Biden Venezuelan solution
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Started by wglassfo - March 8, 2021, 10:25 p.m.

This is a bit tongue in cheek but true so far as I know

Joe has not lifted the Trump sanctions on Venezuela. However he has a plan for all the citizens who are suffering due to the sanctions. Joe has an open border policy which means all illegals are not at risk of being deported.

 So guess what??

1000's of people, 100's of 1000's from SA, Venezuela included, are desperately trying to make their way to the USA border as they will not be deported, once they cross the border.

Perhaps not 600 million but would millions of people crossing into the USA, be possible???

How long is that border and how many could cross every day, in the entire length of the border, by just walking across any place they want.

Biden isn't doing any thing to stop the flow of illegals that I know about. In fact Harris was in favour of sanctuary cities was she not?? Harris being a good citizen of CA, and doing her part for humanity

No wonder housing is at a premium in small communities, also some larger communities according to housing supply

By GunterK - March 9, 2021, 1:57 a.m.
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your point about Venezuela is quite correct.

Some 2 years ago, the Border Patrol reported arresting some 144,000 illegal aliens during one month alone. That's the ones that were caught ("catch and release")... how many made it through is unknown.

144000 *  12 = 1.7 millions

Since then, things have changed...

Trump is gone, and Biden offers them citizenship. The Border Patrol has stated more than once that they are overwhelmed. Furthermore, if I am not mistaken, the recently approved stimulus plan includes checks for illegals.

I can easily see a huge rush to the US.... much bigger than than the 144,000/month of yesteryear.

And let's not forget the people coming from Africa and the M.E.  They travel from their home to Central America, and make the trek to the US from there. And the Pacific Coast saw lots of illegals coming in on container shipts.

It may not be 600 mill. like some experts suggested, but I could easily see several millions per year.

By metmike - March 9, 2021, 2:35 a.m.
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I’m not against legal immigration and am greatly in favor of helping the less fortunate in other countries but Biden’s border and immigration policies are anti American as well as causing a REAL world crisis unlike the FAKE climate crisis based on worst case scenario, busted global computer model simulations of the weather for 80 years from now.....that have almost no chance of verifying on this planet.

However, those are real people gushing in/invading at our southern border right now......not computer simulated people that will get here at the end of the century based on a busted theory.

The real world is the real crisis not the simulated/computer programmed  world of climate.

By wglassfo - March 9, 2021, 11:07 a.m.
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SO what will the USA look like in 4 yrs.

Biden has issued orders that no one speaks about the southern border. The people in Texas and Arizona know but do the folks in Iowa know the real story happening at the southern border. The MSM is not reporting very much and most people get the information from their favourite telly station 

As I understand it these people qualify for social benefits That alone puts an added strain on the taxpayer

Then you have a housing problem. I understand Joe wants to use military bases as temporary housing. How well will that work. I suppose lots of military tents and food, medical and of coarse, how many are infected with covid-19

This is developing into an over whelming situation and the pressure from so many will over whelm the system

Eventually these people will have to move out into the community which is why Texas and Arizona are sort of on the front lines. CA had sanctuary cities and they are in line for billions of assistance from the 1.9 trillion stimulus but will they help the people evicted from their homes because of rent and mortgage arrears. I doubt it. Is this fair???

Corp america is in favour of more immigration. One way or another, this means more consumers. But where will they live. Will Joe spend billions on housing, when we already have home less americians and more when rent and mortgage moritoriums run out, that will be left to make their own way with no assistance from Joe

Any way you look at it this is a developing horror story and Joe is keeping the WH and every agency from speaking out

Personally I expect to see epic homeless numbers, but by the time enough people realize what is happening, it will be too late

The USA is a rich country, but are the americian people obligated to pay higher taxes or have a larger deficit to support all these illegals???

