Please stay out of my garden
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Started by wglassfo - July 27, 2021, 4:55 a.m.

We are responsible for soil prep, seeding, weed control, in fact every thing until the sweet corn hits the grading station which also includes the harvest process

In other words we are in the field constantly until the last cob is harvested, even moving bird control devices around or spraying for bird control and other pests. Irrigation on a dry yr can start in early June.

This is sweeet corn I am talking about and people from miles around think they can come and get a few free ears of corn. Yes, we grow some very good corn. We do not sell it at a road side stand. That is another enterprise that some have planted and hope to sell. We are not in competition with road side stands. Our market wants every cob we can deliver, so why bother with a road side stand. Other people want to make money with their road side stand and that is how it should be.

So: Because we won't sell corn, people just come and take corn. We don't want the liability, parking , hired help etc. and all that goes with a road side stand. That is not what we do. We have heard every excuse, for coming on sweet corn property. The most common is the owner gave us permission to come and get a few cobs. Cars, trucks ATV's, even golf carts daily. Well we don't own the corn but the owner lives in GA so to get permission is a bit hard to do

Now 1000 acres of sweet corn is hard to miss, especially in 3 large blocks of land, so word has spread for 20 miles or maybe more, we don't know

Now the really dangerous part is when people come to the grading station which is a cement pad with moving conveyers and tractors, and other machinery working constantly. We pray nobody gets caught in a moving part, but  it might happen and injury, even if not our fault is not what we want

As of now, our own farm vechicles are not welcome at the grading station as the people who work there do not know all 5 of our trucks, plus 3 cars. So if we are asked to do repair work, we park our own vehicles on the road side

This is becoming a huge problem and saftey is upper most in our thoughts as machinery is harvesting in the field, and the folks go to where the corn is harvested as that is where the corn is table ready

So: Please respect property rights and do not trespass or try for a few free vegetable products, be it tomatoes, carrots or what ever. This produce has a market and the danger from people not familiar with on going harvest can get badly hurt. Even myself, I stay away from the harvesters and grading station

Just a note to say you may put yourself in very grave danger, all for a small amount of free, and yes stolen product

We  had one group  who really thought up a whooper of an excuse.  They wanted to fish in our irrigation pond. Well the pond was freshly dug a yr ago, so fish is a bit too much to expect, but any excuse to explain why they are on property they should not enter.

Yes: we have heard every story, most we laugh about the foolish excuses but seriously, do yourself a favour, stay safe and stay out of our garden

By metmike - July 27, 2021, 7:55 a.m.
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Thanks much Wayne!

That was a fascinating description of your business.

It’s sad that people feel it’s ok to steal your sweet corn.

They wouldn’t go into a grocery store and walk out with produce without paying.......without being subject to getting charged with a crime.

By wglassfo - July 27, 2021, 11:12 a.m.
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California Proposition 47

Theft under 950.00 is considered a misdemeanor in California and usually not prosecuted

Several videos have surfaced on social media of shop lifters or thieves taking products out of a store, even when security is present. Security is unable to do anything as the theft will not likely be prosecuted

I think several 7-eleven stores have closed plus others as the theft means the store is not profitable

This is not your mob burning and looting. This usually happens when one person enters and takes products in broad day light during normal business hrs. which is less than 950.00

The only thing security or customers can do is watch the theft. Thus many stores are closing their doors.