegally because you can't lobby foreign countries for money to influence US politicians.

Hunter was extracting money from foreign entities for the purpose of using it as political influencing currency with his father, Vice President Biden.  

It's crystal clear and explains 100% of the facts that we know. 

By metmike - Oct. 23, 2020, 12:23 p.m.
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Now that I have the explanation to understand this better, a closer look indicates that Joe had previously used his influence to help Hunter the lobbyist:

Revealed: Joe Biden twice used his position as senator to intervene to boost son Hunter's lobbying


by Alana Goodman, Investigative Political Reporter


           | October 24, 2019 07:37 PM 

Joe Biden privately contacted the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice when he was a senior and influential U.S. senator to discuss issues that his son Hunter’s firm was being paid to lobby on, according to government records. 


On at least two occasions, Biden contacted federal departments to discuss issues related to Hunter’s firm’s lobbying clients, according to records reviewed by the Washington Examiner.


Biden’s behind-the-scenes outreach illustrates how his Senate work overlapped with his son’s business interests. Biden has faced scrutiny for taking actions that were perceived to benefit his son’s work, including calling for the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor and backing policies that helped the Delaware-based credit card industry while Hunter was working for MBNA, which is headquartered in the state.


Government records show that Biden, who has always insisted he knows nothing about his son's business activities, helped Hunter's work with strategic and highly specific interventions that could have benefited his son to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars."

metmike: This isn't me reading something on the internet like the above that led me to the conclusion.

 I was actually trying to think of a reason/explanation for why Hunter might not have been doing anything wrong to prove the compelling  evidence wrong(this is called the scientific method-you try to prove your theory wrong and when you can't, you know that its a solid theory) by thinking thru the eyes of Hunter Biden..............and it occured to me that he was viewing this as a skilled lobbyist.........his profession previously.

So he had no experience in ng or the Ukraine but that's not where he applied himself.

With the scientific method, when trying to disprove your theory, if all you come up with is new evidence to support your's pretty solid.

I am open to anybodys explanation, with facts to contradict this. Saying it's Russia or Trump or Rudy or that Adam Schiff or the NYT or  some other biased source said it,  with zero authentic facts, tells me you actually have no proof. 

Facts please.

By metmike - Oct. 23, 2020, 2:58 p.m.
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Inside the campaign to 'pizzagate' Hunter Biden

Pizzagate-style rumors in 2016 were largely confined to far-right message boards. This year, they are reaching the mainstream with help from a website boosted by Trump.

metmike: Isn't NBC clever. They are using fake scandals and trying to convince you that this REAL scandal is the same thing by telling you its just the same people doing the same thing again but with a little more gusto and Trump's assistance.....without once, being able to produce information that shows the info on Hunters laptop is not being reported completely accurately.

By metmike - Oct. 23, 2020, 3:14 p.m.
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EXCLUSIVE: Fox News Passed on Hunter Biden Laptop Story Over Credibility Concerns

"But according to two sources familiar with the matter, the lack of authentication of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop, combined with established concerns about Giuliani as a reliable source and his desire for unvetted publication, led the network’s news division to pass. Fox News declined to comment on this story."

metmike: They obviously are intentionally mischaracterizing the Fox News position at the time of this story.

For the past week, this has been one of the top stories at Fox. In fact, FOX has been slamming other news organizations for NOT carrying it.

Just an attempt to try to trick their readers.

From Fox yesterday:

ABC News has completely ignored Hunter Biden laptop scandal, study says

metmike: Why isn't this news source above telling you that Fox has been broadcasting this story with gusto and confidence after their very early concerns..............that were alleviated when it become clear that its authentic?

By metmike - Oct. 23, 2020, 3:38 p.m.
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FBI to interview Hunter Biden's ex-associate Bobulinski, Senate committee says

"Joe Biden has never even considered being involved in business with his family, nor in any overseas business whatsoever," Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement to Fox News."


The Biden family’s strange business history

 Over his decades in office, ‘Middle-Class Joe’s’ family fortunes have closely tracked his political career.

August 3, 2019


How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections

Political figures have long used their families to route power and benefits for their own self-enrichment. In my new book, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” one particular politician — Joe Biden — emerges as the king of the sweetheart deal, with no less than five family members benefiting from his largesse, favorable access and powerful position for commercial gain. In Biden’s case, these deals include foreign partners and, in some cases, even US taxpayer dollars.

The Biden family’s apparent self-enrichment involves five family members: Joe’s son Hunter, son-in-law Howard, brothers James and Frank, and sister Valerie.

When this subject came up in 2019, Biden declared, “I never talked with my son or my brother or anyone else — even distant family — about their business interests. Period.”

As we will see, this is far from the case …             


metmike: They said it ""Joe Biden has never even considered being involved in business with his family" So I'm just showing you something(s) that suggest otherwise above. 

This may not be legal business ventures that featured signed documents/investments like most of us are familiar with but Joe was clearly involved in his family business's.             

By metmike - Oct. 23, 2020, 8:42 p.m.
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metmike: This is a few  days old. 

Crystal clear evidence that our INTEL people are blatantly political and will compromise their integrity for their political beliefs.

Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say

"More than 50 former intelligence officials signed a letter casting doubt on the provenance of a New York Post story on the former vice president's son.

More than 50 former senior intelligence officials have signed on to a letter outlining their belief that the recent disclosure of emails allegedly belonging to Joe Biden’s son “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.” 

The letter, signed on Monday, centers around a batch of documents released by the New York Post last week that purport to tie the Democratic nominee to his son Hunter’s business dealings. Under the banner headline “Biden Secret E-mails,” the Post reported it was given a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who said he got it from a Mac shop owner in Delaware who also alerted the FBI. 

While the letter’s signatories presented no new evidence, they said their national security experience had made them “deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case” and cited several elements of the story that suggested the Kremlin’s hand at work.


“If we are right,” they added, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.” 

metmike: This would be like me, an operational meteorolgist, making a weather forecast for our area  for a week from today...........without having any weather guidance or weather models. I've been doing this for 38 years, so who needs information or evidence, just believe me because I have this feeling that it's going to be really WARM next week. 

Never mind that I'm short natural gas and will make lots of money if it gets warm  or that I can't tell you why it will get warm because I don't have any weather guidance or evidence.............but just believe me because I'm an expert.

To use a Biden's the deal:

 If they had any evidence of Russia or this not being legit, we would have seen it. 

So far, all the evidence is the exact opposite of it being Russia.

And when somebody lies to us about something like this, we can be pretty sure that the truth must be something they don't want us to believe. 

By metmike - Oct. 23, 2020, 9:04 p.m.
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Gregg Jarrett: Hunter Biden laptop scandal — Even if Joe Biden wins, there's no way out now

Joe Biden is hoping that he can limp across the electoral finish line by refusing to answer salient questions

metmike: It will be interesting to see,  after Biden wins the election how this story evolves.

By metmike - Oct. 23, 2020, 10:19 p.m.
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Additional discussions on this today:

                Biden is the good guy            

                            15 responses |          

                Started by wglassfo - Oct. 21, 2020, 12:54 p.m.    

                Presidential debate October 22, 2020            

                            3 responses |                

                Started by metmike - Oct. 22, 2020, 9:08 p.m.    

                checking my favorite news site...            

                            2 responses |              

                Started by GunterK - Oct. 23, 2020, 5:28 p.m.    

By TimNew - Oct. 24, 2020, 6 a.m.
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I'm not as sure as I was a week ago that Biden will win. 

By metmike - Oct. 24, 2020, 10:59 p.m.
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One of the most absurd aspects to this is that President Trump was impeached less than a year ago because he wanted an investigation into this confirmed Biden corruption.

Long-standing claims of Biden corruption all but confirmed with Hunter’s emails

"Thanks to three brave Americans, we now know that Joe Biden has long misled the public about his involvement with his family’s foreign business entanglements while he served as vice president.

At considerable personal risk, former Biden family business partners Tony Bobulinski and Bevan Cooney, and computer shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac, have come forward with tens of thousands of primary-source documents — internal corporate records, emails, and text messages — detailing years of business dealings that centered on trading on the Biden name. This material suggests that, despite Joe Biden’s insistence that he knew nothing about his family’s business deals, he was well aware of his son Hunter Biden’s business ventures in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere.

These new troves constitute hard evidence of Biden family corruption, and confirm our reporting dating back to our 2018 book “Secret Empires.”

We now know the Biden paydays were anything but conspiracy theories. Hunter was getting roughly $1 million per year from Burisma. Treasury Department alerts reveal that Russian oligarch Elena Baturina wired $3.5 million to Biden’s interests. New text messages reveal that China Energy Company Ltd (CEFC) apparently paid $5 million to the Biden family. Another e-mail indicates Hunter demanded a $10 million per year “fee” from one of his Chinese business partners. There is no more doubt.

"The New York Post broke news last week that Joe Biden himself may have benefited from his son’s dealings. The Post quoted a cryptic message from one of Hunter’s partners, saying that “10 [percent] held by H for the big guy?” The recipient of that message, Tony Bobulinski, says “there is no question” that “H” stands for Hunter and the “Big Guy” is Joe Biden.

We gain further insight into the operations of Biden Inc. in emails provided to us by Bevan Cooney, a former business associate of Hunter Biden. Cooney, who is currently in prison for his role in the Indian Bond Scheme that is sending Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer also to jail, shared 26,000 emails that show what Hunter’s role was in their business ventures. The Biden name was considered “currency” for their foreign business ventures, and was a “direct…pipeline” to the Obama-Biden Administration. Deals involving Hunter benefited from the “Biden lift,” the help that the name would provide in overseas dealings."

By metmike - Oct. 26, 2020, 6:14 p.m.
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Former Giuliani associate raises questions about Hunter Biden’s ‘hard drive from hell’

Salacious documents supposedly belonging to Hunter Biden were circulating in Ukraine in May 2019, Lev Parnas says.

"Democrats and former intelligence officials have raised questions about the Biden documents, alleging the leak of the materials could be part of a wide-ranging Russian effort to interfere in American politics on Trump’s behalf. Neither Hunter Biden nor his lawyer have confirmed the materials are real, though the FBI has indicated it now has custody of the younger Biden’s laptop hard drive."

metmike: So let's wait around for Hunter and his  attorney to confirm that he committed crimes before we believe in this. 

If we applied that to the rest of our justice system, only criminals confessing to crimes would be charged. When they don't confirm the evidence against them committing the crime..............we should just let them go.

We can call that "The Hunter Rule" (-:

By metmike - Oct. 26, 2020, 6:46 p.m.
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"I'm not as sure as I was a week ago that Biden will win."


You are letting rational thinking interfere with your analysis, using facts.

There are several non rational items here.

1. The emotion hate is a powerful motivator. When you hate somebody, like so many hate President Trump, only end points that are bad for him will be hoped for. Interpretation of all facts will be skewed/distorted so they support that desired end point.

2. The MSM is extremely powerful. Some, like CNN have been doing full time pro Biden, negative Trump broadcasting around the clock for months. If this is  your main sources of news, then you almost can't be for Trump. What reason could you possibly have to be for Trump if everything that you listen to tells you nothing but reasons why Trump must be obliterated.

3. Biden corruption does not even register in people like that. When they vote, they see:

1. Donald J. Trump

2. Not Donald J. Trump

Proving that Biden was corrupt and lied a bunch of times and will demolish our energy sources and economy............still leaves the same choice:  #2. NOT DONALD TRUMP

4. The MSM is giving the most absurd, dishonest reasoning to explain the verified Biden corruption. These are the sources that people use and want to believe. People, mostly don't use critical thinking using the objective facts anymore to decide things. They go to their favorite site that tells them the news the way that they like to hear they can feel good and not question their belief system. 

 We should note that many liberals stopped coming here, despite me encouraging them to express themselves acceptably and frequently because they couldn't stand to be around people that don't hate Trump. Others because they came only to make personal, offensive and hateful attacks and after many chances, I had to, sadly show them the door because of constant bad behavior dragging everyone down(intentionally).  So we are left with mostly people that support Trump. Not by my design..........but based on what people chose. 

It's nice to see that joj has decided to stay and make the liberal case almost by himself(I am for socialized medicine, increasing humanitarian aid, authentic environmentalism and some liberal items). Maybe he has a few friends he can invite (-:

By mcfarm - Oct. 26, 2020, 7:01 p.m.
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so today I heard on the radio a detail. Seems there are picture of a naked Hunter with several under age girls. If that is true and the FBI sat on this for a year now its officially time to blow the FBI building up. Burn it to the ground. Firs everyone in the building and start over with a new agency that we can trust.

By metmike - Oct. 26, 2020, 8:50 p.m.
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That ain't gonna happen mcfarm.

The world is anything but just. Some of us try our best but the puppet masters and swamp, MSM, social media giants, UN and gatekeepers have agenda's that are more important than real justice.

Their justice,. imposed using the end justifies the means tactics and manufactured realities is what we will get in the end.

We can always do 2 things.

1. Hold ourselves to high standards, even when others are not. 

2. Don't resort to hatred, even if the entity/situation disrupting our lives seems worthy of it. Speak out but hatred messes us up the most, not them. 

I will say, however that there are exceptions, like with every rule. Hatred of President Trump and his many powerful enemies, many that have resorted to unethical/dishonest tactics the past 4 years, WILL win here. And they will gloat and celebrate, with the assistance of a lot of dishonesty along the way.

But President Trump brought it on himself with his character flaws that made him an easy target and not without deserving it. 

The position of president, for many people is defined by character traits above all and President Trump, sadly is very lacking in that department.

It will be interesting to see media sources like CNN, completely change their programming when Trump is no longer president.

I wish only good things for Biden because our country depends on it but will continue to call out his fruadulent climate change and energy policies. 

By metmike - Oct. 28, 2020, 2:41 p.m.
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey falsely tells senators company lifted ban on Post exposé

“Twitter is STILL blocking the URL for the NY Post story about the Biden’s foreign corruption & China dealings,” Marone wrote in a tweet shared by White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on her personal account.

Users were not able to share a link to the article on the proposed China business deal up until just hours ago, which last week was corroborated by former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski.

“Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot,” an error message informed Twitter users.

Twitter said of the article: “We can’t complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful. Visit our Help Center to learn more.”


     Dorsey claimed repeatedly in his testimony that Twitter had lifted its ban on sharing The Post’s articles, which Twitter initially censored under a “Hacked Materials” policy, despite no evidence the records were hacked.“Our team made a fast decision. The enforcement action, however, of blocking URLs, both in tweets and in DM direct messages we believe was incorrect and we changed it,” Dorsey claimed.

Cruz interrogated: “You’re still blocking. You’re still blocking their posts, right now today you’re blocking their posts.”

By TimNew - Oct. 28, 2020, 3:01 p.m.
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So, is lying under oath still illegal, or is that only the case if you are a republicans' who, in the opinion of a democrat,  is lying?   We have a few Trump associates in jail or under indictment for that.

Really looks like the greatest, most successful experiment in self governing is coming to an end. 

