Executive order 13990
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Started by wglassfo - March 8, 2021, 9:34 p.m.

So Biden is being sued by various states because  of his executive climate order 13990

So I read the whole darn thing and have to admit I don't understand one bit of this executive order

Any how several states attorney generals are suing about some thing they think is dangerous to the well being of their state

If you know what this executive order is all about, please let the rest of the forum in on what the heck it means

But: One thing I did find out

Seems that there was a commitment to bring more water to the west and CA in particular. This executive order stopped all that work in progress and so it appears CA will not get any more water. If I was living in CA that would not make me very happy even if I do vote Dem. since I live in CA and everybody votes Dem in CA

So: What is Biden and the state attorneys all het up about. The attorneys claim a loss of jobs, and that is all I know, except there is language about the cost of damage but what damage I do not know

Can anybody add some clarity

By metmike - March 8, 2021, 10:25 p.m.
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Thanks Wayne,

Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science To Tackle the Climate Crisis


This has nothing, zero, nadda to do with authentic science.

Climate science today is purely politics.

Tackling a fake climate crisis? Based on all measure of authentic science, this planet is having a climate optimum. Stories, studies and information that state otherwise have been censored.

Who knows that the planet is massively greening up from the beneficial CO2?

Who knows that the optimal level of CO2 for life on this planet is over double the current level?

Who knows that the optimal temperature for much of life is 2 deg. C warmer than this?

Who knows that oceans are only rising at 1 inch.............per decade?

Who knows that droughts have NOT increased?

Who knows that its global warming and El Nino's that have brought the best weather/climate for growing crops in history in the Cornbelt?

Who knows that its La Nina's and global cooling that cause more drought?

Who knows, that the last 2 severe droughts in the Midwest, 2012 and 1988 were caused by La Nina's?

 Global Warming/climate change with more El Nino's has been protecting us and causing favorable weather in this region?

Who knows that current global surface temperatures are the lowest in 7 years?

Who knows that the drought out West and wildfires in 2020 were caused by the La Nina and a global cooling pattern?

Why do they blame extreme cold, like the kind in TX recently on global warming when it happens more frequently during global cooling?

Who knows that it was this warm, 1,000 years ago-Medieval Warm Period, 2,000 year ago-Roman Warm Period, 3,500 years ago-Minoan Warm Period and warmer than this in the high latitudes with less Arctic sea ice 9,000 to 5,000 years ago?

Who knows that the polar bear population has increased 25% since 2005?

Bill Gates has been telling everyone recently that CO2 stays in the air "for thousands and thousands of years"...........who knows that the actual residence time of CO2 in the atmosphere is likely to be closer to 10 years?

Who knows that we will run out of crude oil by around 2050?

Who knows that we will run out of natural gas by around 2060?

Who know that we will run out of coal by around 2080?

Who knows that China emits more than double the CO2 of the US and they are allowed to keep increasing in the climate accord until the year 2030?  And get money from the US that goes to the Green Climate fund which supposedly will help them adapt to the climate that we supposedly wrecked?  It's actually called "transfer of wealth" and global socialism that will do ZERO to affect the climate or weather.

Who knows that the Climate Accord is actually just Agenda 2030 objectives from the United Nations...........soon to be our Mommy and Daddy?

Who knows that climate change has greatly decreased the number of violent tornadoes by weakening cold fronts and jet stream?

Who knows that cold still kills 15 times more humans than heat does?(use to be 20 times before the beneficial warming.

Who knows that cold kills 200 times more life than does heat.

Who knows that for each 5 parts per million increase of CO2, average crop yields go up around 1%. The 135 ppm increase since the Industrial Revolution has resulted in crop yields going up by 27%.........just from the extra CO2.

Who knows that increasing CO2 causes ALL plants to be more water efficient/drought tolerant? They don't need to open their stomata as wide to get needed CO2 and this results in less transpiration/water loss.  

Why are we told that climate change will greatly harm all the good life..........humans, polar bears, bunny rabbits. honey bees, crops, tree frogs......etc but the exact same  conditions will cause all bad life to flourish.......rats, roaches, ticks, mosquitoes, bacteria, weeds........etc?

Why have we been told that a climate disaster looms around the corner unless we act now and do what they say to save the planet.................every year since the late 1980's(when the UN came up with their scheme to hijack climate science and rewrite climate history using the world climate authority for all governments that they created............the IPCC)?

Why do people keep believing in the coming climate crisis and the need to cut CO2 emissions, when doing almost nothing for over 3 decades has mainly caused the planet to green up during the current climate optimum?

Answer: The reason that you don't know all these rock solid facts based on authentic science is because they are being censored and you are being told a "manufactured" science based on broken computer model, global climate simulations that have been too warm. 

They not only don't get adjusted down to the reality, they keep adjusting them hotter because they are a tool to scare and control the people and absolutely NOT a tool to educate them.

