Mask Mandates
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Started by wglassfo - Aug. 8, 2021, 3:54 a.m.

The press secretary for the USA administration is on record as saying there will be no lock downs and the economy will not suffer an economic hit as it did this past number of months with Main St shutting down, small business, some out of business for ever, RE in a big mess and you know the other devastation the lock down caused

Well Uncle Joe told us the mask mandate would be over some time soon only to walk back his statement until we are all confused

Then his press secretary came out with her statement, so now what do we believe.

Personally I am ready to put the vaccine to the test. I think if you are fully vaccinated then lets find out if the vaccines work. Throw away your mask if you are fully vaccinated and lets not live in fear

Which is it folks

Do the vaccinations work???

I am ready to find out

By mcfarm - Aug. 8, 2021, 9:21 a.m.
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don't know about the vaccs but we do know the masks are a sad joke

By metmike - Aug. 8, 2021, 12:02 p.m.
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Great topic!

The crazy thing about this is that they speak authentic science out of one side of their mouth and bull out of the other side and its not surprising that non scientists can't tell which is which. 

                CDC reverses indoor mask policy,            

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                Started by metmike - July 28, 2021, 1:25 a.m.    

I am mind boggled at them continuing to NOT tell us that N95 are the only masks that do a good job to protect us. 

My strong, educated guess is that if they did suddenly tell us that...........everybody would say "Are you kidding??? You misled us on the cloth masks for over a year and a half??? Now you are finally telling us.........after more than 600,000 people died that we need N95 masks to be protected!!!!!"

To me, this is so egregious and so dishonest(they MUST know the truth on this no brainer science) that it's mind boggling.

However, some people will use that to justify not believing them about anything based on the politics.

Fortunately, I'm in an objective, independent position that can pull out what is authentic  science and throw away what is anti/junk science.

Most people just go with the partly line. ..........which means they get the good AND the BAD from their side.

By metmike - Aug. 8, 2021, 12:30 p.m.
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Read the WOP avoiding coming out with the, 100% definitive truth about N95 masks by beating around the bush and claiming that it's just a personal decision.

Really? Personal?

Mandate means  that you MUST wear a mask and takes the personal choice out of it. We are being told its because of the proven  science of wearing masks.

 If you are going to MAKE US wear masks based on science, at least be honest about what that science is!!!

Masks and covid-19: Explaining the latest guidance from the CDC and other experts

Do I need to upgrade to an N95 mask?

Not necessarily. At this point, there is no formal recommendation for the public, including those who may be more vulnerable to severe disease, to use N95s or other similar medical-grade respirators. What’s more, experts are split on the issue.

Recommendations to upgrade masks appear to be influenced by research that suggests the coronavirus can spread through aerosols, tiny particles that tend to linger in the air for much longer than the larger respiratory droplets that are also responsible for transmission.

CDC, in long-awaited update, says airborne transmission plays role in coronavirus spread

“We can go a long way toward protecting the public by using higher-quality masks in indoor environments where mask-wearing is also required of all,” Corsi wrote. He noted that more effective masks, such as N95s, should be a priority for anyone who is not vaccinated.

Linsey Marr, an aerosol expert at Virginia Tech who studies airborne virus transmission, echoed the need for “highly protective masks along with everything else,” citing the delta variant’s transmissibility.

“Where a simple cloth mask was helpful before, it’s not helpful enough now,” especially for those who remain unvaccinated, Marr previously told The Post.

On the other hand, Schaffner noted that many epidemiologists and infectious-disease experts think that the virus is primarily spread through infectious droplets — large and small — that can travel up to six feet in enclosed spaces. Standard surgical masks and well-fitted, multiple-layer cloth face coverings that meet the CDC’s standards have been shown to be effective at blocking these droplets, said Jaimie Meyer, an infectious-disease physician at the Yale School of Medicine. They also tend to be more comfortable than N95 masks.

“If people are concerned about the delta variant and they want to protect themselves, the answer is to get vaccinated,” Meyer said, “not to go get an N95.”

While there is disagreement over recommendations for higher-quality masks, experts said the decision to upgrade is personal and depends on various risk factors, including your health, the health of those you are in close contact with, community transmission rates and whether you’ll be in settings where the potential for exposure is higher.

Certain people, for instance, who are fully vaccinated but still vulnerable to severe disease may want to use an N95 and may be willing to wear it properly, Schaffner said. “On an individual basis, if you wish to really reduce your risk, you can do that,” he said.