By GunterK - Oct. 29, 2020, 2:26 a.m.
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the media has been accused of hiding all these Biden/China stories.. "sweeping them under the rug". 

Well, my favorite radio station here in Calif finally did break this silence.  This station is a very popular station... they present news 24/7.

They took the "Biden-scandal"bull by the horn and talked about it.

The Biden/Hunter/China/Ukraine stories you have heard for the last few days are a right-wing conspiracy theory.

There you have it.... nothing to see... let's move on


a lot of people in LA listen to this station while driving to work. I assume, in other urban areas it's the same.  No wonder then that Biden has such a high lead in the polls. To find the truth you have to dig in unpopular areas of the internet

By metmike - Oct. 29, 2020, 8:54 p.m.
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The Biden story, maybe one of the biggest in a decade with regards to politics is being totally blacked out and censored by almost every MSM news source that is not on the right.

It is real.

It is not a conspiracy theory.

It is the truth.

The proof is irrefutable and right there.

It clearly tells us where this country and our world is right now.

They are Just taking a page out of the same play book that the gatekeepers use to impose nothing but climate crisis/emergency narratives on us every day for years..........and we are indisputably having a climate OPTIMUM for life on this greening  planet by almost every objective, authentic scientific standard/measure. 

Additional discussion on Biden here:

So what can we do about it?

1. Don't let it get you bent out of shape. You control yourself. There are many things in this world that are not just and many fraudulent/dishonest schemes and people that sometimes get rewarded. 

2. Don't allow it to cause you to hate the people who you know are doing wrong things and getting away with it.  Hate occurring  this way usually hurts the hater more than anything and it also makes the hater look bad at the same time, while accomplishing nothing, in fact, making you feel even worse and people around you being dragged down..........very counterproductive. 

3. It's no fun being around a person that bitches and moans constantly. It's REALLY , REALLY good to speak out about injustice or bad things and try to change them but don't dwell on constant non productive complaining. Again, its REALLY good to speak out, like many of you do here with your opinions.  Try to not let that define you.........communicate other positive comments if possible to offset the negativity.

4. Live your life and love people.   Nobody can cause you to love your wife/husband/kids/siblings/family   any less. Nobody can cause you to disrespect other people, especially those that you disagree with and ESPECIALLY those that are disrespecting you(take the high road like Michelle Obama tells us to do-only really do it, don't just tell people that you do it and that they should do it).

5. Have fun and enjoy the thousands of incredible things this world offers us and we are at the epicenter of the best of it in the US at the best time in human history. 

6. Contribute.  If something is bothering you, its ok to express that and let people know, especially as an informative way to assist them in understanding your view. Not saying above to keep all your complaints to yourself.............just don't let them destroy you when there are 1,000 other things to be happy above.

7. Neither Trump or Biden, republicans or democrats can change much of the above. Only you can. You still control most of your life. They can pass bad laws and take away certain freedoms and tell lies and take too much of your money but so what. Kings and Queens from just 100 years ago didn't have nearly as much as poor people in the US have today. 

Reasons to keep being thankful here in 2020!

By metmike - Nov. 1, 2020, 1:28 p.m.
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                morming tv shows            


                Started by mcfarm - Nov. 1, 2020, 12:41 p.m.    

By metmike - Nov. 1, 2020, 1:31 p.m.
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Plausible deniability': Tony Bobulinski claims Biden family shrugged off concerns about risk to 2020 bid

Bobulinski said he raised concerns in 2017 to Jim Biden about Joe Biden’s alleged ties to a joint venture with a Chinese energy firm.

Tony Bobulinski tells Tucker: Joe Biden denials of involvement in son's business 'a blatant lie'

Ex-Hunter Biden associate reveals he almost called ex-VP 'liar' during last week's debate

By metmike - Nov. 2, 2020, 12:33 a.m.
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How Hunter Biden became the unkempt man who left his laptop in a nondescript computer store in a Delaware shopping mall - and never returned

  • Businessman left the laptop at a back-street IT store in Delaware in 2019
  • On the laptop was Joe Biden's number and names of his Secret Service agents
  • Also the mobile numbers for former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary
  • Laptop had personal documents including Hunter's passport and driver's licence
  • Contained details of Hunter's drug and sex issues - $21,000 spent on adult site

By GunterK - Nov. 2, 2020, 2:05 a.m.
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thanks for that DM link, metmike.

Hunter B does not seem to be very smart.

And Joe Biden says, Hunter is the smartest man he knows.

This comment does not look good for Joe Biden. Next thing you know, he will push that red button to order a cup of coffee. "Ooops, sorry... didn't mean to launch that missile"

However, more importantl than Hunter and his escapades is Joe Biden's involvement in questionable business deals in China

By metmike - Dec. 10, 2020, 8:05 p.m.
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He's baaaaaaack (-:

At least the MSM is actually acknowledging it......finally! 

Here is how one source summed it up:

What does the Hunter Biden investigation actually tell us?

"So, what can we conclude based on those facts?

