EBT Cards
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Started by wglassfo - Jan. 7, 2019, 8:45 p.m.

I looked it up to find out what Canada does for our poor and hungry people. I was reading about 22 million americian people who would not have access to an EBT card that would work, at the end of the month. I got to wondering what we do in canada

Apparently, in Canada, we do little to nothing.

No school lunch, no EBT cards,  Pretty much zippo

What we do have is something called social assistance

But anybody trying to live strictly on social assistance in Canada is in a very bad way. But many manage to do it. It is a step away from being homeless. We do have [what we call] food banks which allow the very poor people to get food for free, if there is anything on the shelve. We also have cheap used clothing stores and even furniture and household public auctions. Those auctions is where my wife and I went when we were 1st married. Got loads of stuff for 5 bucks or so. Some for 25 cents. But golly, when we offered better furniture we had in our house and would have continued to use until we decided to upgrade our furniture. That was a work in progress for some yrs. When we had too much stuff, we called the local store. When the truck came they refused to take it. Not one single item. Said nobody would want our furniture. Heck it wasn't broken or thread bare. We did not expect anybody to take upholstered furniture, mattress etc.. A lamp that works with a new lamp shade should be acceptable to somebody. Wooden chairs, tables should be acceptable and not disease infested.  But I wander at times at the sheer folly of our people and gov't.

We also provide limited free lunches, but that is adults only because the kids are in school and no food is allowed to leave the bldg. I visited a lunch store and all that was provided was soup and a sandwich. I did not know such a thing existed in our area, until I got involved in local politics, and was taken on a tour Mostly for homeless people. I did not see one single over weight person in that room.

So any poor folks thinking about coming to Canada would be worse off than staying on your side of the border

Now foreign immigrants, [mostly Syrian] that is a different story. They get free everything. Also on the back burner. Our Federal gov't is trying a pilot program of a minimum living family wage. Now that should really work well. Why try to find a job when you can stay at home and get free money. Maybe the Federal gov't wants everybody to be treated the same as the immigrants. IDK. We hire seasonal labour. What happens when our workers get free money?? Who will do the work. We can't do it ourselves. We aren't lazy. We work longer hrs than the seasonal workers. We get to the field at least an hr before anything moves, fueling, grease jobs, repairs etc. But, we do need a lot of working bodies. My grandson alarm goes of at 5 A;M during the seasonal time frame for about 2 months and some times longer if irrigation is needed. He has stayed in the field on occasion until 11 P:M and my son helps if there is a major break down. My son is busy trucking corn to the ethanol plant during the summer. 300,000 bu of corn plus some soybeans is a lot of truck loads to deliver. My grandson is 18 yrs old .He started working in the field, driving a tractor and dump wagon, at age 13, then the next yr. a harvestor  and last yr was asked to manage the entire harvest [18 yrs old mind you] and direct every worker as to what they had to do. Lazy?? No. but we do need people on the sorting line. Not sure about this minimum living wage for every family. I suppose we will just have to offer enough money to attract workers, which will be passed along to the consumer.

Now back to the food bank as it is called in Canada. Not one dime of gov't money goes toward lunches or food banks. It is all funded from private sources willing to donate food[canned food] or cash. We have food bank drives [as they are called] in our churches from time to time. About as often as the food bank people think they can ask for help or the shelves go bare. I also think the people working at the food store or making lunch for homeless work for free. But we do have a Federal food aid program for Africa and maybe other countries that I am not aware of,, but not one dime for Canadian citizens. Does that make sense. Our Federal gov't refuses to acknowledge we have poor, hungry people in Canada.

So when all heck breaks loose, in your country, when the EBT cards don't work,  at the end of the month, just think about our country. Except for the food banks which may or may not have any food, and the limited lunch program for our homeless people we have nothing to offer our poor and hungry people

Golly I just never gave a thought to our cruel nation when it comes to helping our hungry people, until I read about the looming problem, at the end of the month with your EBT cards.. And then I looked at what we do.

EBT what is that. School lunch?? What is that?? I asked myself. Some sort of gov't gift card?? 

I actually had to look up what EBT was all about as I had never really paid any attention, until I started to read about the food program you folks have  And of course I had to look up what we did in canada

Golly: Are we a wacky country or what??? Some socialism and some just manage to do it or go hungry.. We have a saying for that on our farm.

Root hog or die.

Re: EBT Cards
By carlberky - Jan. 7, 2019, 9:10 p.m.
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Wayne, having lead a sheltered life, I had no idea what EBD meant … so I asked my friend Google. 

For the benefit of the other guy at the Forum who didn't know, here's what Google told me :

Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) is an electronic system that allow state welfare departments to issue benefits via a magnetically encoded payment card, used in the United States. The average monthly EBT payout is $125 per participant. 

Common benefits provided (in the United States) via EBT are typically of two general categories: food and cash benefits.

By TimNew - Jan. 8, 2019, 4:16 a.m.
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You can spot the EBT cards in Ga at the grocery stores.  They have a big peach on them, and the holders are the ones pushing one to two over flowing shopping carts.