If a fully vaccinated healthy person wants to wear an N95 mask, that would be “going the extra mile,” he added."

metmike: This is insane logic.  They are telling us that we need to be fully vaccinated first.............this is really good but then act like, well on the N95 masks, that would just be "going the extra mile" which is a personal choice.

What the heck. They admit that the N95 work much better than cloth masks. If both vaccinated and unvaccinated people ARE FORCED to wear masks, how dumb is it to be recommending the sheety masks over the ones that actually work if the entire objective is to MAKE ALL  PEOPLE GO THE EXTRA MILE BY WEARING A MASK IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

That would be like telling everybody to just get one COVID shot................but getting the 2nd one is just going the extra mile

Going the extra mile is 100%, the entire objective for all of this!!!

By metmike - Aug. 8, 2021, 12:49 p.m.
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Let me be clear on my position/what this means, which is that we would need LESS mask mandates not more.

The number 1 reason, by a wide margin for cloth mandates is to protect other people from you, in case you have COVID.

If you want to be protected and wear a cloth mask, it will NOT protect you from an infected person wearing a cloth mask or not wearing a cloth mask.  It will help a bit if both are wearing cloth masks.

However, if there was NO mask mandate and people wanted their own personal protection, wearing an N95 mask  would provide that for them MUCH better than if everybody was wearing a cloth mask. The N95 represents scientifically being able to filter out 95% of virus sized particles. 

This empowers the individual to take the self protection THEY seek out.

Wear an N95 mask and you get strong protection for you(and it protects others too). It doesn't matter what others want to do. If they all decide on no can count on your N95 mask to protect you.

I am not entirely against mask mandates because there is some benefit(very small for cloth masks-but it also causes people to take more risk because the cloth masks are so over rated) and some people, like me will pick an N95 mask. 

By mcfarm - Aug. 8, 2021, 1:54 p.m.
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very clear MM but please "go the extra mile" and clarify the dangerous position little kids are placed in when forced to where dirty nasty bug infested masks hours a day by these same "experts"

By metmike - Aug. 8, 2021, 6:18 p.m.
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I'm betting that many on the other side would agree that young children should not have to wear, dirty, nasty, bug infested masks.

However, this raises a great point.

If these masks are  filtering out COVID thats entrapped in aerosals(water vapor that has COVID in it from somebody else) because its not capable of trapping anything as small as the size of a virus.................then you would also  have to assume that the COVID is in the mask.

A child will fiddle with their mask 100 times a day and these kids will wear the same mask for numerous days. If there is COVID in the mask, it becomes the SOURCE for spreading COVID unless used properly.

I previously explained the optimal use of mask wearing in a high risk a person working in the ICU with COVID patients, that allows them to continue to reuse the mask.

You simply get 7 masks and wear 1 for each day of the week. COVID CANNOT live on or in a mask for 7's impossible based on testing. 

When its time to use your Monday mask again............any COVID in the mask from the previous Monday WILL BE DEAD.

I was strongly advising this for health care settings that were tossing out masks after 1 day use and wasting hundreds of millions of N95 masks across the country. 

I contacted a couple of large medical entities(1 was a skilled nursing geriatric facility, the other a hospital) to confirm that  they were really wasting masks this way.. Here's a couple of posts from last year on it.


                By metmike - Dec. 10, 2020, 9:49 p.m.    

This is the reason that they are not telling us the truth about cloth masks and N95 masks.

Supplies of N95 masks running low as COVID-19 surges

"3M's monthly production of N95 respirators in the U.S. alone will have increased from 22 million in 2019 to 95 million by the end of 2020, a spokesperson said."

metmike: At 95,000,000 masks/month in the US from just this company, that should be plenty enough for everybody to get at least one of these masks! And they should. 

Here is whats so dumb.

In most medical settings, they go thru these masks so fast because they consider them disposable. If you use a mask around infected people, you need to get another mask because the first one, will have captured COVID and be contaminated.

So throw out the first one to use a new one and repeat this over and over?

NO, NO, NO!!!! This is dumb!

Covid can only survive for 7 days maximum in a mask. If you use a mask on Monday, you can take it off at the end of the day and re use the same mask NEXT Monday and it will be sterile.  Every health care worker should be issued 7 masks, one for each day of the week. Not given a new mask every day.  After 3 months, they will still be using their 7 masks, instead of 90 masks if they are using a new one every day.  There are also ways to effectively  sterilize them but those can compromise their integrity and reduce their longevity."


By metmike - Aug. 8, 2021, 7:23 p.m.
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Apparently, even today many medical expert sources for COVID advise are stating this:

Why is CDC recommending wearing non-medical-grade masks or cloth face coverings instead of medical-grade surgical facemasks?

 "Medical facemasks and N-95 respirators should continue to be conserved for healthcare workers. So, do your part and save medical-grade equipment for healthcare workers and first responders."

metmike: This is jaw dropping ignorance and malpractice. 

1. There is no N95 shortage, not even close. 

2. You can't tell me that well over a year after masks have been mandated and pushed hard as a tool to protect us, that the US is still not capable of manufacturing enough N95 masks for everybody to have as many N95 masks as they want to have. That's total bull.

3. "Save the masks that actually work for those that really need them" WOW! That's outrageous. It made total sense for healthcare workers and the elderly to get vaccinated first......they were prioritized because they had the much higher risk or getting COVID. Then, everybody else had the opportunity to get vaccinated so they too could receive this protection from COVID. Some had to wait a few months but nobody was told........"save the vaccinations for the health care workers" when there was an abundance of vaccination available for everybody.  18 months after the start of the pandemic, they are still saying this? This is retarded science. Why shouldn't the average Joe also have the best masks that exist....JUST LIKE the health care workers because their is no shortage? Why is the truth and 100% indisputable science about the N95 masks being totally covered up??? Because telling the truth now, would mean they've been hiding the truth previously? This is messed up. 

4. The virus can only live in fabric up to 2 days. It can survive on plastic or metal for up to 7 days(which is why I suggested 7 days for a contaminated N95 mask to be certain). We are being told that cloth masks MUST be washed, with varying degrees of disenfecting recommended.  If you do nothing but let the mask sit out for 2 days..........all COVID will be completely dead. 

By metmike - Aug. 8, 2021, 7:35 p.m.
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After reading, probably thousands of articles on this over the last 18 months, I actually stumbled, by chance on a page from the CDC that follows the metmike recommendation for healthcare workers last year and repeated since then....which goes for non health care workers too.

Look at the date. They've known about this for going on a year. The only difference between what they state and what I said is that it makes much more sense to me, to use 7 days to eliminate confusion. Same mask for same day of the week vs their method which turns the Monday mask, into the Saturday mask, then the Thursday mask(every 5 days.......which is dumb and confusing. Just put an M on a mask and only use it on Mondays, T for Tuesdays, then W, TH, F, Sa, Su...........simple. 

Decontamination & Reuse of N95 Respirators-CDC

Updated Oct. 19, 2020

A limited reuse strategy to reduce the risk of self-contamination

"One strategy to reduce the risk of contact transfer of pathogens from the FFR to the wearer during FFR reuse is to issue five N95 FFRs to each healthcare staff member who care for patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. The healthcare staff member can wear one N95 FFR each day and store it in a breathable paper bag at the end of each shift with a minimum of five days between each N95 FFR use, rotating the use each day between N95 FFRs. This will provide some time for pathogens on it to “die off” during storage [8]. This strategy requires a minimum of five N95 FFRs per staff member, provided that healthcare personnel don, doff, and store them properly each day."

By metmike - Aug. 15, 2021, 12:23 a.m.
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What is the difference between an N95 and a KN95 mask and where can I buy them?

metmike: Don't worry about saving the N95 masks for healthcare workers. There are plenty for everyone. Sources claiming otherwise are wrong.

The article above has numerous links/sources where you can easily get as many N95 masks as you want.

In crowded locations, wearing an N95 will give you good protection, that cloth masks can't provide. The 95 is for the masks being able to filter out 95% of the particles the size of COVID.

 Being vaccinated does not prevent COVID and was never expected to.  The vaccine does not affect your DNA or genes at all.  Like all vaccines it tricks your immune system into acting like you had COVID. The additional antibodies it causes your body to make when you actually are infected with COVID have massively reduced severe cases and death. Being vaccinated, by far is the most important thing that you can do to protect yourself and others around you.

It's proven irrefutably to be very safe(after over 4 billions shots around the world). That's the science. However, the great benefits start to wane, possibly 6 months after being vaccinated, so we will need booster shots. This is not much different than the annual flu shots we've been using for decades. However COVID vaccinations are MUCH more effective than flu vaccinations.