Debunking a horrible vaccine story
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Started by GunterK - May 20, 2021, 9:55 a.m.

A horrible story is floating around the social media.A government agency in Connecticut is allegedly warning about an ingredient in the Moderna vaccine that is known to cause cancer and death.

Rather than getting upset and running with it, I decided to do some research first (that’s how metmike would go about it. Thanks for being a role model)

First I found a list of ingredients for both the Moderna and Pfizer jab, and according to that list, the Pfizer jab includes this ingredient also!

If this is true, a lot of vaccinated people could be in trouble in the not too distant future

The ingredient in question is a lipid called SM-102.

So I did some research and found the manufacturer of this product (mentioned by Moderna).. a company called Cayman, and here is a description of their product..

This product is a lipid, which is being used by vaccine manufacturers to package their mRMA vaccine. The SM-102 substance is shipped in a solution of chloroform.

And, indeed, it says here “Warning, this product is not for human or veterinary use”. And it is not supposed to be swallowed.

This site also has a link that gives more detailed information about safety..

“Causes damage to the central nervous system, the kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure

Suspected of causing cancer.

Suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child.“

wow… the “unborn child”??? It was indeed reported that many pregnant women had miscarriages after being vaccinated. Is this the “smoking gun”?

Now this terrible story is starting to sound quite real to me.

After this I tried to find other sites warning me about SM-102, There certainly must be some more info out there… but I couldn’t find any.


I came across this article… an article that “debunks” the whole horror story… finally good news!!!I am relieved!

Great headline… I like the word “debunked”… and “by scientists” no less.

The first sentence of this article the starts with “A conspiracy theory regarding the Moderna vaccine…”

Well, alright then, tell us what this is, right from the start… debunked by scientists... conspiracy theory.. OK, I got it..

They then explain that the dangerous component of this SM-102 is the chloroform solution it is dissolved in, not the SM-102 itself.

OK, I can understand that.

They explain further that even water could have been used as a solution.

Now that me think. So, why didn’t they use water???

The two scientists then explain that Moderna most likely removed the dangerous chloroform out of their vaccine, admitting that they don’t really know the process Moderna used.

OK, that makes sense to me.

But these scientists don’t really know what Moderna did… they are only guessing. This certainly is not “authentic” information.It’s just 2 guys guessing.

Anyway, if these scientists are right, this may not be as bad as the Twitter and TikTok posters claimed. 

My own thoughts about this.... even if chloroform was indeed in the vaccine, it may not be in large enough quantites to cause problems

The last sentence in this article is “Newsweek has contacted Moderna for comment.”

Say what??? You don’t have a response from Moderna yet?

Shouldn’t you have first gotten Moderna’s response before you call this story “debunked”????

Waiting to hear from the vaccine manufacturers, before I call this story “debunked”. I am quite sure, these companies have a valid answer to these questions.

At this point, you can call this story “questionable”, but you can NOT call it “debunked”.

Isn’t it interesting how quickly an accusation is called a “conspiracy theory”, when it doesn’t fit the propaganda?

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