Well, first and most obviously, it's never a good thing to be the subject of a federal investigation. Like, you would rather not be under federal investigation -- all other things being equal. (For those who think they see the hidden hand of Attorney General -- and Trump consigliere -- Bill Barr in this, the investigation reportedly predates Barr's time as the nation's top cop.) 

And we know -- and have known -- that it was a bad look for Hunter Biden to be sitting on the boards of foreign companies (Hunter was also on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company) while his dad was the sitting vice president of the United States. 

Hunter acknowledged as much in an interview with ABC News in October 2019.

"I did nothing wrong at all," Hunter Biden said. "However, was it poor judgment to be in the middle of something that is -- it's a swamp, in many ways? Yeah. Did I do anything improper? No, not in any way. Not in any way whatsoever." Later in the interview he added this: "You know what? I'm a human. And you know what, did I make a mistake? Well, maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah. But did I make a mistake based on some unethical lapse? Absolutely not."

That is the point on which all of this rests. While it may have been a mistake from a perception standpoint for Hunter Biden to sit on foreign boards, that doesn't mean that any laws were broken. What passes for guilt in the court of public opinion often would get you laughed out of a court of law.

So that's where we are. The investigation is ongoing. We need to wait to see what it turns up -- if anything. Only then will we be able to definitely ascertain how much trouble Hunter Biden is actually in."

metmike: So it's a "bad look" ???

The only reason that its a "bad look" is because we know some(but not all) of the 'real facts"  Enough of them to know with very high confidence that there were many ethical violations that took place, if not legal ones. 

And to say that Joe Biden was completely uninvolved is turning both eyes blind and ignoring his lies. When somebody lies several times and you catch them, you should assume they are lying about other things related to the same topic that sound like lies. 

Can you imagine them saying during the Mueller investigation of Trump colluding with Russia, that it was just a "bad look" and we need to wait to see what turns up---if anything.

We know Hunter got the job entirely because of his VP dad, maybe this was just ethical.

 We know Joe lied about not talking business with Hunter. We have pictures of Joe with Hunter and his Ukraine business partner.  This was not Hunters best friend that hangs out with him and Hunter decided to come home to the USA to visit his family on vacation and invited him to come home to see the Bidens. The guy went with Hunter to meet with Joe to discuss business that nobody at the meeting can tell us about.................Joe won't even acknowledge that it happened..........and we have the picture to prove that it did.

So there is no way that the "business" that he says was never discussed was legal. You don't tell big lies about things that are not wrong.

Tony, their former business partner is very credible. The arrangement was for Joe, "The Big Guy" to get 10%.

Joe also bragged about his power to get a guy fired with a phone call in what has to be one of the most regrettable public statements of his life. This is something that Trump would have tried to do but Biden did it and bragged........then, the excuse afterwards is............oh, he was going to get fired anyway because everyone else wanted the guy fired.

So was Joe lying when he insisted that HE was the one that got him fired from the phone call(when nobody realized the dynamics of it)?

Or is he lying now when he says that other people wanted him fired when people understand the dynamics better?

Credibility...........or lack of it in this case. 

By metmike - Dec. 10, 2020, 8:22 p.m.
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How the media covered up the Hunter Biden story — until after the election

It’s now clear that the Hunter Biden story was real, with Hunter himself acknowledging a federal probe into his taxes — one that reportedly began in 2018. Really, it was always clear. Yet, when The New York Post broke the details, virtually the entire journalistic establishment and left-wing punditsphere defamed the newspaper, claiming it was passing on Russian “disinformation” or partisan fabrications.

 The political media quickly began pumping out process stories about the alleged discord in The Post’s newsroom and about the problems with the reporting. In so doing, of course, they did practically no reporting on the substantive allegations that Joe Biden’s family had spent years cashing in on his influence.

 Tech companies, spurred on by these censorious journalists, shut down the account of one of America’s most-read newspapers to inhibit users from reading the story. It was completely unprecedented.

 At the time, I argued that The Post used the same ethical and journalistic standards that the media have employed for decades. But, in truth, it exercised a higher standard of professionalism than most outlets reporting on the Russia collusion hysteria did for three-plus years. It certainly exhibited a higher ethical standard than Jeffrey Goldberg did in his Atlantic piece claiming that Donald Trump had besmirched the American military — which political journalists had no problem sharing as irrefutable and unimpeachable fact.

 In October, the New York Times ran a piece headlined, “New York Post Published Hunter Biden Report Amid Newsroom Doubts.” Today, the same Times reports that, “Biden team has rejected some of the claims made in the Post articles, but has not disputed the authenticity of the files upon which they were based.”

The crux of the case against disseminating the Post’s story was that the emails found on Hunter’s laptop may not be real and that there was no way to authenticate them. Apparently, that wasn’t true. All reporters had to do, it seems, was ask.

 In October, left-wing sites such as the Daily Beast were featuring headlines that read, “Russian State Media Is Desperately Trying to Keep the Hunter Biden Story Alive” and “FBI Examining Hunter’s Laptop As Foreign Op, Contradicting Trump’s Intel Czar.” Today we learn from the same outlet that “evidence of [a money laundering] probe [into Hunter Biden] was apparent in the markings on a series of documents that were made public — but went largely unnoticed — in the days leading up to the November election.”