In a way this is a tough question because if you were born in the USA or SA that was just an accident of birth

If you are an illegal wanting some thing, anything better than what you left behind, would you not want a chance at some thing better. Any thing is better than nothing. Remember a lot of our families came to this country with no I.D, passport or even a scrap of paper. Just the clothes we wore. Some were even indentured slaves And of coarse the slave trade, a sad chapter of our history. Then we chased the original settlers out of their home land and took it by force. You all know the story over many yrs.

Are we our brother's keeper or some thing like that??? or do we keep what we have and don't feel a need to share???

Tough questions and hard answers. I am sure most will have some what of a different opinion

I dunno, maybe I should have not even brought up the discussion

By metmike - March 9, 2021, 12:09 p.m.
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"I dunno, maybe I should have not even brought up the discussion"


This is an outstanding topic and you make numerous great points.

The current policies regarding illegal immigration and at the southern border appear to be blatantly flawed and greatly harmful to our country.  

Yes, most of the MSM can ignore it and spin it differently than the reality and collude/do it in lockstep with each other for long periods of time.  We know that they are motivated by a belief system which compels them to interpret the news so that it lines up with that belief system vs just reporting the objective news, like they did in the old days.

Fox has the opposite belief system as most in the MSM.

What can and often has happened, is that their reporting/interpretation will have the complete opposite of the interpretation of the rest of the MSM and one side will believe them, the other side will believe the complete opposite and we have the same exactly completely opposite political positions in Congress. 

In the end, where it counts, the party with the most power makes most of  the decisions based on them having the most power and being able to do it.............screw the other side........with very little middle ground. 

That would be the democrats right now, which of course includes the people at the top and they have the complete backing of most in the MSM.

So like the fake climate crisis, the real world doesn't matter, the computer simulated fake world going out to 2100 does(and everything bad today blamed on the crisis-even cold) because it allows for them to get control of the people................enforce policies that support their agenda...........we will see those in power and their allies, the MSM try to spin the reality at the southern border to make us think there is a different reality(like the current climate optimum reality is actually a climate crisis).

This is politics in the US in the 21st century. Manufacture realities that support your agenda then, manufacture information, known as propaganda to convince people the fake realities are whats actually going on.

Doesn't matter what is really going's what you can convince people to think is going on to get what you want!

I've spent the last 2+ decades observing exactly that with the fake climate crisis.....and they did it. They won!  The Climate Accord, that will do ZERO to affect the weather or climate is evidence. The beneficial gas,  in all or science, CO2 is known as pollution, entirely a political definition  in everybody's mind. The current climate optimum based on most authentic scientific standards is now known as a climate crisis in most people's minds. Climate history was rewritten to get rid of the previous warm sheet, they did that.

Now, with the climate crisis party in charge, they get to reap their fraudulent benefits.

As the political climate changes over time, '1984' remains relevant

"The use of propaganda is done through what Orwell calls “newspeak.” This is a tightly controlled language where the government, or “thought police," determines which words can be used along with their meaning.

As in real life, those that control the language usually control the debate. By limiting or eliminating the use of certain words, you handicap whomever disagrees with you. Ultimately, this restricts our ability to think freely.

Orwell also created the concept of “doublethink.” The easiest way to describe this concept to you is to use an example straight from the book. Orwell wrote,“ forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivionfor just as long as it is needed...”

metmike: One only has to read my 3 dozen articles/discussion on climate/science here to see that the alternative, manufactured facts from one side have completely replaced the authentic science and empirical data/observations of the REAL world.

The fake, simulated world is now the real world and the real world coming from real scientists is now the fake world from a bunch of deniers, trying to sabotage their effort to save the planet.

They actually did it!

It took 30+ years, but they did it! The propaganda from the alternative/manufactured/simulated world started in the late 1980's. It's been wrong every year but repeated thousands of times each year, to the point that now.........people except the fake world as the real world. 

U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked


metmike: Read those scary predictions above from the manufactured world based on busted computer model simulations,  that have been repeated every year for over 3 decades and compare them to what really happened below:

Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds

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