DOJ Investigation
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Started by wglassfo - Oct. 27, 2019, 12:24 a.m.

So will DOJ find criminal activity??

Looks like Flynn lawyer has partially blew the top of FBI activity

Flynn lawyer has about sealed the deal in court documents that Flynn is innocent of all charges

FBI ruined Flynn character, got him fired, BK the man with lawyer fees etc

1:  Looks like Flynn might be cleared of all charges

2:  I hope Flynn can recoup his finances and more

3:  I hope Flynn's lawyer court documents adds to DOJ criminal investigation to do some serious retribution to the entire passel of alleged liars.  

4:  Are some of those on the upper floor of the past FBI worried or do they know/think they are untouchable

5:  If it was a lowly somebody like me, I would be worried

6:  Trump is fighting impeachment

7:   Is Trump worried

8:  Have most of the people tuned all this out

9:   Have most people made up their mind and nothing will ever change their thoughts

10:   Inquiring minds would like to know what you think


By metmike - Oct. 27, 2019, 11:12 a.m.
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You must be referring to this Wayne:

Michael Flynn's claim against FBI is 'chilling', says former US Attorney Brett Tolman

"Tolman told Henry: "It's chilling, and it should give us concern whether we're Democrat or Republican in this country, that those with the most powerful tools we grant our investigators or our agencies, that you may have operatives or intelligence community working with the FBI to come up with and to conspire to take down either a sitting president or those in his campaign."

"To do that, with the laws that we have, should concern all of us," Tolman said.

"We, as a country, want to know that those who have that kind of power are not above the law and we can investigate them as much as any ordinary citizen," he added"

metmike: That's why we have investigations.............including into the saints of the DOJ, who shouldn't get a free pass just because they were investigating a hated person from the wrong party.

Freedom of the press allows the MSM to blatantly abuse ethical and professional objectivity and fairness standards(half of them are progressive activists) but we must hold the DOJ and intelligence agencies to a much higher standard. 

This is not a position that Flynn is right or wrong. We just can't have the DOJ unanswerable to anybody  for it has been for any longer. This kind of power allows corruption to fester because people at the top, know they will not be held accountable for unfairly, subjectively imposing justice upon those that their subjective cognitive bias compels them to go after...............and not applying justice to those that they favor. 

It's psychology 101 and these are human beings. They HAVE bias and almost by definition, you don't see your own bias but easily recognize it in others that have the opposite bias as you do:


Bias Is Blind: Partisan Prejudice Across the Political Spectrum


"This pattern of bias was consistent across different study types (e.g., whether evaluating science information or policy ideas) and across political topics. The researchers observe that bias may be the very reason that we tend to view political bias as asymmetrical: “We may simply recognize bias in others better than we see it in ourselves,” they conclude."

By mcfarm - Oct. 27, 2019, 1:16 p.m.
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chilling? yes very. But I ask the same question. Where is the first dem or msm reporter to be chilled? Funny ain't it? Normally the left and the biased msm would be all over this rebelling like its the 60's all over again and how the "man" is controlling and all powerful. Now where are they. Well trying to maintain the status quo naturally. Protect the insiders, makes sure the ddep state survived to leak more anti Trump info.