 Yesterday, NBC News reported, “Hunter Biden, president-elect’s son, says federal prosecutors probing his taxes.” But in October, NBC News had “reporters” Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny producing serious-sounding articles such as, “How a fake persona laid the groundwork for a Hunter Biden conspiracy deluge” and “Inside the campaign to ‘pizzagate’ Hunter Biden” to undercut The Post’s reporting.

 Ken Dilanian, a leading voice in the debunked Russian collusion coverage, had a mid-October headline that read, “Feds examining whether alleged Hunter Biden emails are linked to a foreign intel operation.”

 It’s peculiar that reporters could so easily confirm alleged counterintelligence investigations but not one into the family of the front-running presidential candidate.

 Then again, you may recall the interview with National Public Radio’s public editor in which Terence Samuel, NPR’s managing editor for news, explained: “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.” It is the default position of many journalists that anything undermining Democrats is by default a distraction.

 Another disquieting aspect to this story is how the Department of Justice purportedly participated in burying it. Sources told Fox News, and others, that the DOJ is super sensitive about moving investigations from “covert” to “overt” during an election if they believe it could potentially affect the outcome. Their political sensitivities are irrelevant. We need to know more, but tamping down an investigation to hide it from the public before an election is as bad as accelerating an investigation to smear someone.

Law enforcement is tasked with investigating criminality, not with assessing how their work will shape public perception during an election. Rather than following process, bureaucrats are now making investigatory decisions that could easily be construed as helping politicians who are either their boss, or their future boss.

 Moreover, Hunter is not even a candidate for any office. What kind of familial relationships are covered under this friendly DOJ dispensation? Cousins? In-laws? Friends? Anyone with the name Biden? If the DOJ’s argument is that Hunter was so close to Joe that an investigation might have affected his father’s chances, then, well, that’s an important enough relationship that I think voters ought to know about. Shouldn’t they be aware of the prospect of corruption?

 It’s certainly clear now that many of the things Tony Bobulinski, one-time Hunter business partner, claimed about the Biden business enterprise are true. The FBI is not only investigating Hunter’s taxes, but reportedly also a money-laundering scheme and his foreign ties to China. Bobulinski had alleged that Joe Biden knew about his family’s operations, and that he benefited from them. If this were said of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, they would be the focus of frenzied coverage. And rightly so.

 At some point the media was going to be compelled to deal with the Hunter Biden story. He, after all, is now the focus of an FBI investigation. Now, I’m certainly not convinced coverage of the investigation would have changed the outcome of the presidential election (unless we had learned that Joe was involved or aware, for which there is, incidentally, some circumstantial evidence). I don’t know if Hunter has done anything criminal.

 But I am convinced that journalists thought the case mattered — and for this reason avoided it. They simply abdicated their professional responsibilities to help Democrats win because many don’t take their craft seriously anymore. That, we will continue to see, is a potential disaster for the nation.

By mcfarm - Dec. 10, 2020, 8:24 p.m.
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so now that many saying "the election is over, the election is over" what are we supposed to do. The media covers for this corrupt family so thoroughly that a large percent of the voting public never knew about the allegations but now what? The justice department admits to holding the investigation until after the election? What? What freaken country did we turn into?

By metmike - Dec. 10, 2020, 8:39 p.m.
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By GunterK - Dec. 10, 2020, 9:23 p.m.
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4-Year-Long Campaign Against Trump

wow, that's a thorough summary!

thanks for the link

By metmike - Dec. 10, 2020, 10:15 p.m.
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I disagree with this source about the 2020 election but their other stuff is as close to the truth as we can get in an age where the often biased  MSM covers up the truth and pushes their own false narratives on Trump to obliterate him. 

And my truths are not defined by a particular source like this or any other sources unless they have verifiable facts. 

OBJECTIVE Facts and evidence and authentic science should guide us.......not a left or right biased source trying to capture your brain with propaganda. 

By WxFollower - Dec. 10, 2020, 10:34 p.m.
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 I’m all for a thorough investigation of Hunter Biden and whether or not Joe also violated anything/did something bad, himself. Keep in mind that that investigator Joe helped get fired was supposedly looking away from Burisma  and just not doing his job due to corruption. That is a key thing that needs to be confirmed because otherwise that would look real bad for Joe to say the least!

By metmike - Dec. 10, 2020, 10:41 p.m.
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I know this is a very long thread but I'm not starting a new one because I would like everybody to read over all those posts above 1 more time at least and remember what just happened. 

Our democracy  and freedom of the press was just hijacked by the MSM and social media giants(except for the conservative sources) literally colluding to censor all bad Biden news and to (viciously in some cases) smear sources that reported the truth/facts about it in October.

It was not your imagination and is not a right wing conspiracy theory. The links above  comprehensively show it. 

This is behavior that we should have  expected from China. All for the political agenda.(just like the fake climate crisis by the way)

It's actually been happening for years but getting worse and it peaked ahead of the election so that they could propagandize their candidate into office in such a blatant way that it was unmistakable.

With real, provable evidence of corrupt behavior like this, that ends up with ZERO accountability and no justice..........they fricken get away with it!....... I can understand why so many people don't trust the results of the election.

