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Started by wglassfo - July 5, 2018, 10:29 a.m.

So Trump wants to bully all NATO members into spending 2% of GDP for NATO defense

Why not 1 1/2% or 2 1/2%

Who elected Trump King of NATO

Who came up with the magic number of 2%

What is so special about 2%

Did Trump have a dream and start tweeting while asleep

USA currently spends 3.9% of GDP on NATO

which surprises me and makes me wonder if those numbers are correct

The USA does not spend one dime of taxpayer money on any military expenditures

USA can play with many toys and some really bad arse stuff also on a free meal ticket

It is all done by printing fiat money from thin air and the high value of the USD makes that printing even easier

USA has a one trillion dollar deficit

Where does that money come from

Printed money from thin air of course and the mlitaryy budget is not one trillion

Thus all military expenses are printed from thin air

1% of GDP makes more sense to me for NATO

If you feed more money into NATO then it will become like any other organization

Just more wasted dollars

Keep NATO on a tight leash and stop wasteful spending which will surely happen if they can get their hands on a huge windfall of more money to spend

Canada has a ten yr plan to bring spending up to 2%

Stupid Canada

We are already running a deficit budget and unfortunately increasing the fiat printing will only cause our loonie to drop even more

Good for me and corn basis but not our Canadian consumers

We can be the most stupid country

Certainly not the smartest

We don't have to say sorry to anybody, but try and sell that thought to Canadians

By carlberky - July 5, 2018, 6:21 p.m.
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Wayne, sounds like you would like to " Stop the World, I want to get off ! ".

The Industrial/Military Complex is firmly in charge. Congressmen and Senators 

fight every day ( bless their hearts ) to keep their voters happy, by preventing 

base closures, getting contracts for alresdy surplus items, and generally 

squandering the budget.