If educating the people was the objective..............you would know all those things above!

If  they were actually telling the truth and using authentic science then the fake climate crisis would go away immediately.

This has always been about controlling the people by making up a climate crisis.

The actual authentic science and truth about the politics and fake climate crisis is all here:

                Climate Reality discussions            

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By metmike - March 8, 2021, 10:49 p.m.
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So to answer your question specifically, this has absolutely zero to do with public health or restoring science.......it will do the complete opposite of what they are claiming. 

By metmike - March 9, 2021, 12:19 p.m.
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This helps to explain a great deal:


For those that don't know me, I've been a practicing environmentalist that cares passionately about our planet and an atmospheric scientist for 39 years.

By wglassfo - March 9, 2021, 2:07 p.m.
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So Why are the states attorney suing the gov't because of 13990??? I doubt they are as informed as you are but maybe they are

There must be another reason but I sure don't know why, even if it is fake science

Do all those  states attorneys know it is fake science???

I wish I could find or read the law suit, but all I can find is they claim a loss of jobs. I doubt I would learn much not being a lawyer

 So why do they think a loss of jobs??? if they in fact do think this way???

Some how I think there is more to this as the states attorneys haven't talked to Mike or got a hold of his reasons why 13990 is fake science

The scary thing is this bill allows the gov't to make just about any rule they want IMHO

By metmike - March 9, 2021, 4:02 p.m.
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You shouldn't assume that they are not more informed about the science than what you were before you met me. 

Most of what you read and hear on this is intended to manipulate the masses that get their news the way that you and most people do. 

These people are not so gullible. Many of them know the authentic science enough to be certain that there is no climate crisis.

Do you really think that honest environmentalists like me and others would be fighting against saving the planet from disaster. That we have ulterior motives and are willing to obliterate the planet because of our selfishness?

That is completely made up.

Everyone of these people and metmike know that Greta is a big anti science joke, invented to brainwash the masses, especially young people. 

The proof that there is NO climate crisis is everywhere and irrefutable.

However, the manufactured crisis, using computer simulations of the atmosphere going out to the year 2100+(when fossil fuels will, absurdly be very  long gone and couldn't possibly be contributing any more) continues. 

Scientists coming out of the woodwork-no climate crisis! October 2019


Profound:  Smoking Guns!!  Proof with accurate 2 decade long measurement of the actual amount of radiative forcing caused by CO2 of 1 irrefutable reason for WHY global climate models continue to be too warm. Climate emergency is really about social justice and brainwashing people. Even MORE confirmation that climate models overstate atmospheric warming. Models clearly too warm yet incredibly programmed to get even HOTTER!  Now, even more confirmation why the models are too warm. August 2020 https://www.marketforum.com/forum/topic/57636/

Read the rest of the indisputable  truth about authentic science and why its being censored from your eyes here:


By metmike - March 9, 2021, 4:35 p.m.
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Bottom line is what you read about climate science is not real science at all.  It's mainly  pure politics using science fiction stories to convince people that the current climate optimum is a climate crisis.

It should be called:  climate LIEnce.

Hard to believe?

THe United Nations created the International Panel on Climate Change 3 decades ago to be the world authority on climate. All governments have been getting their climate information from the IPCC, including the US,  since then.

The IPCC, not only created the climate crisis with their reports, they essentially were able to completely hijack climate science because of being the worlds authority and they insanely , REWROTE climate history to completely wipe out the last period this warm, the Medieval Warm Period, otherwise known as the Medieval CLimate Optimum.

We've been fed a steady stream of stuff like this from the UN and IPCC since the late 1980's:

U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked



Humans increased CO2 even more and NONE of that stuff happened. Instead, just the opposite happened and I can prove it to you with hundreds of sources of legit science:

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds


But the the IPCC, UN, governments, MSM and other gatekeepers have chosen to  tell you only about the manufactured crisis, like that one in 1989 for over 3 decades and to cover up/censor the authentic science which is everywhere.............except in the news!

Even though repeating a lie thousands of times will never make it the truth..................it's the most effective way of brainwashing people to THINK it's the truth.

Again, I care passionately about this planet and life on it and practice environmentalism in my own life. I would be the LAST person to try to stop people from saving us from destroying the planet.

The real environmental crisis's/insects dying-dead zones-aquifers drying up-plastics in the ocean-landfills/trash-over consumption of natural resources(metmike is a PRACTICING environmentalist): April 2019


Life on this planet would prefer CO2 levels twice this high(where they were for much of the planets history).

Most life would prefer temps a couple degrees WARMER than this. 

Only when you let that sink in can you appreciate how the politics of climate science has stolen the intelligence of most people in the world when it comes to this field. 

That political side has decisively won Wayne. Welcome to that world.

But that doesn't mean that those that know what they are doing, can't sue them for their bogus, economy crushing and life damaging actions!