The Mueller investigation was the exact same thing for 2.5 years and shows us how long this has been going on.

Trump brought it out of them because they had to reveal themselves to get him out but we have to ask something. 

How can we ever trust these same people and sources to be objective/honest and professional? In their desperation, they got so extreme as to reveal who they really are. We had become pretty sure already but there can never be any sliver of a doubt.

So we know what really defines them.  Trump is embarrassing himself as he goes out the door and causing me to not be sad about his departure..........he brought this entirely on himself with his behavior/despicable words. But we learned a tremendous amount about his many enemies. They are diabolical and diabolical doesn't go away after the person they hate goes away. 

I don't refer to the people that voted for Biden. Almost all of them are good people. Sincere people. Even people that hate Trump are good people. 40 years ago, I would have hated Trump and voted Biden. 

I refer to the very small minority of people that are the gatekeepers of information that use it to steal our intelligence. They use their power to impose their belief system on people using guises and fraudulent, convincing sounding narratives and marketing saving the planet from a fake climate crisis by hijacking climate science/weather and tricking/scaring  people to believe greatly exaggerated stuff. That is diabolical. 

By TimNew - Dec. 11, 2020, 2:53 a.m.
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Read an article the other day with a basic theme "If Trump accomplished nothing else,  at least he exposed the media for what it is".    Made some good points.

The latest mantra I see from the left re: Joe's son..  "Well,  Hunter didn't run for president".. The stedfast belief that Joe had a "Wall of seperation" here,  when in fact, at least IMO, there is far more damning evidence implicating Joe than we ever saw against Trump.  

You (Collectively) are welcome to change my mind.

By metmike - Dec. 11, 2020, 4:31 p.m.
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I agree and thanks Tim!

Also a Great Point WxFollower/Larry!


Those that have continually insisted that Bill Barr is President Trump's puppet, should be eating their words. He disagreed with Trump's description of systemic election fraud and he held back the Biden investigation narrative until AFTER the election, when he could have easily used it before the election to help Trump.

I have always thought that Barr was an honest, very ethical man. What a dreadful nightmare this has been for him with Trump as the president and Barr being viciously smeared and unfairly attacked for standing up for justice.

If I was Bill Barr, after the election, I might be thinking "Thank God this nightmare is almost over"

AG William Barr reportedly hid two federal probes into Hunter Biden for months

By mcfarm - Dec. 11, 2020, 5:25 p.m.
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I guess I am confused. Taking over 2 years waiting for the Durham report and now we find out he took 2 more investigating the Biden family, which may put  criminal in the WH does not sound like man of the year stuff...and this is coming from a huge Barr fan.

By metmike - Dec. 11, 2020, 8:09 p.m.
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I know that  the Trump supporters have been counting on Barr to come thru with more stuff that we know is out there that would have helped Trump before the election but we should not think that way when its an investigation with the DOJ. 

It's one thing when there is breaking news that hits from the natural course of events outside of the justice department, like the Hunter Biden laptop story that the NY Post broke. Hunter abandoned his laptop at a computer store and it became the legal property of a private citizen, based on the contract that Hunter signed when he dropped it off. This citizen had every right to give the information that he now owned to whoever he wanted. That's a big legit story...........that should be covered immediately.

It's another deal if there is a long lived, ongoing investigation into somebody by the DOJ. They should not be telling us anything during the investigation because the investigated person/people have rights. Unlike admitted leaker Comey, Barr has ethics. There has been great speculation about what Durham has and that it would come out before now by FOX. This misled people and gave their viewers an expectation of a Trump favoring shot in the arm to help him get elected. This is probably why you are not happy with Barr. 

Trump should not get elected based on this. He should be elected for the right reasons. 

If Biden was involved with crimes that the DOJ is investigating do we have a right to know? Again, he has rights as a citizen and if the investigation is over a year old, the time for the DOJ to tell us on their own that he is being investigated would never be right before an election and even then, what they could tell should be minimal  until the investigation is complete. 

Journalists are not the DOJ. When legit information is dumped on their laps (no pun intended) that has massive implications about the activities of a person running for president, they have an obligation to report on it. Report on it honestly and objectively that is. That's their job. 

A couple of news organizations did their jobs back in October. The vast, vast majority of them, including social media giants, instead,  behaved like......................"enemies of the people".  Using(abusing) their tremendous power to propagandize instead of informing us. Attacking the ones that were acting with integrity and doing their jobs the right way. 

By mcfarm - Dec. 11, 2020, 9:13 p.m.
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I am not happy for many reasons. The greatest among them is this new justice system that the Clintons and Obama have given us. Laws are not applied equally. Journalism is not written equally. Media does not report equally. Votes are not counted equally. And certainly justice is not given equally.

"when people fear their government there is tyranny, when government fears the people there is liberty"  Thomas Jefferson

By TimNew - Dec. 12, 2020, 6:50 a.m.
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You mean like the multiple double secret investigations of Trump that we never heard about until concrete evidence was assembled and the investigations completed?   

I'm sorry,  but keeping  data potentially affecting a presidential election is a disservice and I believe totally unprecedented..  

