Website Modifications Suggestions
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Started by rockitck - June 10, 2018, 1:17 a.m.

1. Quick Up Arrow, like the one on ebay

2. Main page is bland looking. Spice it up a bit. Original page had some zing to it. 

3. Put a who's online like on Facebook but they call it Contacts w/a green dot to the right of their name to tell u who is online and if they are not online it shows how long in time (minutes/hours) they have been offline. This feature should be to the right of the page I am typing on. 

4. More Facebook like stuff...4a. A Like, Comment and Share feature below each persons comments that work like Facebook after an individual puts up a post and/or someone else responds to that post. 4b. Add a message feature for members to PM other members in privacy. 

5. All the stuff under the word "Body" on this page I am typing on is imho, unnecessary. 

6. This is where one would put up a post (Below comment 8) on FB and is more user friendly that MF, imho

7. No comment, ok I'll comment...emojis? bla

8. I use to like the number 7 but now the number 8 has taken over as it resembles infinity! 

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