Fact-Checking Trump’s Misleading And Outright False Claims From His Border Address
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Started by mojo - Jan. 9, 2019, 8:05 a.m.

President Donald Trump addressed the nation live from the Oval Office on Tuesday night in an attempt to drum up support for his border wall. But the 10-minute address, carried on every major television network in America, was rife with double-speak, cherry-picked statistics and outright falsehoods.

Take a look at some of the biggest lies from the president’s speech below.


By wglassfo - Jan. 9, 2019, 10:12 a.m.
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I am not sure if I should even comment, but the fact is I just can't stop myself, from the viewpoint of the northern border which I am concerned as a canadian citizen. This northern route is becoming more of a problem although not even close to the problems of the southern border. I feel some responsibility. Are we doing all that we should be doing. Are we doing more than the public knows but security of ways and means has something good to be said about what we do?? Our border people may not tell the bad guys, so the bad guys can device ways and means to subvert our efforts?? IDK But I can tell you we do have some effective ways and means at the border

Just so you know, evidence has come to our attention the northern border is as porous as swiss chesse. And the border seems to be porous both ways, in different ways

Fact check me if you want but this is what I know

  Some illegals are now using and have been using the northern route through Canada into the USA, by simply walking or riding ATV's across in remote areas. In some places the border is merely marked by various markers in the wilderness. We can send an investigation team, use photos etc, but the people are long gone by the time we get there. And of course a photo is only as good as what the person revels on tape. Some places  have a path, along the border, some 10' in width so you can imagine how quickly we can respond. Not very fast. The bad guys know how to use goggle earth,  can pick a spot and then scoot off in a ATV to a road, load up into a waiting trailer and disappear

There is also smuggling of guns the other way into Canada from the USA. One person smuggled guns into Canada, using the Nexus quick pass through. This person made a trip every weekend, buying guns at gun shows or what ever you call these places and then stashed them for later passage through the Nexus lane at Port Huron into Sarnia. Evidence was later uncovered that at least 3 guns, out of possibly 50 or more, he had smuggled, were used in shooting in Ontario, one just 50 miles from our farm and the most distant, less than 150 miles. This was made public at his court trial. He made a trip every weekend, and in the end, his frequent travels red flagged him for closer inspection. How dumb can some people be??

There is also a running joke that guns are brought into Canada, not for criminal purposes but just as a convenience to americian tourists. These people come in from Detroit, many in RV's and exit by way of Niagra Falls into N.Y. state. They do not want to surrender there guns at the border as they would be forced to come back by way of Detroit to re-claim their gun or guns. Very inconvient for tourists who want to do the pass through of Ontario, so customs turns a blind eye and does not do a complete search at the border. This happens which ever way the tourist travel as the harm is next to zero and we do want your tourist dollars. But one could imagine some guns are smuggled using this almost zero check point. Repeated trips close together are the usual red flags. Otherwise we assume the tourist is on a one way trip and is harmless. This gets a wink and a pass. We also have listening posts as you come closer to the border

You would be surprised at how effective these devises are as people will talk and somebody is listening to you. One tour bus was stopped as a person bragged he would not be singled out in a tour bus. The bus was stopped and a customs officer boarded and demanded to know who had a gun. I don't know how that ended, but you can be sure the gun was discovered.  The tour bus was stopped until somebody owned up to having the gun. As the person announced it publicly while on board, everybody knew who had the gun..

Fact check me on anything you want, but these are true facts. Also let me show you folks who want to fact check Trump. I found it most amusing when a person went out into the public and read statements to college students about the need for a wall and greater security. When the person explained that it was in fact recorded statements, that Schumer, Pelosie and Hillary had all made in the past, identical to what Trump is saying they were completely at a loss for words. If they thought Trump had said it, then it was racist etc etc. When evidence showed the other side had said the exact same thing, then they were left speechless.

The old story. Everything Trump says is bad. People forget the other side needs to be fact checked also. That Cortez lady is the worst of all. 

 The sad part is: I believe the swamp will eventually win I believe some numerous vested interests have a huge financial stake in destroying Trump. The Syrian debacle tells me the swamp is really in control. Remember Shumers statement about 6 ways to Sunday.

 You hear what you want to hear

You fact check what you want to fact check

You believe what you want to believe

And you are never wrong in what you say or post

Have a good day Mojo

I think this post was useless but somebody has to stand up and tell the other story

By frey_1999 - Jan. 9, 2019, 10:38 a.m.
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yes wayne the Cortes lady is half baked freshman congress person who needs to control herself a little but lets face it she will be a minor player in the grand scheme of things ( in spite of how fox news will try to push her as the leader of the dems ) where as trump is the President of the USA and has set the standard of lying for the rest. to compare the two at this point is a stretch at best. 

but by all means wayne you should lead the fight to get a 30ft border wall built and paid for by Canada lets see how that goes.

By carlberky - Jan. 9, 2019, 10:57 a.m.
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What a dilemma. Do we want a wall on the northern border to stop terrorists, or a wall on the southern border to stop illegal aliens ? Guess we'll go with the southern wall ... that's only 2,000 miles.