Sweden: Replace King Charles XII with statue of Greta
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Started by metmike - June 17, 2020, 12:16 p.m.

Sweden: Calls to replace King Charles XII with statue of Greta Thunberg


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By Peter Imanuelsen

The former Mayor says that this is not a revision of history, saying that statues are symbols of ideologies, not objective history.

“Remove the autocrat Karl XII and replace him with the climate activist Greta Thunberg” he writes.

King Charles XII (or Carolus Rex) is one of Sweden’s most famous Kings. He is known for being a warrior King, leading the Swedish Empire to victory in defensive wars in the Great Northern war in the 1700s.

In 1700, a triple alliance of Denmark-Norway, Saxony-Poland-Lithuania and Russia launched a threefold attack on the Swedish Empire. However King Charles XII only 18 years old, led the Swedish army through multiple victories despite the Swedish army usually being outnumbered.

By 1706, Charles at only 24 years old had forced his enemies into submission. But by 1709, Charles XII was defeated at the Battle of Poltova.

Later on in the war, Great Britain, Hanover and Brandenburg-Prussia joined the alliance against the Swedish Empire.

The Great Northern War eventually ended in 1721 with the defeat of the Swedish Empire.

The Swedish King is not the only statue that the far-left wants to remove. Now a petition has been started to remove statue of the Swedish botanist, zoologist and physician Carl Von Linné because of racism.

He is known as the father of modern taxonomy, inventing the modern system of naming organisms. He wrote the famous Systema Naturae.

metmike: As I've been saying, we are in the early stages of a cultural revolution in the Western World, on our way to global socialism/Marxism. The political train has already left the station...........it's only going in 1 direction until it reaches its destination.

The Climate Accord has nothing to do with the climate and neither does anti science Greta.

Read all about it here:

Climate Reality discussions-new article 5-2020


By metmike - June 17, 2020, 1 p.m.
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These people are completely out to lunch! They will make up all sorts of doo doo to link anything bad to the FAKE climate crisis.............recently the coronavirus and even racial injustice. If you can get rid of  police influence/law and order, it will be easier to take control with their cultural revolution. 

The current climate optimum, should continue for at least another decade and the planet WILL be greener in 2030...........despite us being told about the upcoming(made up) apocalypse then, that can only be avoided if we do exactly as they say.

We are supposed to believe that they have this magical mystery ability to control the weather/climate if we all commit to global socialism/Marxism and worship anti science Greta. 

“To Halt Climate Change, We Need an Ecological Leninism”


There was a moment in March 2020 when many of us in the climate justice movement felt a degree of surprise to find that governments in Europe and elsewhere were prepared to basically shut down their entire economies in an effort to contain the pandemic. This is striking, given that the same states had never contemplated undertaking any kind of intervention in the economy for the sake of the climate crisis. The primary reason for this lies in the different timeline of victimhood manifested by these two crises.

Now, overall, the pandemic has played out similarly to that of global warming in the simple sense that those who have suffered most and those who are most likely to die are the working class — most particularly working-class people of color and those in various hotspots in the Global South. The rich, meanwhile, have been able to self-isolate with ease by escaping to additional homes in the countryside and have been able to access private health care.


By GunterK - June 17, 2020, 11:25 p.m.
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go for it!

And in Italy... time to take down the Coloseum.  after all,  the gladiators were slaves. Actuallly.... all ancient ruins of the Roman Empire should be taken down,

Coming to think about it.... didn't AlQaeda already start this process?

And in Egypt.... let's take down the pyramids.... Moses would say "what took you so long?".