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Started by wglassfo - Jan. 10, 2019, 1:51 a.m.

I ave an e-book reader [not kobo] that I always take with me when the wife wants to go shopping. I don't walk very far and my syatic nerves bother me from back problems. Both legs if I walk very far witth out sitting down, so I just read in the car or truck. I can walk about a city blick and then need to sit down, then I can go again. Not to belabour you but I am looking for a favour.

Can anybody give me the name of any books and most important the author for Wall St finance or any kind of finance

It has to be at least in paper back and approx. 10 yrs old as our library where we have joined don't have these books for down load unless they are really old,  However, the story is still interesting and important to me. Some reading of times past can repeat or maybe in a different way.

 I find the section on finance severely lacking in my choices

I am reading the story about the" wolf of Wall St," currently

I can also down load from the library onto my laptop but it is the same material from the same small town library. To join Toronto library which should have a better selection, we have to physically go there and register. Never really wanted to fight all that traffic

Any help??

I may be looking in the wrong places for ideas of reading material.

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