Canadian Federal Gov't programs
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Started by wglassfo - Jan. 7, 2019, 11:46 p.m.

So I got to thinking about how our Federal gov't spends my money

So: I decided to ask my friend google [as Carl so aptly described such an exercise] if "any Federal gov't program" had ever been discontinued.

 I emphasis the words "any Federal gov't program"

I found lots of gobbly gook about how to evaluate gov't spending, how managers could assist their boss on the desired outcome of an audit, etc. etc.

And lo and behold the final line told me there was no recorded evidence of not one single federal gov't program having been discontinued

Was goggle not completely in tune with my enquiry?? IDK

I don't know what a goggle search about your country would find, but I find it impossible to think not one solitary federal program proved to be ineffective and needed to be discontinued

It seems that gov't is alive and well when it comes to spending my money on any and all federal gov't programs

Surely there was a dud some where, a mistaken thought, a something, but goggle tells me, every federal gov't program was a win from the word go At least that is what goggle told me

The only thing I found remotely associated with gov't programs was re-allocation of funding.

I have some seriously bad thoughts about my gov't and spending decisions

You may notice I repeatedly stated "Federal gov't programs" as I know our provincial gov't has serious thoughts about reduced spending but I have not asked goggle to look and see if any programs were entirely discontinued

I have to think there must be some Ad Hoc single line, one time expenditure that possibly does not meet the criteria of a federal gov't program.

The 12 billion grain pay out for americian farmers might be an example of what might be termed an Ad Hoc expenditure and not a permanent gov't program.

I don't know what you folks think but I am not entirely thrilled with our gov't expenditure decisions.

The question is: What can you and myself do about the situation

The French took to the strets with yellow vests

Maybe we could find some different colour, or maybe yellow is a sign of solidarity. Are people  motivated to don yellow and take to the streets

I don't think so. To many live a sheltered life where life is good. Gov't debt is for somebody else to worry about, although when things goes bad, and it will go bad, some time, we will all be in trouble. Just kick the can down the road until it goes over the cliff.

The path of least resistance

By TimNew - Jan. 8, 2019, 5:56 a.m.
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The main function of all government agencies eventually becomes self-preservation, and if possible, expansion. These people don't want to lose their jobs and many of them would not survive in the private sector.

By carlberky - Jan. 8, 2019, 10:58 a.m.
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" ... many of them would not survive in the private sector."

Not entirely true, Tim. Many of our retired Admirals and Generals demonstrated their abilities enough to get hired by companies that they use to monitor or purchase from.

Need I label this as sarcasm ?

By TimNew - Jan. 8, 2019, 11:17 a.m.
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That's a HOLE NOTHER ball a wax right there  :-)