Congratulations to this years, 2023 graduates!
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Started by metmike - May 14, 2023, 8:56 p.m.

It's a time to be proud of your accomplishments in school and to look forward to the next chapter in your life with great optimism/enthusiasm. 

A time to be extremely positive and to focus on all the wonderful endeavors that you have the opportunity to participate in. 

A time to appreciate and exploit the great advancements in our world and country in so many realms of technology, science, medicine, entertainment, convenience and communication.

There are always so many great speakers at commencement hearings.

I thought this was one of the best summaries of what makes a great commencement speech:

Ten Suggestions for a Successful Commencement Address

Table 1

Word Count of Some of the best Commencement Addresses

SpeakerOccupationCommencement addressDateWord count
Fred RogersTelevision celebrityDartmouth Collegea20021473
George W. BushPresident of the United StatesU. S. Coast Guard AcademybMay 20032454
Barbara EhrenreichPolitical activist, writerBarnard Collegec20041977
Jon StewartTelevision comedianCollege of William & MarydMay 20041805
Kofi AnnanSecretary-General, United NationsHarvard UniversityeJune 20042173
Alan GreenspanChairman, Federal Reserve BoardWharton School, University of PAfMay 20051768
George W. BushPresident of the United StatesCalvin CollegegMay 20051620
William F. SchulzExecutive Director, Amnesty InternationalOberlin CollegehMay 20051705
John LithgowActorHarvard UniversityiJune 20052959
Tom BrokawNetwork television news anchorDartmouth CollegejJune 20052699
Steve JobsCEO, Apple ComputerStanford UniversitykJune 20052248
Jane Lakes HarmanU.S. RepresentativeSmith CollegelMay 20062208




Composing and delivering commencement addresses is thoroughly discussed in many excellent sources.16 Reading some of these references and incorporating these suggestions will not guarantee a great speech but, combined with a compelling message and an uplifting ending, may help in achieving that goal.

By metmike - May 14, 2023, 9:18 p.m.
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And now, a copy of the worst commencement speech that I've read/heard in my life:

Remarks by President Biden at the Howard University Class of 2023 Commencement Address

Biden blatantly using the race of his audience and main topic of his speech as a political weapon.

Mainly a pontificating, disingenuous old man bragging about his accomplishments to convince the crowd that he's a great minority rights crusader.  Struggling to read  from a teleprompter some of the time as he focused on race. Telling the all black graduation class about how they are facing an extremely racist America today and how White Supremacy is the biggest threat to their lives.

Violating numerous principles from the previous pages on what makes a successful commencement speech:

And we expect this person to lead our country?

Just another example(of hundreds) of him demonstating his loss of communication skills and ability to communicate positive ideas effectively(that he was once gifted at)  makes him unqualified to be president. 

There's a good chance that he may not have even written the horrible speech. If that's the case, because he can't even write his own speeches and can't  recognize somebody else's horrible speech it makes it worse!

By metmike - May 15, 2023, 10:03 a.m.
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Below: More horrible messages, like this one about rampant  racism and white sepremists being the biggest terrorist threat to black college graduates/Americans and the fake climate crisis killing the planet........the opposite of what any mind, especially a mentally ill mind needs to heal.

Its  one  of the biggest problems
in our country right now.

                HOW TO SURVIVE A MASS SHOOTING            

                            Started by 12345 - May 10, 2023, 6:57 a.m.    

 Finally a real expert telling us the truth about Covid19: Greta on CNN. Scaring and converting children into the climate crisis cult.  Eco-anxiety in children. Greta controlled as the United Nation's climate activist puppet. Failed predictions of the UN and past climate crisis religion high priests, like Al Gore. Showing the truth with actual data/observations vs telling people to listen to the fake science. May 2020.

In fact, these horrible messages, especially those  disguised as being Designed  to  ”save the planet” are Totally about scaring the crap out of our young people in order to recruit them into the fake climate religion.

political, very divisive messages based on exploiting the minds of young people Coming from our government, political leaders, MSM AND SOCIAL MEDIA.

Specifically from the 2 top leaders running for president in 2024.

PLEASE get rid of these guys and the horrible news infesting almost every aspect of their existence ASAP!

The psyche of America is being constantly bombarded with and overwhelmed with really negative messages Destroying our mindset. 

Even fake positive messages packaged as propaganda to support Ukraine have been about an endeavor to support the killing of hundreds of thousands of people and obliterating a country with no end point or attempts to seriously negotiate for peace are based on getting us to hate Russia so much that we actually support this insane, trillion times worse dynamic than to agreeing with Russia to keep Ukraine out of NATO.

By metmike - May 15, 2023, 3:33 p.m.
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Same topic, different horrible source:

Negative Messages Spread Rapidly and Widely on Social Media

The virality of a message is measured by the number of message repostings (retweets) and the time elapsed from the original posting of a message to its Nth reposting (N-retweet time). Through extensive analyses, we find that negative messages are likely to be reposted more rapidly and frequently than positive and neutral messages. Specifically, the reposting volume of negative messages is 1.2--1.6-fold that of positive and neutral messages, and negative messages spread at 1.25 times the speed of positive and neutral messages when the diffusion volume is large.


The MSM is exploiting the same weakness in human mindsets that cause this to sensationalize and dwell on messages to increase ratings/sales in order to profit. The victims are everybody, depending on the medium.

Older people more with television, newspapers and their preferred  sources.

Younger people with social media and their preferred internet sources.

This is often, cleverly disguised. For example, really, REALLY bad news, like the FAKE climate crisis destroying the planet because of humans burning fossil fuels(CO2 is actually a beneficial gas and the main impact has been to green up the planet and greatly increase global food production from enhanced photosynthesis and we are indisputably having a scientific climate OPTIMUM for most life) is presented as a SAVE THE PLANET MESSAGE. 

The message suggests there is hope but only if you do what they tell you.

All their actions enrich crony capitalism, political agenda and corrupt science........but its even worse than that in reality!

Most of their actions insist on replacing the form of cheap, abundant, efficient and powerful form of energy that has the bonus of greening up the planet with:

Forms of energy like wind and batteries that provide expensive,   diffuse, intermittent energy which is killing birds/bats/whales, destroying landscapes and ecosystems and tearing up the earth for the raw materials. 

They are intentionally scaring people to get them to believe in doing something that's irrefutably wrecking the planet in order to save it.

In addition, fossil fuels have increased food production by ANOTHER ~70% because they make the synthetic fertilizer which is most responsible for crop yields soaring higher the last century. 

EVERY young person today was born into a world of climate religion indoctrination!

It's all been accurately documented and explained with data, evidence and authentic science with 100+ threads, many are here.

Biden is the biggest fake climate crisis perpetrator in history doing the most damage from it in history.

Just a reminder, I'm a practicing environmentalist (atmospheric scientist) with no connections to big oil and not one of those evil MAGA republicans trying to destroy our country.

The real environmental crisis's/insects dying-dead zones-aquifers drying up-plastics in the ocean-landfills/trash-over consumption of natural resources-REAL pollution in the air/soil/water-WIND TURBINES (metmike is a PRACTICING environmentalist): April 2019

These are the most important mindset messages from MarketForum:

                Use this to help make yourself a better person!            

                            Started by metmike - Feb. 28, 2022, 7:24 p.m.    

By metmike - May 20, 2023, 10:35 a.m.
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Time spent on social media world wide(much higher in the US) and top sources: