Dr Fauci now says...
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Started by GunterK - May 16, 2021, 11:18 p.m.

Covid exposed racism in the US, because the fatality rates for African Americans are higher than those for white people.  That darn white supremacy again!!

The only problem is.... his own chart shows Asian Supremacy, not White Supremacy


When is the cancel culture going to catch up with him?

By metmike - May 16, 2021, 11:53 p.m.
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This is almost totally related to underlying health issues(which greatly increase COVID deaths) and been well known for numerous decades.............in fact, since we started tracking the stats. 

The causes are:

1. Partly genetic

2. Partly behavior

3. Partly environmental.



Figure 1. Percentage of community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries with self-reported diagnosed diabetes, by race/ethnicity and type of diabetes (2012) 

The table shows the prevalence and age at onset of diabetes by race and ethnicity. It includes the count (unweighted/weighted) of community-dwelling Medicare beneficiaries ages 65 and older with self-reported Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Heart Disease below:


Kidney Disease below:



Figure 2. Age-adjusted prevalence of obesity, by sex and race and Hispanic origin, among adults aged 20 and over: United States,

Figure 2 is a bar chart showing the prevalence of obesity among adults aged 20 and over by sex and race and Hispanic origin in the United States from 2011 through 2012

metmike: Let's discuss what these graphs tell us on the next page.

By metmike - May 17, 2021, 12:13 a.m.
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What can we learn from those graphs on the previous page?

1. Asians, by  a very wide margin have the lowest obesity rates. This most certainly is why they also have the lowest rate of COVID. Obesity also is linked to many of the other diseases as well as greatly increasing your chance of dying from COVID.

2. Blacks have the highest rates of kidney disease, heart disease and diabetes. That there is exactly the entire reason for why they are dying at a higher rate from those diseases.............and from COVID. 

3. We have known about these statistics for numerous decades. Blacks would  very much be expected to have a higher rate of deaths from COVID just based on the science/medicine/statistics.

4. What can we do about it.............next page.

Here is the graph from Fauci/this link: 

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9585021/Fauci-says-pandemic-exposed-undeniable-effects-racism.html?login#newcommentFigures from Emory as of Saturday show that for every 100,000 people, 114 white people have died; that's compared to 127 African American, 118 Hispanic and 139 American Native

By GunterK - May 17, 2021, 12:29 a.m.
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"..What can we learn from those graphs on the previous page "

I learned that I should identify as Chinese  (only 80 / 100k)

(if I am not mistaken, in today's world it is ok to identify as something else. Do I need a new passport?))

By metmike - May 17, 2021, 12:55 a.m.
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What can we do about it?

1. Let them all die because the US is systemically racist............just kidding (-:

2. Clearly, the entire solution to the disparity in COVID deaths,  is to get blacks to be healthier than they are now. This would reduce rates from dying of other diseases too.

3. You can't change a person's genetics. Dead end street there.

4. You can change a person's behavior. On average, blacks do not take care of themselves/exercise as much as whites. There is more drug and alcohol and smoking use?  Part of this is cultural but this can be taught. 

5. Environmental. This is related to #4. If you grow up poor, chances increase that you will have some bad habits in many realms. This goes back to assisting minorities in the inner cities with assistance in education, jobs, parenting and cutting down on the 6 times higher crime rate committed by black vs whites. I've made numerous suggestions on this in the past and will dig them up.

6. Stop dwelling on JUST the relationship that blacks have with cops and actually do some things that will help improve their lives...........make them more productive and allow them to share in the American dream.........including the health dream too. This does require special assistance but it should also be applied to help poor brown and poor white people. Stop the bs crap about looking at a persons skin color to judge who they are and what they are entitled to. Well off black and brown people don't need special assistance. Chance the dynamics in the inner cities. This must include making neighborhoods safe by working WITH cops not against them. ALL people deserve this.

7. Here are some good suggestions from previous posts:


By metmike - May 17, 2021, 1 a.m.
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As you can tell..................this was a wonderful topic to start a thread on...........thanks!

By GunterK - May 17, 2021, 1:16 a.m.
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I would like to refer to that graph with the green lines, that shows how comorbidity interacts with the virus.

Let’s imagine a similar chart, but a chart about fatalities, rather than ICU stays. I couldn’t find one, but I am sure, such a chart looks very similar to the one you showed.

The numbers would be different, but the looks of the chart would be the same

All of the stats on that chart would be Covid deaths, and we could see that people with serious health conditions perished in greater numbers than healthy people.

Without Covid, all of them could have lived another few years, but the horrible symptoms of the virus were too much to handle, for the people with comorbidity, and therefore, the virus killed them.

Now let’s go fast forward, to the era of the vaccines.

And let’s again assume a similar chart… people who died after being vaccinated.

The side effects of the vaccine are often horrible, similar to the symptoms of the virus.

And again, people with comorbidities will not be able to deal with the horrible side effects and perish. Again, we could say “without the shot, they would have lived another few years, but the side effects were too much for them to handle.“      Same chart as before, same results….

The only difference, none of these deaths would be attributed to the vaccine by our authorities. In all cases, the comorbidity would be blamed for the deaths, not the vaccine.

By metmike - May 17, 2021, 2:01 a.m.
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I'm afraid you got some of that speculating wrong, based on the science if I understand what you are saying correctly. 

"The side effects of the vaccine are often horrible, similar to the symptoms of the virus."

Not even close. What are you basing this on?

Data reveal fewer real-world COVID vaccine side effects


"And again, people with comorbidities will not be able to deal with the horrible side effects and perish."Again, we could say “without the shot, they would have lived another few years, but the side effects were too much for them to handle.“

Definitely, DEFINITELY! Not true. Don't worry about the title of this article. It has some good info.



"As of May 4, more than 105 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC. During this same time, the CDC received 9,245 reports of vaccine breakthrough infections. That’s less than .01% of fully vaccinated Americans. 

Vaccine breakthrough cases are expected. In the original clinical trials, none of the vaccines were 100% effective, nor have they ever claimed to be. No vaccine is 100% effective at preventing illness, according to public health experts and the CDC.

So the vaccines are actually performing better in real-life situations than expected in some regards, according to the public health experts we interviewed."

Breakthrough infections have resulted in 835 hospitalizations and 132 deaths, according to the latest figures from CDC. The CDC’s website notes that 20 of the 132 fatal cases were “reported as asymptomatic or not related to COVID-19.” That means that less than 1% of these breakthrough infections resulted in the patient dying because of COVID-19 related illness. 

New data from the CDC found that fully vaccinated adults 65 or older are 94%less likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 than their non-vaccinated peers — and 64%less likely if they have only received one shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.  

According to the latest figures from the CDC on May 10, there have been 32,543,257 reported cases of COVID in the U.S., of which 578,945 people have died. That’s a rate of 1.8% — a higher rate compared to the data we have on breakthrough infections. 

Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines don’t cause death, won’t decimate world’s population


metmike: There are over a dozen articles like this that are trying to expose the widespread, unfounded/fake news about the vaccines. They are safe. They don't cause deaths. They protect the person by a huge amount. The side affects are not nearly as bad as being sick with COVID.


Where do you keep getting this junk science on COVID and the vaccine from?

By GunterK - May 17, 2021, 8:16 a.m.
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Tucker recently reported that more than 3000 had died after receiving the shot. Of course, this was quickly “debunked”

Here is one of the “fact check” comments...

“..For example, one case that was included in Carlson’s count was for an 85-year-old senior home resident who died on Dec. 29. This was what was reported to VAERS: “My grandmother died a few hours after receiving the moderna covid vaccine booster 1. While I don?t expect that the events are related, the treating hospital did not acknowledge this and I wanted to be sure a report was made.”

This is exactly the point I was trying to make. If this woman had been diagnosed with Covid, she would most certainly have been counted as a Covid fatality.

However, since she died after the shot, it must be “coincidence.”

A perfectly healthy 39-year old woman gets, the shot, feels sick in the afternoon.  Next morning she goes to the ER and is told that her liver has shut down totally. Dies a few hours later.

A perfectly healthy 15-year old buy gets the shot. Has a heart attack the next day.

In Europe, in a retirement home all residents are vaccinated. Within a few days, HALF of them are dead.

All coincidences.

I am not claiming that large numbers of people have been killed by the shot.  I am only suggesting that quite a few have, but they are all counted as coincidences…. In total contrast to the way covid-deaths were counted.

By GunterK - May 17, 2021, 9:42 a.m.
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where did I read about bad vaccine side effects?

I read quite a few of them. ranging from blood clots, to paralysis, inflammation of the heart, brain problems, etc

Among well-known personalities...

EDITED: Princess Beatrice, who had Covid earlier this year, developed blood clots after receiving the AstraZenecca vaccine.


And here is Eric Clapton


By metmike - May 17, 2021, 11:48 a.m.
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Thanks Gunter,

I always appreciate your views and will continue to check into this, using authentic science as much as possible.

I still remember a year ago, when you stated that ventilators were killing people and I thought that sounded nuts at first but after doing some detailed research, found it to be profoundly true on a massive scale.

On this issue, there isn't anything but isolated incidents out of many, many millions. I doubt there is a cover up because it would be impossible to cover up incidents that were more than isolated.

With the ventilators for instance, everybody just assumed it was COVID that killed the person.

With the COVID jab, there aren't enough people having life threatening side effects or dying to make it even close to the vicinity of being  more deadly than COVID itself.

Previous discussion related to this:

                Norway Institute of Health wants to ban J&J vaccine            

                            Started by GunterK - May 11, 2021, 12:54 p.m.            


By GunterK - May 17, 2021, 12:23 p.m.
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Here is another goodie:

Do the vaccines protect us? 

(copying from one of the linked articles)

"As of May 4, more than 105 million people in the United States have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC. During this same time, the CDC received 9,245 reports of vaccine breakthrough infections. That’s less than .01% of fully vaccinated Americans. [snip] So the vaccines are actually performing better in real-life situations than expected in some regards, according to the public health experts we interviewed."

Wow! 105 mill people took the jab, and only 9245 got infected after being vaccinated.. This means, for 104,991,755, the vaccine worked and protected them!!!

This is spectacular!!!! I want that vaccine right now!!!

This is what the masses are thinking. This is what this article was intended to achieve.

But it’s nonsense… it’s smoke-and-mirror deception.

When you think about it clearly…this article does not prove at all that the vaccine protects you.

This article does not even prove that a single one of those lucky 104,991,775 is protected from Covid.  Quite likely they did not get infected by the virus, because they have not been exposed to the virus, after being vaccinated.

The only thing we know for sure, for 9245 the vaccine did not protect them.

With this, I don’t want to say that the vaccines don’t work. I am only stating that the above article doesn’t prove a thing. To evaluate the effectiveness of the vaccine, you need trial periods on volunteers who are voluntarily exposed to the virus ... and the vaccine companies have done so (for short period of times).

but the article above is deceptive.

By metmike - May 17, 2021, 12:59 p.m.
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I strongly disagree with that Gunter based on those numbers and the science of vaccinations.


Safety of vaccines:

Vaccines, how do they work/why are people skeptical?            

                            Started by metmike - Dec. 20, 2020, 11:55 p.m.            


                Vaccinated people getting COVID            

tarted by metmike - April 7, 2021, 3:07 p.m.


By metmike - May 17, 2021, 1:15 p.m.
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I know that your mind is already made up on this but here might be a good analogy(s).

Let's say that doctors decided to do a study on how many people die from breathing too much oxygen in the ambient air.

We have almost 8 billion people breathing O2 every day, all day long.


All we need to do is track as many as we want and see how many die after breathing O2 and we can gather some statistics to show the magnitude of oxygen caused deaths.

OK, this is extremely exaggerate to make the point.

How about we do it with something that occurs less frequently.............like having your teeth cleaned. 

Track deaths that occur within 2 weeks after having their teeth cleaned. 

The point is, the background, EXPECTED deaths or strokes or blood clots will always interfere with the results. It's often impossible to tell if individual deaths were caused by something, when tons of SIMILAR deaths were happening NOT from that something.

It's sort of like blaming so many extreme weather events on human caused climate change and ignoring the dozens of times that similar extreme events happened in the past.....BEFORE climate change.

On the COVID vaccine, SOME of the events can be tied to the vaccine. But as shown before, the same events are MUCH MORE likely to happen if you are not vaccinated and get COVID. 

So the risk of  that event, is LESS overall when you get vaccinated, compared to not vaccinate.

Sort of like when you go to the gym to exercise. Strenuous exercise increases your risk of a heart attack............during the exercise.

If you survive the exercise, the risk for the other 23 hours a day and the rest of your life is MUCH lower than if you never exercised.

By GunterK - May 17, 2021, 2:11 p.m.
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I don't quite get your point.

Cleaning teeth is not exactly similar to injecting a lab-created little critter that invades the cells of your body..

Although, I do remember the case of basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain. I remember the local papers talking about him having a tooth infection, which then spread to his already compromised  heart , causing a heart attack. His death was then later used to remind us, to take tooth infections seriously.

Had he died today, after being vaccinated, any connection would have been denied.

BTW I am in the process of posting about my views about all this shortly. I don't mean to start multiple threads on the same sjbject.

By GunterK - May 17, 2021, 2:47 p.m.
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I was going to start a new thread, discussing the research i have done, regarding Covid and the Vaccines. It would have been a lengthy post.

However, the results of my research don't compliment the official propaganda. There might repercussions. I better remain silent.

By metmike - May 17, 2021, 3:22 p.m.
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"I don't quite get your point."

Fair enough. I won't keep making the same point over and over and get into another long lived  exchange with another person here that is not getting the point, then turns it into their own interpretation so that it matches up with what they want to think. 

It's clear that people in todays world have their own views and the views of others don't compute most of the time. No problem, I accept that. No knock on you Gunter.

You can continue to voice your views freely here and I will objectively evaluate them, regardless. 


By metmike - May 17, 2021, 3:27 p.m.
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Please do post your results. 

If your points and position are valid and I have been asking/encouraging for exactly that............the evidence, why in the world would you NOT post it?

Unless you want to give the impression that you are being censored or not being heard.

If that's the case..............please stop it because just the opposite is true.

Either post the data/evidence like I've been encouraging you to do or don't and don't blame the forum or other entities and pretend that you have to remain silent because there might be consequences..............that's total bs Gunter and you know dang well it is. 

By GunterK - May 17, 2021, 4:20 p.m.
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I was not referring to you or the marketforum. 

The internet is a dangerous place.  One has to be careful what one posts.  I will work on it tonight.

By metmike - May 17, 2021, 6:41 p.m.
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With all the total hogwash being posted on the internet, and people getting away with it.....and many people believing it, I don’t think you need to worry about posting some facts here Gunter....that’s just being paronoid.

I’ve been uncovering and posting facts, which make up a great deal of my posts for 3 years.

The main consequence has been to tick off the people who wanted to believe in the fake news/false narratives and incorrect data/science.

Which makes me think that instead of moderator, my position should  be called “fact checker”