Biden and Trump
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Started by metmike - May 12, 2023, 11:54 a.m.

The discussion from the link below, picks up here:

I was thinking more about the mind boggling unqualified status of both leading candidates.........even while completely different segments of both sides supporting them are in complete denial.

For Biden, actual democrats/voters clearly see the man is no longer capable based on the latest research/polling.

                ‘Just Brutal for President Biden!’            

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                Started by metmike - May 7, 2023, 2:53 p.m.

However, this administration, the D politicians, the media, the justice department and deep state and Bidens doctors all are behind Biden, covering up his crystal clear deteriorating mental sharpness from an aging brain.

Biden is  suffering organic changes from age related anatomical deterioration in his frontal lobe. He has all the physical symptoms of a biologically deteriorating frontal lobe. His doctors are blatantly lying when they say he is still sharp and its arthritis of his spine causing him to walk that way. 

For those that like reading about such things, I found this study to be especially enlightening as it includes newly understood information:

Frontal Lobes and Aging: Deterioration and Compensation


Interestingly, Trump's deteriorating mental condition is NOT organic or anatomical or the result of aging.

He clearly has a noticeably  advancing mental illness. There is a relationship between his mental illness and his adoring, unconditional supporting cult. His mental illness compels him to seek out the role of cult leader. They, in turn provide massive reinforcement to the pathological dynamic.

Let's go back 8 years to help readers understand this.

In 2015, VP Joe Biden was still very competent and only in the very earliest stages of dementia that were not impacting his job performance by all measures. 

However, a slow creep in the deterioration, which gets worse each year has made each year since then more and more obvious. However, in the later years it becomes more obvious. At first, the person has the ability to compensate(the article above discusses compensation in the brain).  As it worsens, that person loses the amount of  cushion between functional capacity and not functional capacity,

In older people, we often refer to "Sun Downer's Syndrome"  Later in the day, when the brain is tired, it doesn't perform as well. A young brain can compensate for that. An older,  compromised brain has no cushion and functionality drops off hard late in the day.

You can tell that Biden has this with many moments of being very sharp and others of being very confused. No doubt he is taking the latest and best meds to offset this before appearances, including certain stimulants that help offset Sundowners type syndrome from being tired. 

Trump on the other hand, is less likely to be having organic degeneration like Biden.

His walking/speech or energy/confusion patterns show no signs of this.

Trump has developed a severe mental condition, described in part, here.

There is absolutely no question about this. 

So let's go back 8 years, to 2015 and look at Trump and discuss the evolution of his mental disorder.

Unlike Biden in 2015, Trump already had very clear symptoms of this non organic, non anatomical mental illness/disease. 

It's been advancing for decades because of his personality disorders but WAS NOT debilitating.

He always was an extreme narcissist that told numerous lies, focused on self serving interests.

There is effective treatment in psychiatry to make that better but the person has to 

1. want treatment and

2.  the professional has to create an environment and mindset in the treatment that allows the afflicted person to see themselves and relationships to the world in a different light....with more honestly and humility. 

What has happened to Trump since 2015?

He has been subjected to 8 years of  ANTI Grandiosity(his mental illness) treatment.

Everything that has happened to him has FED his mental illness and caused it to escalate.

Instead of working on humility and honesty, he has turned himself into a cult leader and acquired tens of millions of adoring followers that treat him like he's an invincible/infallible human being.

If you wanted to condition somebody to create Grandiosity mental illness, this would be the environment. Of course people like this, because of the disease, will intentionally seek out/create opportunities like this that the disease compels them to.

We can also see an evolution of Trump's mental illness over the past 8 years. In 2015, his great ideas and rational thoughts based on realities, far outweighed his Grandiosity.

Each year, though, his ideas have turned crazier and with more and more imagination and now even lunatic promises. 

For instance, he will end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours. Not just end it but it will be easy for him. And he's stated this constantly this year.

His version of what happened on Jan 6th is the complete opposite of the truth.

Hundreds of thousands of people there, according to him. Nobody had weapons. "They had love in their hearts and it was a beautiful day"

Statements like these are quintessential/rock solid proof that the man has serious mental illness and is delusional and dangerous. 

Having tens of millions of people adore him.........having thousands at rallies screaming their approval an unconditional allegiance to whatever he stands for or says has turned this man into a Grandiose monster.

An extraordinarily dangerous psychopath because of his power over people and derangement. 

Ironically, Biden has horrible policies wrecking the country from the agenda, while "some" of Trump's policies, being the opposite are good for our best interests, his leadership, lack of mental stability(that has evolved into major mental illness with pathological lies that make Pinocchio look like a saint) and off the charts divisiveness also carry with him the high risk that his escalating delusions could cause him to do...........anything as president. 

Having a person like this as our president is impossible to fully comprehend. Mainly because nobody can predict what unique circumstances a president will be challenged with. It’s different every 4 years and becoming much more complicated with so many increasing challenges At home and abroad. 

The most important one is the critical need for Americans and politicians to come together to multiply the efforts of everyone so  that contributions from one side, add to contributions from the other side….with a mentality of us being on the same side.

what we have now is each side often focused on negating or destroying the other sides progress.

the result is no progress and when you are facing a challenge or crisis and have no progress……it gets worse!

There has been no person in presidential history completely unqualified to the extent as president Trump is to bring our country together.

Hes directly/personally responsible for accelerating the divisiveness like no other person in history.

what the United States needs the most, is completely absent in his platform.

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