By metmike - Dec. 12, 2020, 6:12 p.m.
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"keeping  data potentially affecting a presidential election is a disservice and I believe totally unprecedented."

So how does that work when an investigation is still being conducted and evidence being gathered?  

It's not like a football game and you can say "we just started the 2nd half and the score is 21-14".

Besides that, the DOJ has longstanding policies on this:

When Does the Division Announce Investigations?

"In voting matters, the Division also complies with the Department's long-standing policy not to make announcements or take action that could influence the outcome of an election. That policy is described in the Criminal Division's manual of Federal Prosecutions of Election Offenses."        

Updated October 18, 2018

metmike: There is nobody more for transparency than me and who would like the public to be more informed about who they are investigating and why............and does not trust them because of their obliterated credibility from biased, political and corrupt actions to target their enemies and protect their friends with impunity/no accountability. However, I can accept this rule if applied fairly. 

By mcfarm - Dec. 12, 2020, 7:03 p.m.
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yes all true MM...but guess what? rules are for those silly little meaningless Repubs

By metmike - Dec. 15, 2020, 6:06 p.m.
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Sen. Chuck Grassley: "Joe Biden has a lot of explaining to do."

Grassley Explains the Democratic Cover-up of the Hunter Biden Investigation

By TimNew - Dec. 16, 2020, 6:41 a.m.
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Besides that, the DOJ has longstanding policies on this:

Ya mean like during the assorted investigations into Trump?  Best leaked investigation in history.  But I guess that's different. We heard almost nothing about the on going investigation into Hunter until after the election removing any doubt of bias from even the most stubborn.

The rule is not applied fairly,  by any imaginable means.

By mcfarm - Dec. 16, 2020, 8:24 a.m.
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ask any lib or even rino for that matter. They fully expect that rule to applied just as it has been for years. as a tool to screw the other side of socialism

By metmike - Dec. 16, 2020, 12:02 p.m.
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You can bet that the Biden corruption that, by most believable  accounts DID take place here will be protected. Forgot what Trump said or did on anything related to this.

Just look at the facts.

If Biden was innocent, the MSM would have made it a priority to show it was a hoax/conspircacy theory.........using the real world evidence to prove it was nothing but a hoax. 

They couldn't do that, so they censored it for awhile(before the election) and now will tread water, avoiding honest investigating until the next plan comes out that protects the Bidens. 

Hunter may be charged with some offenses and pay a few fines or minor penalties but Joe Biden will be completely cleared of all wrong doing.

That plan has already started.

Note that Hunter Biden came forward to tell us that he is being investigated. On what planet does that ever happen............the person investigated, coming forward with a press release to tell us they are being investigated?

How about.......never.  In this case, its clearly part of the plan to carve out impressions in peoples minds.

Looky here everybody, Hunter Biden is being totally transparent on this. He came to you first and told you that he is being investigated and what the reasons are.

This way, he is 1 step ahead of everybody that is in the discovery process still and trying to figure the reasons for the investigation. He comes out with this press release, appears to be honest AND TAKES CONTROL OF THE NARRATIVE!

Now, if sheet hits the fan, the Biden side has a narrative in place that came from Hunter telling us all about it already.

Note that Hunter was nowhere to be found in the month of October after his laptop was found. Hidden from taking questions because the narrative then, was not good for him.

He has emerged from hiding with his own, new narrative to be used for defending himself. The DOJ, MSM and dems will provide plenty of support and in fact, the gatekeepers at the top of the swamp have already started with their plan with the best way to protect the new president.

Hunter did not do this press release on his own. He was told to do it. You watch. This is how it will go.


The script has already been written. Hunter will be found to have been involved in some questionable situations but nothing too bad and they will tell us that Joe had absolutely nothing to to with any of it. It will be a BIG FAT LIE made up to cover up the corruption. The swamp is back to having ZERO resistance.

 This is why Barr, a smart man knows it's over. Trying to fight this now, would be like swimming in a  river of piranhas. He has no chance. 

One good thing about the last 4 years, is that because of Trump, the swamp had to go to such an extreme to eliminate him, they revealed themselves. Oh yes they did and it proved just how diabolical they are. Sadly, there isn't a dang thing that any of us can do about it. 

By metmike - Jan. 22, 2021, 1:39 p.m.
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Of course this story continues to be censored by the MSM:

Computer shop owner sues Twitter over Hunter Biden laptop story

A public retraction and $500 million in damages is being sought

By metmike - April 2, 2021, 5:21 p.m.
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metmike: Whatever the manufactured false narrative the Biden damage control team and MSM decide on is the one...... that we will hear over and over and over...........until this goes away, with people accepting it as the fact.

Appears that they are going back to the "blame Russia" playbook since it's been so effective at bamboozling.

Hunter Biden: Ukraine Laptop ‘Could’ Be His but Says It Was Possibly Hacked by Russians

By GunterK - April 2, 2021, 9:04 p.m.
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When I saw him say these two simple statements,  with an expression of innocence on his face, I couldn't help myself... I burst out laughing

Of course, this is not funny. He will get away with it.