You don't frack for sun and wind
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Started by metmike - Oct. 24, 2020, 1:20 p.m.


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                By metmike - Oct. 24, 2020, 12:38 p.m.            


Tim said: "I'm seeing articles saying Biden's slip up on energy may cost him the election.   Yeah..    Biden's biggest problem is his fracking flip flop."

metmike: It's weird that...............suddenly, people realize the reality.

You can't have fracking with the Biden Deal or the Green New Deal.

You can't have ethanol with those plans.

They get rid of fossil fuels. 

That is Bernie Sanders plan, it's AOC's plan, it's Greta's plan,  it's Kamala Harris's plan, it's Joe Biden's plan.

When they were promoting it to save the planet all this time, including during the dem debates,  I guess people  just never put 2+2 together. 

Now, when its time to actually vote for it, when it really counts, many people are actually thinking about what it really means.............obliteration of economy/jobs, high costs for energy, no more abundant, reliable energy and compact energy sources. 

The saddest thing of all is that we will be doing accomplish nothing(with regards to the climate/weather). The climate crisis for life on this planet is fake. We are having a climate optimum for life on this greening planet(that wants MORE CO2, not less)

Bernie Sanders fake climate scare: Major cities NOT going under water in 8 to 9 years. We do not have XX years to save the (greening up) planet from the climate optimum(fake climate crisis). January 2020.


Sanders Touts $16 Trillion Climate Plan: Anti Science Bernie = the complete opposite of the truth! August 2019

Renewable energy:  When can it replace fossil fuels? August 2019

Green New Deal-corn ethanol: Good bye corn ethanol, Hello $2 corn prices again....$5 soybeans/supply gluts/ August 2019

Renewable vs fossil fuels: Diffuse solar vs dense fossil fuels. Benefits of CO2. September 2019

Another secret about fossil fuels: Haber Bosch process-fertilizers feeding the planet using natural gas-doubling food production/crop yields. September 2019

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