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Started by wglassfo - Jan. 4, 2019, 7:32 p.m.

What does everybody think about GE stk

Myself I think GE is in trouble

When you see musical chairs amongst the CEO and others that one suspects have been given their walking papers, that is one sign of problems.

Then news hits the wire that GE is looking to sell part of their assets, with a serious buyer.

 It looks like GE is visiting the Last Chance Salon, in search of funding, to shore up cash flow problems

It is no secret that GE is having cash flow problems, although that may or may not be a surprise to some investors, considering recent stk price action.

The fall in stk value should be a healthy warning, although it is probably too late for many share holders. When news hit the wire about an infusion of cash, the stk went up. Why would anybody invest in a troubled company, and actually send the stk price upward is beyond my comprehension

  If I knew Bain Capital was a buyer, would I suddenly be a buyer, or just leave GE stk for somebody else to own. Bain Capital has a track record of leaving share holders holding an empty bag

IMHO GE is looking at BK some time in the near future, once the cash infusion runs out, if the sale actually happens.

Stk markets and investor sentiment will be severely tested in 2019. If Powell continues as he says he will, by draining liquidity, then down is not very hard to contemplate. Powell has said he wants the stk market to reflect true market values. My guess is 17000 might be the target. Nice round numbers seem to have an attraction for a lot of people, plus not too much but also enough to suit Powell.

IMHO I keep thinking Powell holds all the keys to future stk market price direction and he seems to be very public about his thoughts As one poster said, int rates are not all that important at these levels., but IMHO liquidity is very important..

Re: GE
By Richard - Jan. 5, 2019, 9:36 a.m.
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GE Below 7.0 was a Good Buy and if you missed it, I guess you can buy here. I think that we shall see in the near future that the FED is done squeezing liquidity and things should go back up now. The FED IMHO was trying to crack the oil market, for there friends over at Goldman sacks and they did that.