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Started by TimNew - July 3, 2020, 9:33 p.m.

Here we are in the midst of the most massive hit to eco numbers that we've seen in our lives.   You can blame Trump and his advisors for whatever you like.  But in the final, we are responsible for our decisions and  the risks we choose to take.  The MSM wants to portray a far more dire  picture than what actually exists .  We can debate why they want to do that,  But it matters naught.  Argue that Trump et al should make our decisions for us,  lock us down,  deny our rights..   You are welcome to do so. The constitution does not agree..

But in the final analysis,  we are recovering from the deepest economic hit in rapid form and it is due to great leadership, well targeted stimulus.  Quite contrary to the years we faced under the Obama Regime.   

By metmike - July 5, 2020, 1:35 a.m.
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Thanks much Tim!

We were already living in strange, unprecedented times before this year. 

The last 4 months have unfolded in a way that is surreal. 

The amount of uncertainty right now is the greatest its been in our life time......by a very wide margin.

The value of  information that we get from, what used to be reliable sources has collapsed.

It's morphed  into 2 sides, just manufacturing realities to convince us to be on their side. 

They even hijacked and completely took over climate science, literally rewriting climate history to take out the Medieval Warm Period/Climate Optimum and Little Ice age to fake us into believing this current climate is unprecedented, extreme and a crisis. The UN appointed an anti science Marxist (Greta) as the high priestess to convert and lead the youth of today in the new climate crisis cult. ............as we head into the upcoming cultural revolution.

Cultural revolutions are best achieved in a chaotic environment with no law and order to maintain control.

Defund the police is not about BLM, its about the cultural revolution. BLM is being used right now. 

Removing  statues and monuments of men that represent the culture that is in the process of being destroyed is top priority. Initially, under the guise of eliminating racists from a position of being honored but clearly, the reasoning and actions over the last several weeks, tell us that there is no historical person that represents the old culture who is safe. 

Not Thomas Jefferson. Not George Washington. Not Teddy Roosevelt. Not even Abraham Lincoln.

Some in Europe are proposing replacing statues of people from the old culture, with a  statute of somebody that represents the new culture...........Greta. 

                Sweden: Replace King Charles XII with statue of Greta            


Make up stuff, AOC has gained more power, faster than any other new person in congresstional history and her socialistic views have captivated and converted the youngest generation. She is our future with the new culture. 



I am actually ok with some of the principles of socialism that help the poor and less fortunate. Our broken/collapsing healthcare system can only be fixed with some form of socialism. 

However, I can't condone schemes that blatantly lie to people to get them to conform and to push the cultural revolution thru. 

We all have rights and one of them is the right to know the truth so that we can base our decisions on it. Whether its climate science or politics or race relations(no white cops are not bad and looking to kill blacks and the only solution is not to defund police-which would cause crime to go up exponentional and cost many black lives), we deserve the truth, not marketing schemes to trick us into doing what they want us to do.