Crop ipdate on our farm
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Started by wglassfo - July 27, 2021, 2:48 p.m.

Most of you know we had huge rain events -- two of which exceeded 5" plus several 1-2" rains

I have stopped adding up the rain fall as it is depressing, to see us get rain every time a cloud forms over head. The wheat guys are way behind, at least two weeks. Surprising no drastic discounts for quality as of yet

We had a small hail event. I have seen much worse so did not think we would get hurt very much

Today I see almost every leaf that is sliced or ripped by hail is yellow and looks to show disease

Pollination is almost complete and looks like the kernels all pollinated to the end of the cob. 35 plus. 18 rows. Should be good for 200 bu plus Our corn is very size specific so we don't get the giant 40 plus kernels on a 20 row cob

However, now we shall see if the hail affects kernel fill and test wt.

I think the time to spray for disease control in our fields here is past. I saw some silk clipping in the sweet corn, nothing in field corn that I can see. Sweet corn reports best yield ever. However, we will see what the wet ground yields. Some will be almost a zero

I have an idea our field corn will be much like the sweet corn with some zero and some 200 plus, with hail damage a wild card. Hail was only on a small portion of entire field corn crop, but unfortunatly the most damage was on my home farm. Too bad for me  [lol]

Sorta like the corn belt

Some really good corn and some zero or close to zero

By mcfarmer - July 27, 2021, 5:13 p.m.
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Question on the sweet corn.

We planted what is for us a serious amount this year. The kids are going to sell it by the road.

Doing some ha d weeding I notice a large number of suckers have formed, many as tall as the main plant. 

When we chopped corn for the cows we liked to see lots of suckers for the tonnage. My question is should I remove them or would that do more harm than good ?

They have tassels but no ear shoots.

Moisture is in short supply.


By wglassfo - July 27, 2021, 8:38 p.m.
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I am no expert on suckers in sweet corn

What our folks look for is a decent sized ear of corn. Now  our folks put corn in pre-sized pkg so they don't want a cob too large to fit the pkg. which is then shrink wrapped. If the cob is too large then they have to shorten the cob by  chopping the small end off.

 Your market is different as [just guessing] your customers probably look for a large cob.

If we get two cobs/stalk that is good if the cobs are right size

Just guessing about your issues, as we can't do any thing about suckers. except they make it harder to harvest. However, I think a sucker is the same in sweet corn as in field corn. In other words a store of energy and moisture, which the main plant will use to grow the main cob.

Unless you see the suckers trying to grow a cob and causing the main cob to be smaller, I would not worry about suckers. Suckers have a purpose and that is a store of energy and moisture. You might have two cobs/stalk that is acceptable for your market. Lucky you. More cobs equal more product, but I would think the suckers will feed the main stalk and cob.

Having said all this I am no expert on suckers, as we ignore all suckers, and take what we get. Never had cobs too small for the market if that gives you any confidence. Sweet corn is like field corn. Different varieties have different traits, such as length and rows of corn on the cab. Just the nature of the variety.

If it was my corn I would ignore the suckers unless you are very positive the suckers are causing some kind of harmful effects. That is a lot of work to remove the suckers. and might not be what the plant wants for energy and moisture.

By wglassfo - July 27, 2021, 9:03 p.m.
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Reading my reply , and re-reading your post, if it was my crop,  I think the plant will want the suckers for energy and moisture. I re- read your post and saw you said no cobs on suckers. I missed that part the 1st read.  That makes me think you should leave the suckers for energy and moisture, as the suckers will be a benefit and not try to grow a second small cob, taking energy from the main cob. Even cobs on suckers will feed the main plant as the cob on the sucker withers away over time.  Lots of moisture in some yrs. have been known to produce two cobs/plant, but I doubt you have enough moisture for that. Just let the sucker feed the main plant

Looks like you will have a good crop and let nature do it's thing the natural way plants want to grow. I can't see the tassels on suckers doing one bit of harm., except tassels might be an indication you may have a good crop .

By metmike - July 30, 2021, 2:43 p.m.
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How about the rest of our producers your crop doing..........what our your thoughts?

By metmike - Aug. 2, 2021, 8:47 p.m.
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How's everybody's crop doing here in early August?