Week in Review
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Started by TimNew - Jan. 8, 2021, 9:56 a.m.

Dallas Fed Mfg M/MDec-2012.009.70C
Chicago PMI M/MDec-2058.2059.50C+
PMI MFG M/MDec-2056.7057.10C+
PMI CompositeM/MDec-2058.6055.30C
ISM MFG M/MDec-2057.5060.70B-
ISM Svc M/MDec-2055.9057.20C+
Factory Orders M/MNov-201.001.00C
Motor Vehicle Sales M/MDec-2015.6M16.3MC+
Case/Shiller HPI M/MOct-201.301.60C+
Case/Shiller HPI Y/YOct-206.607.90C+
Pending Home Sales M/MNov-20-1.10-2.60C-
Construction Spending M/MNov-201.300.90C
State Street Investor   Confidence M/MDec-2090.70104.10B+
RedBook 1 W/W12/26/20206.508.90C+
RedBook 2 W/W1/2/20218.905.50C
Jobless Claims 1 W/W12/26/2020803.00787.00C+
Jobless Claims 2 W/W1/2/2021787.00787.00C
Employment Situation M/MDec-20245000-140000D

A mixed week (or 2)

I'll start with the obvious headline..  Employment Situation came in at -140K.  One month does not a trend make,  but this, IMO, is potentially very bad.  Private Sector lost 95K indicating public sector(govenment) continues to shed at a brisk pace.  On a positive note,  MFG added 36K.  In spite of that,  equities continued to climb.  Oh hopes of additional stimulus?  Probably.

Jobless Claims remain high at 787. Flat from last week (Prior revised up to 790.)

Redbook shows strong retail post holiday and Vehicle Sales added to a brisk pace.

State Street reports investors are positively giddy.

Housing Prices remain very strong in what continues to be a sellers market.  If you're thinking of selling,  it does not get much better than this.  Pending Home sales moderated a bit more, largely due to inventory. Construction Spending continues strong.

MFG remains strongly positive with ISM coming in at a stratospheric 60+.

The underlying look good for the most part but employment  will make it unsustainable at these rates.  We'll see.  

A C- for the week and suck factor bounced up to 8. 

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